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By: mongoe charles



By Charles mongoe

Every challenge in life makes a wall, wall is what can stop you from moving straight to your destination and reach your goal.

Life is full of a stories some are bad and some are good, the excitement audio and visual, it could make it so real if you want to believe

Other end up wanted to live ,like other people trying to put they shoe on the other, do make them not feel comfortable on themselves as indivual .they see  possibility on others not on themselves.

They even able to draw and paint other people’s life what about your life that comes a real question and the wall start

I am not good at this my colour, education, talent and skill, I am just not like other people. While seeing the impossibility on yourself that is a wall the of perception, the wall of failure, the wall of family background, the wall of pressure, the wall of disappointment

That build up this wall that you think you cannot break, this likes the end of you so you tell yourself and believe on it. The only thing you think off is to go back or stay there because there is no forward you need to see through that wall, crystallized it and that will make you able to live it and forget about the wall

Actual that is not the wall,is the wall or problem because  you think so, it’s a problem because you have faith on it and believe on its power to stop you from going forward in life, it your mind that tell you about it, again is on your mind to change and personalized to be what you want it to be and make it the way you want it to be and that could enable to bridge across the future

So if is a problem, ask yourself a question

  • What must I fear about this?
  • What is likely to happen to me?
  • Is there any other way around it, I may take to get across?

If ever you are going to find answer on that, that is your solution, is what you are to do and solve it the right way. Could not be a problem once you find a answer it be now a solution. That is a get you are to inter via it, the crystallization of challenges we me, see through it, life is not a rock that you need to break, see it as a river that you need to sit on and let it flow you to it direction while you are in charge

Facing the wall, that is lazy mind, failing to think about he second step fearing to change, your mind can do anything that you want it to do so that is you, it means you can do anything I mean anything you wish to do in life  without being stop by the wall of life. Do not fear to change, use your mind to be a driving force to drive you to your desire in life

Failure is a word, is only fear and failing to think of another way out of that you have…what stop could be nothing if you walk through

By mongoe charles


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