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The God-Satan Dialogue of 2022

Essay By: Neosapien

The conversation between God and Satan at the end of world in 2022

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Satan and God's conversation at the end of the world (i aint religious nor a believer/theist but find the concept interesting and hence thought about this)

YEAR 2022

God: As i said, i have brought the the human civilization to an end in MY year 2022.

Satan: yeah right your year!!! Well, you did... i dont know whether I have failed man or man has failed me.... i always believed in man.. i always trusted man.... i gave my everything to man...

God: ahaa.... thats your falling.. you trusted man - that totally untrustworthy son of a bitch.

Satan: now don't curse him in such mean teams. He was the most wonderful thing you and I found after millions of yeas and remember how amazed we were to find this lifeform in that really remote galaxy and that too at the outer-reaches of that galaxy.

God: yes, he was a wonderful, in fact the most wonderful life-form. But it was fun playing around with his mind. You were just content staring at him and deriving happiness out of it, but I was not content, I wanted to try to affect his mind. Now see, how successful I was. I not only affected his mind, but made him my slave till I got bored with him.

Satan: I always truly believed that the human will overcome the temptations of religion which was created by you in different ways to deviate man from the pursuit of truth.. once you started affecting his mind and interfering in his daily life, I could not sit still. I had to try my best to persuade him off the wrong path. But I held to my principle to not resort to dirty tricks to lure him away from you. I just used science - my sole weapon which i gave to man to overcome religion ... but alas, man was too dumb to accept science as a peerless vehicle to pursue truth.

God: so i win the bet.. i told you, i will make this man my slave by my various pretensions, my books, my avatars, my last Prophet act, MY SON OF THE GOD act.. i told you that he will never realize the truth despite all those scientific

minds you inculcated to make him see the truth of it all... i have told you he will kill himself in the end.

Satan: yes, you won and that I don't regret ... what i regret is that i have developed in man this wonderful, awesome thing of the mind called scientific temper, i nurtured it, i injected it into brilliant extraordinary minds - men of science like Darwin, Einstein, Feynman, Dawkins etc for men to follow and reject your poison, BUT i failed... and THAT is my greatest regret.... soul, self, spirit, the ideas you gave men, they overwhelmed and awed the poor human... he fell to the trick... he rejected Darwin and Hitchens and instead accepted your poison and the poisonous men you created

God: haha, i have long realized that despite the inherent inquisitive nature of man to know things, there is a part of his brain which always tells him - do not know the answer, be awed by the unknown... assign bizarre theories to what you dont know, but do not accept simple answers...

Satan: I guess you understood man much better than I understood him. I don't care for what he considered me - a devil, one with only bad intentions against his well-being. What I do care for is how in the universe I thought that man will never accept religion - it just was so dumb… but i will be happy with the wonderful memories i have of this human race, of the fantastic things they created, the art, the gadgets, the Mona Lisa to the Ipad....


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