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Merry Christmas!

By: Luthien Tasartir

Page 1, Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Do you remember Little Nemo and his adventures in Slumberland? Do you remember when you wished to travel on a flying bed to lands unknown to grown-ups? Do you remember what it was like to believe in fairies and mermaids and you wanted to explore the depth of the forest and ocean together?To seek advice from Grandma Willow? Do you remember when you tried to talk to your dolls convinced that they can hear you and be your best friend and they come to life when we leave the room? Do you remember how you wondered what it would be like to turn 16 and get your first kiss from a prince and you just couldn't wait? Do you remember your innocent eyes when you looked in the mirror and with pure heart you wished to pass through it and have adventures? If you still remember all that, you still keep the child in you and one day you will see it facing you again in the eyes of your own!

I wish you this Christams to find this child hidden well in yourself and let it breathe and play and dream again! We need more innocence in this world of know-it-all and do-it-best!

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