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The search- chapter 1

Book By: Yolo swag

Have you ever wondered what happens in your cellar. What if I told you a different type of race lives up there. A race that is only..... 5 centimetres tall

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"I wonder what it's like to be like them" my younger brother Kazan asked. "Wonder what it's like to be like who? I replied. "The humans, they stand so tall from the ground, and cover huge distances with ease" he says in a squeaky tone. We sit perched on top of a splintered support beam in an attic. Our colony has lived in the attic of this house for many years. We being only five centimetres tall makes it easy for us to not be seen or heard. We never dare to venture inside the house. The humans that live in the house below are much too dangerous and could squish us like ants. We play by the rules to ensure survival. It's a beautiful view from here it seemed the whole colony was out and about, walking through the town that was lit up by a few holes in the roof, it was rather spectacular. "why would you think such crazy thought brother, besides we best be on our way you know mother gets worried easily" I said as I ruffle his wavy brown hair and pull him to his feet." I guess your right" he sighs. We jog across the beam minding our step as it was a rather far way down. We reach the end and begin to lower ourselves down on to a piece of yarn that cascades all the way down to the creaky floorboards of the attic. We slid down the yarn until we reached the ground. its always quite exhilarating, makes me feel like a real adventurer. Kazan and I continued jogging, passing many different shoe and other types of boxes which the people of my colony call home. Finally we reach our house, a dust covered nike shoebox, with a small rip in the front for a door. We make our way through the rip, inside my house there is a table a few chairs and three beds. Its not huge but it sure does mean a lot to me. My mother is sitting at the table with her back facing us bawling her eyes out. In front of her is dads old jacket that she made for him before his incident. It's beautiful thread really glows, it a shame he never got to wear it. She turns around to face us."where have you been I have been worried sick about you two" she said wiping the tears off her face. "We were up on the beams, it's quite an" I was interrupted by mother. "The beams why on earth were you on the beams, do you know how dangerous that is, you could have got your little brother killed Nazak. Then who would I have, with your father dead, I would have no one" she said in a disappointing tone. My fathers passing was only recent. He himself was an adventurer. He was the one who discovered the The Hole To Hell. The Hole To Hell was a metre by metre opening that led into the humans residents. It was usually blocked up with a square of wood. But ever so often the humans would use a ladder to climb up through the Hole and into our lands. Tragically my father was always too curious for his own good, he fell to his death through the hole as it was being opened by one of the humans. My brother still believes he is alive but I beg to differ. No one can survive a fall like that, no one like us. I could see my brother begin to tear up, his eyes began to water and his cheeks turned red as he stormed off and lay on his bed, face down towards the pillow. He made a few noise and eventually burst into tears. My mother walked over to him and sat beside. She began to sing to him, this always seems to calm him down.


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