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Do I Live, Love, And Kill?

Book By: xthepaleshadowx

I'm just going to see where this goes. Enjoy the ride.

Submitted:May 23, 2010    Reads: 53    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

It was late at night when Livvy Tyler's eyes shot open. She had been soundly asleep in her comfy bed, when, even in her sleep, she had sensed something evil looming over her. The sight that met her now wide open eyes confirmed her fears. From the light of the moon streaming into her room from her window, Livvy could see that the thing looming over her was a young man. He was dressed in punk, dracula-esque clothes, and had pale skin and severely slicked back hair that only sharpened the image of that of one that was made from evil. Livvy was so silent as she watched him, the young man wasn't sure if she actually was really awake. To test her, he gently climbed onto the bed, positioned himself like a crawling infant over her now tense body, and slowly reached out one pale hand to softly trace her sweating face.

Livvy, meanwhile, was at the point of hyperventilating. Questions screamed in her mind. Who is he? Why the hell is he here? What's he doing? A creepy smile played on the man's lips. His eyes glinted with a strange light. Then, right in front of Livvy's own eyes, the man's whole appearence began to change. Though Livvy didn't think it was possible, the man got even paler. His eye color changed from black/brown to a deep blood red, in just a matter of seconds. Inside the man's incredibly alluring mouth, his bright white canine teeth grew into sharp fangs. If this didn't scare Livvy enough, what the man/vampire did next, defenitely did. He laughed. The laugh was so cold, it could have frozen the blood of another vampire. With a cruel, hungry glint in his hypnotizing eyes, the vampire bent low over Livvy's neck, pushed her head so that her neck was all the way exposed, and plunged his sharp fangs into her large expanse of creamy, soft skin.

Livvy didn't say anything. She didn't dare make a sound. She didn't even breathe. Fear corsed through her when the vampire lowered his head closer to her neck and pushed her head back to get the maximum amount of skin. Livvy knew what was going to happen. But she couldn't do anything to stop him. The vampire's eyes were like pendulums, keeping Livvy weak and helpless under their harsh, but some how beautiful, glare. Livvy felt his sharp fangs plunging into her, but it was like she was watching the scene from overhead, instead of it actually happening to her. Of course, that didn't last long. Soon the pain poured through Livvy's whole body, even into her soul. Then...all went black. Livvy's world came to an end.


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