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Somebody get us out of here

Book By: tvmotltf134

Four teenagers, are stuck on an Island named Moor, and they find out that they have to fufil a prophecy, and things are not going too well on that. . .

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Part one
The deadly wrath of the sea
Evil gains control
Help! Sea serpent!
Our first battle
Edmund's rescue
Our shocking discovery about Douglas
The island
What are they doing here?
Secrets out
Part Two
Princess Bloomalot
Moor history
Dark forest and surprises
The Magician
Our capture
Galldora and Glendora
Valley of serpents
Flower kingdom
Princess Rose and Daisy's escape
Fairy Queen
First scroll found
Nimrod the red dragon clasped his long, sharp claws around Adina's neck. Adina knew that her life would be taken away from her. She was bruised and her bones broken. She was covered in blood. Her long, black hair had been cut into shoulder length.
The dragon sat down on the mountain top where the war was going on. Men were falling to the ground. Centaurs, Phoenixes, Griffins, Gold and Sapphire dragons were fighting as well. Fawns, Unicorns, Pegasus were falling to the ground dying. Some of them were wounded. They dreamed of making Moor a safe place again. But Nimrod's creatures were stronger and larger than Adina's army. Nimrod's army consisted of Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, Giants, Gorgons, Minotaurs, Hags, Harpies and many more creatures.
Nissa, Cobra and Samantha were also fighting. It was their war. They fought together.
They wanted to get Moor away from Nimrod and his four companions clutches.
The four companions were: Nissa the fairy, who was a hag in disguise. Samantha was an Elf who had the powers of destruction. The companion who helped them out greatly was named Cobra. He had huge ears. He knew what was being said a great distance away. He could read people's minds. He told his companions if anyone was planning to start a conspiracy or war with the companions. Kifitsu was a sea serpent with a very deadly glance. Kifitsu lived in the Crystal Ocean.
Nimrod had Adina in his grasp holding her across the neck for everyone to see. She was the one trying to fight for peace.
"Tell me Adina. What do you see?" He whispered. His voiced roared out loud in her ears. Smoke came from his nostrils.
Adina could see the people and creatures she loved dying. Arion was dead. Females and the young ones would have an uncertain future.
"What do you see?" Nimrod whispered fiercely.
Adina coughed up blood. She was becoming dizzy. She knew that it would be her time to die. She was fighting to keep her eyes open.
"Hope. I can see hope." She whispered fixing her gaze on the scene below her. Her eyes closed and her head bowed down. She was dead. Moor was in trouble. But deep down in Nimrod's heart, he knew he hadn't won the war. He had one mission to finish with his companions.
Nimrod roared. Flames came out of his mouth. The warriors heard the sound of Nimrod's roar. They knew it. Adina was dead. They were more determined to win the war.
This was Just the beginning.

