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Flux Child: Prologue

Miscellaneous By: aria aiedail

One snowy winter night by the Silent Snow church, a strange man appears in the forest. 'Luckily' two nuns come across him and he is saved from freezing to death. Who is this mysterious man and where did he come from?
This is the prologue for an upcoming novel! I hope you enjoy!

Submitted:Jan 17, 2010    Reads: 120    Comments: 14    Likes: 2   

Sitting at the base of a mountain is a small chapel, miles away from any city or village. A small leafless forest stands rigidly beside it, enduring the cold until spring returns. The windows give off the flickering light of fire and glowing kindly in the bitter night. The animals of the forest sleep quietly or hide in their burrows away from the cold. Not far from the church just out of sight in the small forest the air is unsettled.
It fizzes and shivers eerily, sighing with warmth that originated from a world far from the snowy mountains. Slowly and gently something lowers, the air moving aside for the figure to rest on the snow covered earth. With another sizzle the anomaly dissapates as if it were never there, leaving the bare creature in the cold. A man, curled into a ball, sleeping soundly on his side.
Already his pale lips are turning a shallow shade of blue, his light breathing visible and sending small puffs of steam into the air. Clutched together between his bare chest and naked legs are his hands, tightly holding something that gleams in the light. If he stayed in the chilled air much longer he would have gotten sick and died. But this being wasn't meant to die so soon, there was a reason he was left in the snow at that time and in that place.
Coming around the corner, following a buried path were two women, nuns of the nearby church.The shorter one was the first to spot the man, his hair as silver as the moon soaked snow that came from the sky. Her first reaction was to scream in surprise, seeing a uncovered body in the snow lying on the road they walked on not long ago. She dropped the thing in her arms, a bundle of sticks tied together with string, and rushed the the mysterious person's side.
"Go get the priests! Quick, Sister," she commanded as the other put down her load as well, dashing into the trees. She listened the fading sound of boots crushing fresh snow as she took off one of her coats and wrapped him in it. She stroked his soft moonlight hair, surprised at how handsome and gentle his slumbering face was. In her arms he gave his first shiver, eyes fluttering open.
His head turned and he looked in the woman's blue eyes, causing her to gasp in awe. In his eyes was the universe, patches of green, red, and blue shimmered in his iruses, clusters of lights swirling slowly around the pupil that could only be described as a black vortex. Before she could get over the amazement his eyelids drooped and he fell asleep once more with a sigh.
"Sister Jaylin!" one of the priests called when he saw her, "Sister Jaylin!" he shouted again. She didn't respond, she could only keep staring down at the amazing being in her arms, cradling him closer to her, thinking she found an angel.


Something was wrong, she could feel it in her heart. With a dreadful emotion consuming her from the inside out the girl reached out with her mind to contact her other half. Nothing, yet she knew he was not dead. It did not bode well with her as she knelt in the green grass of an empty park.
Swings creaked in the wind and the slides stood stoically in the darkness, the world whispered to her and told her what it needed. If she did things properly she would stay in the world for several years. She did not have several years, despite what she was told. She needed to save her other half.
She bent her head over her hands, black hair curtaining her face from the world as she examined the crystal ring on her left hand, a name engraved in black that was not supposed to be there. Slowly her blood drained from her face as she realized what happened to her half.
"V A L A X," the ring stated. She swallowed her fear, she knew he was not dead. Yet, something horrible must have happened to him if he could not reply to her call. She looked around the park hopelessly. There was no way she could solve the world's problems before something terrible happened to her twin. Several years was to long.
Promising to return, she raised her hands to the sky and tilted her head back to reveal eyes filled with the universe. With planets and stars swirling away from her pupil that was whiter than the most blinding light. With a shudder she vanished, only to appear several yards form which she first knelt.
She could not leave until the job was finished, she could not save her brother.


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