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The Amulet of the Dead

Essay By: theimmortalkiss

This is a descriptive essay about a young scuba diver breaking away from his group and going off on his own mission. He finds an amulet, a cursed one- but he doesn't know this (the inscription reads: He who holds the amulet will perish)... His oxygen is almost used up... Will he make it?! Find out by reading. ;)

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He watched as the sandy shore behind him got smaller and smaller. After putting the regulator into his mouth as he had done so many times before, he dove lithely backwards into the crystal water.
The wavering light from the place he had just come from retreats and fades behind him as he plunges himself deeper into the abyss below.
He sees the rest of his group jump in as he floats silently in the water. He is intrigued by the tiny bubbles, of what looks liquid mercury, that now surround him. He watches as they begin to wobble their way like jelly-fish up to the surface.
A shoal of silver fish darts past the boy and leave behind them their own trail of liquid mercury bubbles. One of the gleaming fish breaks away from the shoal and swims in the opposite direction. The fish, like the boy, seeks more adventure. The boy takes a quick glance over his shoulder and sees the diving guide is too far away to catch him now. In that instant, he swims after the fish.
It seems like he's been swimming forever, and after a while it becomes so dark he has to switch his headlamp on. The boy thinks he's lost the fish but then the light from the headlamp reflects off the fish's body. He sees the fish go through a narrow, secluded cave.
It's going to be a squeeze, he thinks as he pulls himself through the hole. On the other side of the cave is nothing but dark waters. However, his headlamp gives him just enough light to be able to find the fish who was swimming rapidly forward.
He sees the fish swim through what looks like a porthole. A shipwreck? He thinks to himself. He examines the outside of the boat, and sees a ragged gap in the wooden frame of the boat just big enough for him to fit through. He looks around the inside of the boat, when he recognizes the gleam of the fish. He moves towards it, all he can see is its wriggling tail.
He reaches down to lift the floorboard that traps the tiny silver fish, but it instead it just splinters in his hands. The little fish, now free, darts away and out of the boat. The boy would've followed it, but something else has caught his eye.
He reaches his hand down the hole he has just made and grabs the mysterious item. He shines it on his wetsuit, only to discover it's a gold amulet, embellished with emeralds. There is also a latin inscription: quisnam habitum phylacterium mos intereo, but he doesn't understand it.
The boy clutches the amulet, proud of his treasure, and swims out of the boat and squeezes himself back through the tiny cave. The amulet's chain catches on something- his oxygen tank. While trying to get it loose, the boy notices his oxygen meter is almost in the red.
Panicked, he swims even faster to the way he'd come, still clutching the amulet. He looks back at the oxygen meter that continues to go down. He's not sure if he's going to make it, and he regrets ever leaving the group. He can almost feel the sun he is so close. He claws his hands furiously through the water, but to no avail. With no oxygen, he begins to fade in and out of consciousness. His clutch on the amulet loosens, and it floats gently down.
The man who had been swimming rapidly towards the boy pushed himself even faster, and pulled the boy to the surface.


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