Chapter one: The deadly wrath of the sea
It was a very cool, bright and sunny day. The cool breeze was blowing on my face and my long black hair was behind. The sun was shining brightly, the sky was light blue and cloudless, but there no birds in sight. I was on a ship named Charlotte with my younger brother, Edward, and my younger sister, Elizabeth. We were travelling with friends. Anne was travelling with her father, Peter who was also our lovely chef. My uncle, Bruce, was the captain.
After some time, I heard the sound of thunder. Then the wind gusted on my face. My mother yelled out to me to go to go to my cabin. I obeyed. I was soon to find out that obeying my mother's simple instruction had saved my life. I walked to my window and to my horror I saw a huge wave about eight metres high. I was terrified. I was thinking about the tsunami of a few years ago. I really felt like I was in the middle of that nightmare. I thought of what would have happened to me if I had stayed on deck. I'd have drowned.
Our sail got torn apart and lightning struck. The waves washed over the ship and dragged the sailors into the unsteady ocean. I could hear loud screams. I felt as if it was all a dream.
My mum yelled out "The ship is falling apart."
Then I heard a loud bang. I flew out of my bed and landed on the floor head first. I managed to get up. But felt drowsy. My legs started to feel wet so I looked down. To my horror, I noticed that there was water in my cabin and it was rising up fast. I dashed out and, as I went outside the wind blew me away. Then I heard a yell and a scream and I recognized the voices. It was Anne and her father Peter. I started struggling to make my way to their cabin door. I opened the door and a horrible sight awaited me. Peter had blood running from his face and I shrieked. Anne and I grabbed him and we went back on deck.
It took us five minutes to get to my parents. My dad managed to give us life jackets. Edward and Elizabeth clung desperately to my mother. And they were terrified. They had every right to be terrified. Then our lifeboats got lifted down. My mother, father, brother and sister managed to climb up to the first boat. Anne, Peter and I struggled to get into the second boat while our others named Joseph, Emmanuel, John, Jessica, Mark and Jarred which I found out later went to the third boat. The third lifeboat was bigger than the other two.
It wasn't long before I noticed that someone was missing. I gasped when I knew it was Uncle Bruce. He wasn't on deck when we were given the life jackets. Neither was he there when we went into our lifeboats. No! Uncle Bruce must have entered a lifeboat. I wasn't sure but just to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me,
I yelled over the wind to Anne, "Have you seen Uncle Bruce?"
Anne suddenly looked worried and yelled back "No! I didn't see him on deck. He's not on anyone's boat either."
The words hit me like a large blow. The wind was strong and the waves were tossing the boat around.
I yelled out "Uncle Bruce! Uncle Bruce!"
"It's no use Caroline! Uncle Bruce might not hear you." Anne yelled.
"He might be trapped inside his cabin."
Tears fell from my eyes. Uncle Bruce couldn't have been killed. I could imagine him trapped or hurt or even worse he may have drowned. I loved Uncle Bruce. He was the best uncle I could ever have. Now it seemed he was gone.
My sadness turned into joy when I heard a faint cry. "Caroline! Caroline! Are you there? Help!"
I looked up putting part of my hair behind my ears, and to my amazement I saw Uncle Bruce waving his arms frantically.
I looked at Anne and yelled even louder, "Hey Anne, I can see Uncle Bruce. He needs us. How are we going to help him?"
Anne yelled back, "We can't row to him, it will take us forever."
But out of the blue, a wave came and hit our boat really hard. It was so hard, that it nearly capsized us.
Anne screamed and told me "There's a strong rope leading to the ship. We can jump into the water and swim to the rope. We haul ourselves up, get Uncle Bruce, jump into the water and swim back here."
Peter looked at Anne and me in horror. He's mouth was open wide. He grabbed Anne's hand and yelled "No! You can't go. It's far too dangerous. The water is icy cold. You don't have warm clothes on. Anne, I don't want to lose you like your mother. Please both of you are too young. I'll go."
Anne snatched her arm away from her father's grasp and yelled, "Dad you can't go. Look at you. You are battered and bruised. It's far too dangerous for you. You are not strong, Dad; I beg you let us go." Peter looked at his young beautiful daughter's calm green eyes and then looked at me. '
He bit his lip and yelled, "Yes!"
I could see that Charlotte was sinking sideways. I looked down into the unsteady ocean and to my horror I saw sharks.
Five bull sharks!
Five bull sharks and two girls, no way! I wasn't going to jump into the water. Peter was right. It was far too dangerous for two young girls.
"Anne," I yelled over the wind "There are bull sharks in the water. We can't go and save my uncle. The sharks will eat us alive. I'm not getting out of this boat."
Anne looked at me with surprise and yelled, "Don't be ridiculous Caroline. We are very strong and fast swimmers. We can easily swim past them…"
A huge wave hit our boat but this time it was Peter who fell overboard. Anne screamed as her father fell into the ocean with the bloodthirsty sharks. But the sharks didn't go after Peter. He quickly scrambled back into our boat. He was wet and he was shivering badly.
Anne hugged him and told me, "Caroline, I don't think the sharks you saw were real. Maybe it was your imagination. Oh come on! We have to go and save your uncle."
