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Character Profile for (Dont know what to call it. Any opinions are welcome)

By: DBrown34

Page 1, This document describes the characters in (Dont know what to call it. Any opinions are welcome). I will add more as I continue to write.

Samantha Lees

Age: 16

Appearance:  Long blonde hair, hazel eyes, white teeth

Likes:  Hot Chocolate, chocolate( white and normal), leopard spots, scarves, shutting down bitches, headbands, expensive clothes, shoes( high heels), tea

Dislikes: Dark chocolate, coffee(but has a different opinion when meets Julius), boss, boys who go overboard

Personality: Fun, shy, slutty - Mix

Species: Human

Habits: Picking at her French manicure



Marie Davidson

Age: 16

Appearance:  Long black hair, chocolate brown eyes

Likes:  Boys, candy( prefers chewing gum), short skirts

Dislikes: Almost nothing!!

Personality: Bubbly

Species: Human

Habits:  Dating too many boys



Julius Monroe

Age: Forever 16 (true age – 650)

Appearance:  long wavy black hair that falls to his shoulders, dark brown eyes, dazzling smile, perfect white teeth

Likes:  Black velvet, intricate patterns, sweets (prefers lollipops), Samantha, coffee, chai latte, buying gifts for his girlfriends

Dislikes: sluts( girls who swoon at the sight of him), his boss,

Personality: Mix

Species: Fallen Angel!

Habits: Buying gifts for his girlfriends and falling for the wrong girl (No pun intended)

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