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I wrote thi story for my English 2 class.We were studying Greek mythology and how myths ar4e explanations about matural causes. I chose the wind :) ENJOY!

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Long ago in a place hidden behind the trees lived a beautiful young girl named Aire. She was petite and of small frame, yet her silvery hair was down to the back of her knees. She wore a silver gown that only had a one shoulder strap, allowing her to reveal a tattoo of swirls on her chest. But her grey eyes held a hint of mischief. Aire was hidden behind the trees for a reason, a reason only the gods knew. Aire was a trickster. She loved toying with the gods and their emotions. Every time she would escape from the trees, Zeus would send his son Apollo to scare her back into her prison. Aire always seemed to run when Apollo tried to approach her and she was fast. In a blink of an eye she would disappear. But one gloomy day, Aire had escaped again and had made her way to a patch of flowers far from the trees. She waited and waited for Apollo to arrive but he never did. With a frown she had rushed back to the trees and taken a knife, but before she could cut off her silvery locks, she heard shuffling coming from outside of the trees. She slowly made her way outside only to find an unconscious Apollo on the ground. With wide eyes she made her way over to him and quickly brought him into the trees. When Apollo awoke, he saw the beautiful face of the strange woman whom he had never seen before, only scared off. She too was surprised to find her prison guard to be such a handsome young man. They sat together and talked, well Apollo did, for a very long time. Aire had never spoken before. But when Zeus had called Apollo back into the sky, Aire had whispered his name. Apollo, in that instant, knew that he had fallen deeply in love with his prisoner. When Apollo arrived at his father's front door, he was only welcomed with bad news. Zeus planned to send Aire off somewhere to be destroyed; he had become fed up with her pranks. Apollo immediately began to fight with his father, claiming to have fallen in love with Aire. During their feud the skies had turned dark and there was a sour feeling all around. Aire, down on earth, saw the sudden change and realized something was extremely wrong. She knew that Zeus had wanted her hair, the one thing that made her magical, because it would give him the speed that he could not seem to attain. She too had fallen in love with Apollo and was willing to do anything to save him from his father's wrath. Apollo arrived just in time to stop her from cutting her hair. He explained to her how his father was planning to have her killed but he was not going to allow the one he loved to be murdered. So he had come up with a plan on his way down from heaven. He had stolen some of his father's power in a cloth and brought it down to earth just for Aire. He was going to transform her into something that would allow them to be with each other forever. Apollo turned his lover into the wind. Aire blows harshly and recklessly, her hair causing the wind to whip at people's faces, whenever Zeus punishes Apollo for what he did. Most say that when they feel a breeze, they can hear a faint sound. Aire is whispering the name of her true lover, Apollo, to the world.


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