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Adventure In Medieval Times.

Novel By: ForgottenROse

Story of "Fira De Genville" and her journey to save the queen.

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Greetings, My name is Fira, the daughter of Fisher and Lorica De Genville I am 15 years old. When I was nine I was sent away from my family to Lady Mildgyth and lord Landford's manor, even though she had such Devine beauty beneath she was still cruel to some extant. She would force more work onto me than she did Evelyn, she was also sent to learn along side me she is a year older than I. But of course I couldn't compete with her skills, she could do everything right. When Evelyn was practicing her dancing men and women alike came to watch, she almost seemed to glide through the air as if she wasn't even touching the floor, her manners and etiquette were no less either. She was also very friendly and kind,she often went to many glamours parties. Everybody loved to please her and at first glance her beauty could captivate anyone. While I stumbled barely making it through my dance lessons, my manors and etiquette was not the best and I was always punished stricty for not doing them perfectly like her. I was less social than her and I hated going to parties, they were always rooms filled with strangers staring at you watching your every move. But luckily I had a my knight by my side, my parents had given him the job of protecting me, his name was Sir Allard, he is few years older than me. In a way he more my brother than my knight but even I had to admit he was handsom beyond compare. Women's eyes would follow him everywhere he went and men had to admit their defeat for he was not just a lovely face but both intellegent and a tallanted sowrd man that none could beat. He was issused duel very often.

Every morning Evelyn and I would help Lady Milady braid her brown hair hiding any grey hairs toward the center, we also helped apply thick white powder onto her face covering her wrinkles in a screen of white. Everyday while we went to the church Evelyn's friends would cluster around us and I slipped away would wonder around the gothic arch of the church, sometimes I would catch a few smiles from the monks and nuns passing by. When the service started I would sit in the last row and watch as the priest preacher of our Lords name and of Sacraments. Afterwards we would eat, in the autumn we would normally have large amounts of bread, I loved during the spring when we had peas and beans. Then we would begin our lessons on riding and archery, I enjoyed these the most because Allard was the one to teach them and It was also two of the few things Evelyn did not flourish at but I did! After evening prayer we would be free to do as we pleased, Evelyn would go hang out with her friends while I snuck away into stables or I practiced shooting targets. I enjoyed it on their manor I wish I wouldn't have to leave but I knew I would eventually. But I didn't think it would have came so soon, I remeber the first time I heard the rumors was when I was wondering around before mass and passed a black smith shop, two men a tall bulk man with a thick beard and a short older man with a face crease with wrinkles. were whispering so I was curious and of course I had to listen. They whispered of a traitor! They looked around nervously as they spoke, if caught it would mean death. There was a man buying large amount of weapons for extremely high prices, twice they amount they would normal get. As the spoke on I was shocked to learn that this man had already bought many weapons, it seemed as if the black smiths ether didn't know or didn't care what happened to them as long as they were paid as if forgetting their mutual obligations. I smashed my heels into the dirt road as I raced toward the church not daring to look back, I almost plowed a serf into the ground as I did. My feet caught on a large chuck of earth lifting up from the ground and I began flying toward the ground, I shut my eyes tightly. When I didn't feel the impact I opened my eyes shocked to find Allard looking up at me with a look of surprise. I slid off my knight and wiped the dirt from my gown and he watched me closely as he stood from the ground. Then suddenly words beagan to burst out of my mouth of what I heard, he stared in a daze for a second before his harden expression returned to his face. He said we had to find out who would betray our lovely queen and why he was collecting weapons. I lead him to where I heard the black smiths whisper and stood out front watch peasant pass by, they didn't seem to notice or care me standing there and continued with their long work hours. I head a clamor of metal and I tried to sneak a look through the small window but could see nothing. Allard came out moments later with a harden expression on his face, he only said one thing. "We must warn the queen of a man with the silver eagle upon his chest." I had no clue as to were we were going but I didn't care, this was my chance to prove I was useful. But I of corse could not travel as women, it was dangerous and indecent even if Allard was by myside. Allard brough me clothes of a young knight in training who was around my size, I dressed the clothes of a man and slide large boot over my feet. My knight inpected me nodding his head approvingly, he said he had taken care of my absence.

Allard and I set out to tell the queen of the man with a silver eagle, and so our journey began. The trip was rough we rode for hours with out rest, as the sun hung high above us we finally took a rest. I was sore all over I rubbed my bottom as I washed away my thirst with refreshing water. I told Allard I was going to look around and he nodded as he cleaned his sword that he rested beside him. I slide through the thick foliage and rand my hand over the trees and walked along the cliffs side, a flurry of red caught my attention and I froze. A women walking slowing on the cliff with a strangled look, brown curls brushed again her deep red gown, the color and design could only belong to one person....The queen! Why is she here?! Without realizing I took a step toward her but suddenly my body was jerked back and I stared at my knight who was griping my waist tightly behind a the over growth, his harden expression was cracked and he stared at something in the distance with a worried and angry look. I began to follow his gaze and stopped for a moment at a arrow dug deep into the earth where I was once standing. Then a glinted of metal caught my attention and I froze in utter shock, a large man standing on the cliffs staring at us with a expressionless look. The thing that struck me most was on his chest gleamed a silver eagle, the lady was a few feet away gather around with others enjoy salted meats unknowing of the danger that faced her.


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