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A Little Piece of Forever

Essay By: rainefalls

This was also a narrative essay that I wrote for English so I decided to share my 'amazing' writing skills with you all! Ha ha!
So, this just shows how your life can be completely altered by one moment in time.

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It was finally sixth period Biology and Raine was ready for this day to end. It was finally Friday, after a long, boring week of school. Raine got her Biology book and binder and slammed her locker shut. She set off at a brisk pace so the bell wouldn't catch her off guard. She was just turning a corner when someone stuck their foot out- Raine saw it a second too late. Her books sprawled on the floor as she released them to catch herself with her hands. She sighed in irritation as a few people stopped to laugh and she flushed a bright red. She pushed herself onto her knees and reached out to grab her books, but they were gone. Instead, she saw two black, high-top converse- exactly like hers.
"Need some help?" a sweet, rough, boy-ish sounding voice asked. Raine looked up to see someone new- at least new to her. He had long, straight-ish black hair, peircing, diamond-like, baby blue eyes, and his face looked insanely beautiful; in a nut-shell, he looked like a Greek god.
"Sure," she breathed, taking his outstretched hand. He pulled her up and handed her the books he had picked up. "Thanks." she murmured appreciatively with a smile.
"No problem." he said with a grin. Something strange, like a secret, flashed in his eyes. "Um, see you later." he mumbled quickly, turning in the other direction and fast-walking elsewhere.
Raine sighed dejectedly and went on to her class. The rest of the day passed in a slow blur. She didn't really even remember any of her seventh period English class as she walked home.
She paused as she began to walk down into the ditch that led to her home. She looked to her right, down the pathway leading further into the forest she'd never once gave a second thought about- she could have sworn she heard something. It could be a squirrel, but it sounded too big and moved far too fast.
She glanced back at her house, where she knew no one was waiting for her to come, then back to the forest. She backed out of the ditch and walked wearily to the opening where the pathway began. She peeked in to see nothing. She pushed her backpack further up on her shoulder and took her first step on the dirt path that was at one time covered over with trees.
She jumped as the slight russeling of the fast moving thing sounded closer. She shook her head of the slight fear she felt and walked further down the path. It took a sharp left turn and opened up to a clearing. The noise was suddenly coming closer until a blurred object jumped out of one of the trees and landed right in front of her.
She jumped back, tripping over the stub of a tree stump in the process, and falling onto her butt. As she looked up at that same Greek god she'd seen earlier, she remembered hearing Lillian say his name was Alex. Her mouth fell open slightly. He'd been running faster than a car!
Alex had the same shocked expression on his face- mouth open slightly and eyes bugged out. She broke out of her shock and a slightly hysterical giggle escaped her lips. He shook his head and just stood there, as if he were frozen in place. He took a small, cautious step closer and opened his mouth slightly as if he was going to say something.
"Um, hello, Raine." he stuttered out and slightly waved at her.
"Hey," she managed to get out dispite her shock. "Were- were you just... running?" Raine asked in complete and utter disbelief.
He nodded. His face looked pretty worried over something.
"That fast?" she asked with an eyebrow raised in disbelief.
He nodded again and stepped a bit closer to her before sitting down. "I'm... I'm not a normal human." he told her and then stopped.
She motioned for him to continue, keeping her face blank.
He sighed. "I'm... immortal." he mumbled so quickly she didn't catch what he said.
"Huh?" she asked, leaning closer to hear.
He looked up into her eyes. "I'm immortal." he said in a slightly louder voice.
Raine's eyes nearly popped out of her head. Alex's eyes were pleading for her to understand. She shook her head, trying to clear it. She hesitantly took his hand. "I understand." she whispered lightly.

Alex and Raine began going out, they trusted each other with everything and knew they were in love from the start. Eventually, when they had their first kiss to be exact, they realized when a human kisses an immortal, the human becomes immortal. They last the rest of that eighth grade year and through high school. They got married the day after their graduation ceremony.

And what? And they lived happily ever after- duh!


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