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Black and White Chapter 1

Book By: WhiteStar197

River Hen is a 16 year old boy who can contro a very powerful Warrior Named Black Star. When River's grandpa tells him about another powerful warrior like Black Star,River finds himself looking for that warrior

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Chapter 1:Metting with thee Angel

"You can't win if your fighting that way"Said a man's voice. River looked up to see a man standing there, but no? He was not human...He was a demon. He has two large black wings and wears a black cloak. His eyes, black as night."What?"River asked still starring at the demon."Stop trying to pretend that warrior your elder told you about isn't real because I came a crossed him before in....in the between world."Said the demon. He looked away as River stood up from his chair."But where are we to look Black Star?"River asked the demon who's name is now know as Black Star."I have some ideas where his master is,but not sure where he is."Said Black Star with a huge grin on his face.

"Who is he? Do I know him?"Asked River who was now pretty much in Black Star's face."I can tell you her name if you get out of my face."Black Star said harshly."Her name?"River asked as he sat back down in his seat."Yes and you know her."Black Star said as he took a seat on River's bed."Who?"River asked."Katrina Anderson."River's mouth fell open. Katrina Anderson was his age,but she owned W.T.K the most popular store around. It had pet stores with a vet clinic and a pet day care along with it. Theres other stores there too that are cool like

clothing stores,game stores,A spa,and,a day care for kids!"Katrina....Anderson?"River asked again."Yes."BlackStar at that time started laughing."But shes never going to talk to me and I don't even know if she knows me?"Said River with a huge frown on his face. Katrina went to the same school as him, but what puzzled him was that she has all this money and still heads off to school every day. Never missed a day or ever been late and got good grades."Awesome A for Katrina Anderson! Big fat stupid F for River Hen!"Is what Mr.Soon would yell just to get on River's nerves. Hearing Big fat stupid F for River Hen all the time Katrina must know his name and who he was."We got to go to W.T.K tonight theres going to be a

big opening of a diner going on so you and I will find her by herself...well I'm sure White Star would be with her,but anyways we take them on and try to get them to come with use to the between world."Black Star said as he stood up and gazed at the picture of River's sister."Then we can find Bunny and Damon."River added."Yes."Black Star replied back.


"Miss Anderson! Miss Anderson!"A group o fboys and girls cheered to the short haired brunette who was coming out of the door with her two little brothers. She was wearing a white dress white gloves and white boots the reached passed her knees. Her brothers were twins and they both had red hair and wore black tucks with black shoes. River had arrived in a black tucks and his black hair wetted down .Black Star was there,but he was in invisible mode."Welcome everyone to my grand opening of my new diner and I hope you all like my

food that my very own cookwipped up for everyone tonight."Katrina said with a smile as everyone cheered her name."Now tonight I'm letting my brother Hazel do the cutting of the ribbon."Katrina said as she handed Hazel the silver cutters."Think you sis I'm happy to cut tonights ribbon?"Hazel said with asmile."But I want Red tohelp me cut it too?"Hazel added to the his twin. Red was happy."Thinks but Kat asked you to cut it Hazel."Red said with a frown."No go a head Red, Hazel asked for your help."Katrina said as she padded Red's head. "Thinks Kat."Red said then he and Hazel cut th eribbon and the three stepped out of the way of the hungry crowd of boys and girls.

"This is your chance. Just go ask her to write her name on your forehead or something just to pass time till everyone is in the diner eating."Whispered BlackStar."Okay?"Said River as he walked over to where Katrina was."Hello KA--Miss Anderson."Said River with a smile."Oh its F guy."Katrina said harshly."Yeah F guy I know,but I'd like to ask you a something?"River said as Hazel tugged on Katrina's arm."Come on sis lets go in!"Winded Hazel. He really wanted to get her away from River."Relax Hazel you and Red go on in I'll join you later."Katrina said."Fine."Hazel said in a low voice and ran off to catch up with his older brother.

"Yes River?"Katrina's voice cot him off guard."Huh? Oh I was hoping you would battle Black Star?"Moron! Katrina's eyes winded."Black...Star?"She asked. Black Star now wasin visible mode."Hello?"He said as he waved at her. Katrina was speechless at the site of the demon."No I refuse tofightthat thing! Not again!"Yelled Katrina. She had stepped back a bit."You can and you will."Said a nice and calm voice."No White Star I can't!"Katrina yelled again. At the time an angel appeared. He had both arms around her as tears rolled down

her face. He has short hair like Black Star,but it was white and his eyes where red as blood. He wore a white suit and white dress shoes. He had on white gloves too.On his back were to large snowy white wings. He preset the side of his face to Katrina's."You have me here to help you this time."White Star whispered."Okay..for you...White Star"Katrina said slowly as white Star let go of her.


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