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Somebody get us out of here chapter 2

Book By: tvmotltf134

Four teenagers, are stuck on an Island named Moor, and they find out that they have to fufil a prophecy, and things are not going too well on that. . .

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Chapter two: Reunion.
I woke up in the morning. Surprisingly it had stopped raining, the thunder and lighting had stopped and the wind had died down. I looked around my surroundings and I could see Anne sleeping next to her father and I could hear Uncle Bruce snoring loudly. I froze when I remembered the horrors of last night. The thunder, lighting, wind and those blood thirsty bull sharks…Bull sharks! I went to the edge of the boat and looked down into the calm, blue ocean and to my relief the sharks had left. I felt bruised and extremely sore. But I managed to sit up.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Elizabeth couldn't sleep because of the horrors she and had seen with her family and friends the night before. She couldn't believe that her sister Caroline and her best friend Anne, would jump into the shark-feasted ocean to save her uncle. Elizabeth was thirteen years old. She had brown hair like Caroline, but had blue eyes like the calm, blue ocean. She was also highly intelligent.
"Edward! Edward! Wake up!" she said shaking her twin brother Edward. Edward looked just like Elizabeth but he looked tough and he was as meek as a lamb.
"Oh Elizabeth, can't this wait. I'm very tired." Edward told his sister rubbing his eyes. "What?"
Elizabeth told him "Well you know what happened last night with Caroline?"
"Well what if there are more dangerous things or animals down they're waiting to harm us… well as if we're their prey."
"Oh Elizabeth you worry too much"
"Well Edward, those sharks bit our sister really badly. She was lucky she survived…."
"Hey Elizabeth. I wonder why the sharks bit Caroline but not Anne as well. The thunder, lighting and the wind grew a lot stronger when she was swinging to Uncle Bruce, Anne and Peter. I think there's something wrong with her I also think that there's also something special about her, but I don't know… wait! What if there's a prophecy about here. It might go like this…Caroline chosen to battle sharks… I can't think of more. Oh come on brain! Think! …. Err…No. I can't think of anything know."
"Oh forget about the prophecy or should I say your so called prophecy." Elizabeth said laughing. "You really have sense of humour Edward. Come on. Let's wake mum and dad up. Well, I'm starving. I feel like I haven't eaten anything for the past two years!"
"Two years! Elizabeth! The last time you ate was yesterday evening before Charlotte sank. Well I must admit it. I'm starving as well."
Elizabeth looked down. She knew that Charlotte (Little Miss Charlotte. Elizabeth called Charlotte that) had sank into the icy cold ocean filled with sharks and dangerous animals.
"Mum, Dad. Wake up! It's already morning!" Edward yelled in each of his parent's ears.
Mr and Mrs Wood (Jake and Sue) woke up.
"Hello you two . . . Did you sleep well last night?" Jake asked his children.
"Oh! It was great! Right Elizabeth?" Edward said a looking straight at his twin.
Elizabeth replied with a fake smile " Err…. yeah. I had a good sleep as well."
Then she looked at Edward and rolled her eyes at him.
"Mum, Dad…." Edward said.
"Yes…" Mr and Mrs Wood said together looking hard at Edward. "Well…. err…. you know. Well can we swim to Caroline's lifeboat?" "No!" Mr and Mrs Wood exclaimed looking really hard at Edward. "You! Both of you are staying on this boat till we find an island." Mrs Wood told her two children.
"Yeah mum." Edward told his mother "How are going to get help? We don't have a radio or a mobile phone. We don't even have a compass!"
"Well we can row our boat to Caroline's boat" Mr Wood told his worried looking wife.
"Well I want to see Caroline!" Edward exclaimed.
Elizabeth told her parents "I want to see Caroline as well!"
Sue looked at her frustrated children and told them "We could all row, because the wind has died down."
"We! You mean dad and yourself." Elizabeth and Edward told their parents.
"Spoilt little kids…" Jake said looking at his two rude children. "We'll just have to row." Sue told Jake.
"What!" Jake told his wife astonishingly.
"Well come on Jake, we don't have all day."
"What about breakfast?"
"Well Jake how do you expect me to know about breakfast!" Sue snapped.
"Well oh well. I will row with you but if I don't eat in the next ten minutes I'll faint!" Jake told his annoyed wife.
Soon they began rowing their lifeboat to meet their loving daughter, Anne, Peter and Bruce while Edward and Elizabeth lay down and closed their eyes as the soft, cool breeze blew against their faces.
"Spoilt little children" Jake said grumpily.
"Snap out of it! Jake Wood" Sue snapped at her husband.
"Oh okay!" Jake replied.
Edward and Anne giggled as they saw their parents arguing.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I lay my sore stiff back at the edge of the boat. I didn't feel comfortable sitting there. What if something came out of the water and hurt friends, Bruce, and me I wouldn't make it? My stomach grumbled. I felt as if I could eat fifty bacons and egg with a big cup of warm Milo. I looked at Uncle Bruce. He's snoring was irritating but the way he snored looked very funny. He's lips were curved together and his nose turned kind of wrinkly.
"Oh can we stop rowing Hon, just for one minute." I was stunned when I heard the voice. I managed to look up and amazingly; I saw my parent's lifeboat coming near my boat. I smiled and waved. I saw two people stand up and wave back. My hearth leaped when I got to recognize the people as Edward and Elizabeth. I withdrew my face from them and crawled as fast as my sore legs could go to meet Anne.
"Anne! Anne! Wake up! Edward and Elizabeth are coming to meet us!" I yelled to Anne.
