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Apart from fancy words....

Miscellaneous By: CMTobolski

Random five minutes of thinking of something to write came to this. I don't know, Should I make it a story? You decide.

Submitted:Dec 6, 2012    Reads: 13    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

A fallen pawn rested upon its masters chair, as a cloud of sand paces around the room, craving to swallow his being. The sand is forign to the creature and he is unsure of is intention. As he stares into the abrasive wind, he watches the palace walls being bitten and scored. What was this he wondered. Wind that devours?
As he arched his head in confusion the cloud moved with his eyes twisting in air. As he looked away it followed, to the left of the room and to the right. The creature sighed with displeasure closing his eyes for a moment to rub his brow. As his eyes opened, he could the see the apparition had moved closer. Furious now, The large creature stood. His long stone like wings broken and beaten. With a grimace look he pointed his claw like hand toward the cloud and let out an angered bellow. "You aim to challenge my patience?!" The wind howled lightly, continuing to spin in place. "I will not be made a fool! Show yourself conjurer!" Again the wind howled lightly, and the creature grew even angrier. The demon watched as the wind stood in place unmoving even at his dominant size, and in but a moment he let out a deep cackle. "You are afraid aren't you, yes. I have bested the behemoth Known as Varkus and now even my teacher has failed to stop me. My potential is unlimited.
And you, you are mere spirit. Come to claim the crumbs I lay at my feet." The beast smiled a wicked curling smile of pleasure. "Yes, you are here to succumb to me and serve your master!" The fallen one began to laugh maniacally, spreading his arms up to bask in the colorless sun above, his dark eyes gazing into it. "Come out conjurer so that I may take.... pity on you." The beast finished with a almost inaudible growl. Moments passed in the stone palace but not a single sound beyond wind could be heard. Not an breath or footfall. Irritated at the long pause, the creature scowled, revealing his ice pick like fangs. With his patience spent the demon shouted a blood curdling shriek and sent forth an unnatural light from his hand. upon striking the smoke it exploded leaving behind shards of crystal. Panting, still exerted from the murder of his teacher the creature staggered forward onto his knee with sharp force. The echo surrounded him. Cringing in pain he closed his soulless black orbs to focus. Though his wounds would not kill him he needed to find sustenance soon, and the crystals he had formed would be just such. With a vile smile the being again rose to his feet. Upon open his eyes however, he found him self in no such fortune. The cloud of twisting sand towered over him. And before a single word was muttered, the sand over took him. Bit by bit he was devoured by the sand, flesh and bone just the same.


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