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I'll be right beside through the darkness

By: wolfey123

Page 1, drabbles

people are never really okay
because we all have one thing
that one thing we don't like
about ourselves
the way we live
the way we look
the way we love
the way we forget
the things we remember
some of us can lie to ourselves
and say we are fine and happy
and don't dislike ourselves though underneath
we know those lies
they are always okay
"yeah yeah I'm fine..."

I'll be right beside you dear
ok just don't let go
don't fade away...
hold onto something!
keep yourself grounded
I'm right here darling.. right..
next to.. you I'm holding on
don't forget me...don't
forget you.. the one i know
don't forget that one ok
darling were almost there
were so close i can see the light
do you see it...?!
please hold on you it
ok you're strong just remember us
don't let go its just a ..few steps
NO PLEASE NO no... you were brave
strong and hopeful
you almost made it

-the boy walked to the glowing gate
which would lead into light into
but the young girl who had
been trying so hard
to stay with the light
the force of light
and stay away from death
before him
becoming just another soulless
being who would walk the dark realm
she in the days they had ran and walked
through darkness she had forgotten her self
slowly she had forgotten the boy who had died at her side
in the realm of the living
the boy went passing through the gate and as he did
so bent to his knees and said a prayer for that she
may be brought to the light someday

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