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My Greek Parents

Book By: wolfchick365

just a basic mythology story about the greeks
totally fictional no truth well except for the gods & goddesses!

Submitted:May 7, 2012    Reads: 25    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

My parents are not like other parents they are not normal I am not normal. I am a full blood and my name is Alira. You may have read about us in the Percy Jackson series but this isn't about them this is about me. If you get a funny feeling while reading this book drop it and never pick it up again I'm not kidding that's how they found me.

My mother and father I have never meet but they have sent me to cool and horrid places. I've been to beaches a lot that's where my dad sent me. My mother would love for me to visit the Parthenon and I would love to see it. The "parents" I live with right now don't understand me at all because I can see, hear, and sense things they can't. I feel like a freak put on display to be made fun of for the rest of my life and for people like us is so not fair.

The worst place I've ever been to was the camp I was sent to when I turned 14. It's nothing like camp half blood from what I hear camp half blood is nowhere near as bad as the camp I had to go to. The camp I went to was for full bloods only and we train for days they also check to make sure our cabins are clean. So every summer right when I enter the cabin I live in while I'm there I always check to make sure its completely clean and I do that from the time I get there to the time I leave. It's really quite boring there unless we play capture the flag it's very fun but you must be careful when you're a daughter of the "BIGTHREE" because not all of the kids forgive their Greek parents of the fact that they can help us but that their not really supposed to interfere with our lives.

There are four different camps there's two half blood camps, and two full blood camps, two are for the Roman children the other two are for the Greek children oh, and there are tons of monsters to many to count, but that's no problem after all the training I have completed. We practice sword fighting which is also part of our hand to hand combat training, we practice flying with chariots which is part of our equestrian sports training with the Pegasi. The game we play every night at camp is called capture the flag it's very fun, but you can get hurt while playing because we do use real swords and what not.

Ok so the "BIG THREE" are Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades and at the camp there are three different cabins specifically for their children but considering that there's not many of their children the cabins are usually dusty and full of cobwebs yuck! So every summer as soon as I get there I have to clean my cabin out I live in the Poseidon most of the time but other times I reside in the cabin of my mother because it keeps my head clear so I can think. My mother is Athena!


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