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just an extension of I am Dreaming...

Submitted:Jul 10, 2011    Reads: 103    Comments: 10    Likes: 0   

Clouds of boredom are hovering above my head and it is getting quite difficult to survive with idleness as my only companion. Mercury is rising and there is a fiery vista through my window. The ant army has attacked my house and crickets are playing soft symphonies in the dark. I am getting sad to see real life departing as reveries build a wonderful Wonderland in my mind. Part Alaska, part Hawaii, part Ireland, and part Venice. Slowly and steadily, imaginations are taking over the factual world.

Rainbow was serenading the sky and I was sitting down on the white satin sand. Nothing seemed so beautiful. A cold zephyr from Antarctica roared and brushed past my beige skin. The sun was slowly setting behind the ocean and pine trees were getting ready for a midnight haze. The fluffs above were draping the skyline in orange. Hot air balloons were drifting through the stratosphere and kites are flying across cities and continents which look like tiny paper shapes. I waited for fireflies so that they could add enchantment to the evening. For once I felt that someone was calling me. Far away at the harbor, I could see the horizon opening. White light was slowly engulfing the red hues. I didn't want to blink my eyes. But the breeze whispers - "Close those brown balls…" it seemed like she was singing me to sleep with her voice.

Buoyancy took away my weight. I WAS UNDER WATER. Anglerfish torched my way and there was a carpet of corals landed the ocean floor. I thought of reality and realized that it was a pale world. Life cannot be spent on logic. The Real World is a lovely place but I, certainly, don't want to live there.

My ecstasy was turning the Prussian blue water into something paranormal. Periwinkle green. Deep underwater, I found that I could still breathe and so, I chose to spend the day submerged while I swam the evening away. Stars twinkled in the submarine sublime. The night came down with a black blanket. Constellations were coming to life. Pisces played with Scorpio, Orion was trying to hunt the Great Bear as he leaped across the sky and I was there with Cassiopeia. I think she was the most wonderful person I've ever met. An old woman with wrinkles racing on her face from East to West.

I realized that dusks were amazing. Night casted a magic that day could not. By now my illuminating friends walked away since it was time for home. The water was black, but in front, Cassiopeia was glowing brighter. Minutes later, she was disappearing. I wanted to wish her luck for journey across the sky, wanted to bid her a farewell, but words never came out of my mouth. "Wrong things happen at the right place" I imagined. The figure of a gentle elderly lady was diminishing…

The fact that we did not have any conversation left me in sorrow. It pinched me like hard raindrops that kept falling on my head. Fishes sailed past me. I was sad. Octopuses were walking with me. Still I was sad. No matter how sad you are, the world never waits for your grief. I wished that a sailboat would help me escape out of this clumsy situation. The clanking of vehicles and the loud sirens in the city could have been easier to bear.

I imagined of a lonely girl and her pet, an old man and his walking stick. All these things made me smile and I knew that sometimes, happiness happens in the world too where animals don't talk, fireflies don't sing, palm trees don't get ready and the ocean water never turns green because of us.

I was wrong about the Real World and this left me quite sad.


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