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Iruil-oal. Age of fire.

By: Imuildaeren

Page 1, A overveiw of the Age of Fire.

The age of fire started off with the final collapse of the Bnuki Empire and the return of the Jasdarel, or as they are commonley called nowadays dragons.  The few shatterd remains of civilastion learning that the dragons were back deicded to go underground.  For thousends of years the dragons ruled the surface until a young prince of one of the underground kingdoms relesed a deadly disease to dragons on to the surface.  After a hundred years had past the underground kingdoms came back to the surface to find the dragons were dying but the dragons knew what the cure was.  Humans.

So the dragons fought each other to get humans, and to protect themselves humans built huge citadels.  After centuarys their wasn't anuf dragons to continue fighting each other but the disease at become far weaker making dragons no longer immortal.  The most sucsessful of these kingdoms was Lafevell who become more and more powerful.

And so ended the age of fire.

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