She looked at me and smiled. I reckon her beautiful, green eyes twinkled. She stood up and I did the same.
Believe me. I'm not the kind of person that sees someone in distress and does anything against the odds to help them. I was just a shy weird normal fourteen-year- old. Standing up was so hard. I was very worried because bull sharks were one of the world's deadliest sharks. We were very unsteady and I knew that if I didn't keep my balance, I'd find myself landing in the freezing water looking like a Wally.
"Ready?" Anne asked.
I replied, "Ready."
And with that, we both jumped into the water and began swimming to the boat. The current was very strong. My legs started to feel funny. I looked down and sure enough there were sharks in the water. They were enormous and they were biting my left leg. "Anne!" I yelled, ' Swim faster!'
I kicked my legs to get rid of the sharks. One swam up to my wrist and bit it. I yelled. I was in pain.
Serious pain!
Blood was tricking from my wounds. I was terrified because my blood would attract more sharks. Anne was very lucky. She had reached the rope and had begun to haul herself up unto the ship. I was hoping she wasn't going to look at me because I was in bad shape. I was bleeding, my hair was a mess and there were bull sharks following me.
With a burst of strength, I managed to get to the rope. Anne was nearly at the top but I could see she was getting weak. The wind was growing stronger every minute but my focus to get to Uncle Bruce. I didn't care about my pain; I just wanted him to be safe. To my relief, I noticed that Anne was already at my uncle's side. I managed to haul myself up the ship and finally, I got to Anne. Uncle Bruce and Anne were very happy to see me but our rescue was far from over. Both Anne and my uncle gasped when they saw my wounds.
"Oh-my-gosh! Caroline! How did you get those wounds?" Uncle Bruce yelled.
Before I could answer, lighting struck the ship. It narrowly missed Anne. She screamed hard.
I looked down and I saw more bull sharks. A billion of them surrounded Charlotte and they started leaping up and down. Their red eyes were the look of fury and hate and their teeth were like sharp blades waiting to cause harm. Uncle Bruce, Anne and I huddled together as Charlotte gradually started sinking down into the shark-feasted ocean.
I yelled to Anne "Now do you believe me?" she nodded.
Uncle Bruce started looking at me and said "Yes! You two are brilliant girls!"
Anne and I just stood there looking at him puzzled.
He continued "We can swing across using the rope to get to Peter" Anne and I hesitated. What if lighting struck us? Or what if we fell off the rope and landed in the ocean with the bloodthirsty sharks in it? We wouldn't survive. Thanks to the strong wind, we might be able to get to Peter.
Uncle Bruce continued looking at Anne and me. "Come on girls. You jumped into the ocean filled with bull sharks. You kept your cool in order to save me. Even though you might not make it, everyone would be proud of you because your courage never failed."
Anne and I finally gave up worrying, but I started questioning myself. Why did the sharks go after me not Anne? Why didn't they bite Peter when he fell into the ocean? Why didn't they jump into our lifeboat?
"Well girls, time for action!" Uncle Bruce said as he held on to the rope. 'Who wants to go first?'
I froze.
I didn't want to go first.
I looked at Anne.
She was shaking in terror.
She didn't want to go first either.
Uncle Bruce started getting impatient and said "Anne you and I are going first, and you Caroline are going last. Okay?"
I yelled back "Okay!"
Now, I really started to wish I had volunteered to go with Uncle Bruce first. Soon more problems started to happen. Rain started to pour heavily on us. That was really bad because the floor started to get really slippery. Uncle Bruce didn't seem to mind. He just wanted two of us to be safe. Anne walked over to my uncle and he grabbed her by the waist.
"Ready?" He asked.
Anne looked down and thunder roared. She thought about hesitating but she nodded her head. Uncle Bruce jumped and held on tightly to onto Anne. She was screaming and I held my breath hoping nothing bad would happen to them. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to see Anne and Uncle Bruce's body in the water. I opened my eyes when I recognized Peter's faint voice. "Anne thank goodness you are safe."
I smiled when I saw Uncle Bruce. Out of the blue, the rope came back to me as fast as a lighting bolt. I quickly caught it.
The rope was very wet and it felt like I was holding slime. I tried to hold it hard, but the pain was too much.
"Caroline! You can do it!" I looked down and I saw three small figures waving their arms. They were my uncle, Anne and Peter. My head was spinning. I felt drowsy. I closed my eyes and went to the edge of the ship. By this time Charlotte had sank even deeper into the ocean. I took a deep breath and jumped off Charlotte. I began to swing around. Lighting was striking all around. The rain poured harder. The sharks leaped up from the ocean. One narrowly missed my leg but was able to scratch it. My body felt hot as if I was burning. What seemed terrifying was getting worse every second. The waves grew bigger by the second and the wind was getting stronger and stronger as if it was going at ten thousand kilometres per minute.
Finally I was grabbed on the legs with a pair of soft, strong gentle hands. I let go of the rope and fell into my uncle's loving arms. My journey on the rope was short, but for me it seemed like two hours. My dark brown eyes closed and I slept peacefully in our lifeboat. But my nightmare was far from over…………


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