I noticed that Anne blinked one eye and closed it again so I made up my mind to tell her the message again. "Anne, Edward and Elizabeth are coming now! They are rowing their lifeboat!"
That was all Anne needed. She jumped up and spotted Edward and Elizabeth who were waving their arms frantically and she turned to me and said "Come on, we have to wake your uncle and my dad up."
Oh! I hesitated. I wasn't going to go to snoring old Uncle Bruce and wake him up. Besides he looked like he was sleeping deeply. "Come on Caroline. You wake your uncle and I'll wake my dad. Okay?' 'Okay…'
I slowly started dragging my feet to meet Uncle Bruce. Man! He's snoring got worse every minute and I wondered how Peter slept with Bruce's snoring. I knew I wouldn't last a minute with the snoring going on. I'd be thinking of throwing him overboard. "Uncle Bruce! Uncle Bruce! Wake up!" I started tapping his shoulder. He turned side ways, grabbed hold of my arm and murmured. I snorted with disgust. He was annoying and he was in a really good need of a teddy bear. "Mummy . . ." Uncle Bruce whispered. 'Mummy!' I thought ' Mummy' he was insane. I wondered why he snored so much. Maybe he was thinking of his time with my deceased grand mother.
I was getting very impatient especially with Uncle Bruce holding my hand. 'Uncle Bruce! Wake up! I yelled. He didn't move he slept there and boy oh boy I was getting grumpy so I took my free arm and punched him on the chin. 'Urgh' Uncle Bruce yelled. He quickly let go of my hand, sat up and put his left hand on his chin. I knew that I was going to be in a huge amount of trouble.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Anne walked enthusiastically to her father; she tapped him on the shoulder and said "Dad! Dad! Wake up! Mr and Mrs Wood, Elizabeth and Edward are coming here. Peter woke up and said to his daughter "Hello Anne. Good morning. How did you sleep last night?" Anne replied with a smile "Very well thank you dad." With that she gave him a huge hug. Peter looked around and asked ' so where is Mr and Mrs Wood's lifeboat?' Anne smiled as she pointed north and said "they are a little bit far off in the distance but you can still see them." For a reply, Anne's tummy grumbled ' oh, oh …' Anne sighted and said, "I wish I was in the kitchen then I would have taken an apple…" 'Caroline!!' Uncle Bruce yelled.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I shuffled my feet and I looked down. I sure didn't want to look at Uncle Bruce's face. Sure he was angry. "Caroline Wood! What on earth did you think you were doing?" he yelled. I looked up and I thought I saw smoke coming out of his nose and ears like a dragon. I felt like laughing but I knew that if I laughed, I'd be in even more hot water. "Answer me!" he yelled again. I looked hard at him. In fact I must say I was staring at him. He wasn't the uncle I knew. I had punched him a couple of times. , Maybe I had picked the wrong time. I had to come up with a cool answer or else, Uncle Bruce would have blown up.
"Hey Bruce. Time you woke up!" I looked backwards and I saw Peter coming my way. I guessed he wanted to talk to my uncle so I stepped aside. I quickly walked over to Anne who was sitting at the edge of the lifeboat. I could hear Peter and my Uncle talking about last night's horrible events. I didn't want to talk about it or even think about remembering what happened. The events of last night were too horrid to think about. I could also hear them talking about seeing my parents and my siblings. They sounded excited and I was also very excited as well. I couldn't wait to see Elizabeth, Edmund and my parents again. I really missed them.
I sat next to Anne and she looked straight at me and asked, "you okay?" "Yeah." I replied. But I knew deep down I knew that something wasn't right.
"Hello Anne!" Anne and I turned around and to our amazement we saw my family. My heart leaped and it felt as if it would burst. Just looking at them could bring tears of joy to my brown eyes. I soon noticed that they needed a rope to use in linking their lifeboat to our own. Anne noticed the problem as well and she told me "I'll go and find a rope." And with that she wandered around looking for a rope. Soon she found a rope under some wood. The rope was extremely long. Anne came to me and passed me the rope. I tied one end of the rope in a knot to my lifeboat and I managed to throw the other end to Edward who caught it and gave me thumbs up. He tied the end to his lifeboat and went to meet dad who was still rowing with my mum. I smiled when their lifeboat came closer and closer until their boat hit ours. My uncle (who had definitely calmed down) and Peter walked over to me. I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
"Caroline!" I looked up and I saw my mother stepping away from their lifeboat rushing to meet me. I quickly walked over to her and gave her a huge hug. Mum was crying but I didn't worry because I knew that they were tears of joy. I too felt tears coming out of my eyes. Mum bent down and wiped my tear off my face with her gentle hand. She told me "Hey. I'm proud of you. You were very brave last night." I nodded and she kissed my forehead and moved back. My daddy came up to me, gave me a hug, lifted me and swung me up me around in circles. I laughed. It was good to see my parents again.
"Hey sis." It was Elizabeth.
She ran over to me and gave me a hug. We both soon started laughing. I looked up from Elizabeth and I saw Edward. He was rubbing his nose and I didn't think he'd give a hug because we never got along. He looked at me and smiled. Of course he didn't want to miss getting a hug from his big sister so he ran to me and Elizabeth stepped away from me as Edward hugged me tightly. I could see dad talking to Uncle Bruce and mum was talking to Peter. I started hoping Bruce wouldn't tell my dad I punched him. "Help!!" Elizabeth, Edward and I turned around.


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