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Leaya is a sixteen year old girl with no memory of her past; She is pure from sin and could never want to do wrong. Her newly acquainted friend Chad has a dark secret and fears that if he becomes too close to leaya she might be hurt.

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2 Different Chapter 1

In a world of humans corrupted by sin, on a very rare occasion one human is created differently. That human is born more pure than all others but placed in a situation where temptation is high. Soon, even these angel like human fall to sin, giving in to their surroundings knowing not what they were once meant to represent. However, the creator of this world keeps trying, wishing to create one human whom could remain intact with their original purity, free from sin. Though he wished this could be, he knew this task would be impossible, even for him.
Leaya, a young high school student living in a small town surrounded by fences and far off from any major human cities, enters the building of her school. As she walks through the halls, she hears voices and sees faces, but these faces are all the same to her, for even if she should knew these people, she didn't. No one in this town ever leave and few enter, in such a case Leaya should know these people, should have memories of them from long ago, but she does not. She walks almost zombie minded, though her appearance would never show such thing. Though what she looked like she could never truly cared about, Leaya was cursed, though most wouldn't consider such things as a curse; not even Leaya herself considers her self to be cursed for Leaya is nothing other than grateful for what she has in her life, still she has a curse of beauty. Though not much different than other female students Leaya has a certain attraction to her of witch makes her a victim of those around her. Leaya's body was very similar to most high school girls but she was much shorter; her hair was long and light brown, and her eyes were crystal blue, more clear and blue than the sky may ever be. For Leaya these features go unnoticed, but those around her are drawn to her, females envious and men lusting. Leaya herself has no true notice of this, for Leaya ,things that she didn't understand she had no true feelings towards, numbness not by choice but in her nature for Leaya does not feel hate. For all who are attracted to Leaya the only one not attracted to her is her mother. Her mother rarely speaks to her and Leaya has very few memories of her mother not asleep. She has no memories of her father or any ideas of where he could be. However this situation doesn't make Leaya bitter for she is nothing but grateful for everything around her, she was born a victim of circumstance. Leaya's memories of anything before a year ago no longer exist, she does not know why or how she only remembers waking up one day in her room with no memory of anyone or anything around her, no one knows of this, Leaya keeps to herself and assumes that is how it has always been; she has a few people she would consider friends though they are only close to her for their own selfish reasons. Weather Leaya knows this or not she cannot believe such things, for she does not feel hate. For this small town tainted by sin and seemingly block off from the outside world there is a ray of purity existing inside.
In the town of which Leaya lived, there are few new comers. However, very recently there was. A boy of the same age as Leaya had become of new member of this small community; he came alone with no parents and seemingly no past. Not much is known about him. He's a seemingly average young man. Nothing really special and seemingly kind, but such mysteries surround him. Most people in the town suspect him of doing something awful then running away from home to come here, he wasn't very kindly welcome. Most in the town avoided him even fellow classmates, all but Leaya seemed to pretend he didn't exist. The first day of his arrival he was greeted by this girl, and slowly he became closer to her; when he first saw her he was very attracted to her, like most are but as far as appearances go he knew they meant nothing. It was her personality that made her most attracting, she was very kind to him and she seemed so pure so free from anything that could be human, soon he fell for her. However kind he may seemed to people he had a terrible secret, one that haunted him constantly and even though he cared greatly for Leaya he was afraid of becoming too close to her. For everything he cares for is eventually taken away. Chad was also cursed but his curse was not one of attraction; before chad was born there lived a demon created from the blood of satin, he lived only to defy god and corrupt humans. Draconis a demon of sin and corruption, 2000 years he committed sins to spite god and for that he was punished. His soul was taken and placed into the body of the unborn human chad. This was thought to prevent Draconis from continuing his rampage but it backfired horribly. At a young age Draconis over powered chad and soon he was trapped within his own body. Draconis continued his sinful rampage throughout chad's life forcing everyone around him away. Shortly before moving to the small town in which chad now lived Draconis had returned control over the body to chad for he had become bored with all he could do in that human form. Even so chad still did not trust Draconis and despises him greatly, he worries for the safety of Leaya for if she where to get too close Draconis may decide to create a new game out of her. Chad could never let that happen but he knew if Draconis wishes to do something there is nothing in Chad's power to prevent it.
Leaya enters her classroom and heads to sit down at her desk, not noticing the two other people in the room who would be considered friends of Leaya. But these two people were far from it, Renee and Clare, who probably the most envious of Leaya than anyone else in that town, are the only people who really speak to Leaya other than chad. But they are only close to her because they fear that she would keep all the males for herself. Leaya would never do such thing. However, Renee and Clare believed they could see through Leaya, but it was only their own jealousy deceiving them. As Leaya sits down the two girls make their way over to her desk. "So Leaya we've heard that you now spend a lot of time with that knew kid." Said Renee. "Yes" replied Leaya, "what about it?" Clare's face became sour. "Why hang out with someone like him, there is nothing special about him and nobody knows anything about where he came from"
"She's right Leaya what if he did something horrible, why would you want to be associated with someone like him." Declared Renee
"Why would you judge him without knowing him?" asked Leaya "he seems very trust worthy and kind, why does the past matter? He came here to be accepted into this community and I am going to do such. "
Both Clare and Renee became irritated. Suddenly, Clare slams her hands furiously down on Leaya's desk. "You think your so good don't you, you think you're so much better then us with all this pure talk about how judging people is wrong and how you're the only kind person here?!" She screamed.
Leaya glances down at her own hands. "No, I do not think I am better then anyone else. I believe everyone should have a chance to be liked until they do something to ruin that chance. I do not understand why you become so angry with me for believing in what I do..."
Clare clenches her fists and bites her lower lip. Renee glares at Leaya angrily, "why does someone like you have to be such a freak, why do you have to be so beautiful that no one can notice how weird you are…" Without replying Leaya glances out the classroom window and she thinks to herself. 'I cannot choose how I am, I only wish for you to accept me as such.'
Outside of the school stands Chad waiting for the bell to ring so he can head to homeroom. While waiting, a horrid feeling fills his chest. "You've become very close to this girl Leaya," says Draconis. Chad frowns, "what are you thinking Draconis? Leaya is non of your concern; leave her alone."
"Why should I? This seemingly innocent girl would make a fun little game, and I'm in great need of amusement." Draconis snickers.
"Leave her out of your games; you've made my life a living hell for as long as I can remember; I will not allow you to use my body to harm her."
"You won't allow me? Ha! What gives you the impression that this body belongs to you? the moment my soul was transferred to your body it has become mine. One such as you should not be commanding orders to one with great power such as me." Draconis laughs.
"I may not be as powerful as you but I will not allow to harm her Draconis. Even if I have to end my life to stop you from harming her." The school bell rings and as chad begins to walk into the building; he completely ignores anything else that Draconis has to say.
The day passes with uneventful normal high school occurrences and the day comes to an end, after the final school bell rings Leaya and chad head out of the school together. "Is it okay if I walk with you to the park?" chad asks. "I always see that you go there after school." Leaya smiles "of course you can join me." They make their way to the park where Leaya tells chad all the interesting things she knows about flowers and other various types of plants. "Wow Leaya, you sure do like nature a lot." Chad says. She stops walking and looks down at the ground. "Plants are the only things that I can truly understand."
"What do you mean Leaya?" chad asks. "I have no memories previous to a year ago, non at all. One day I woke up in a room completely blank; and the only thing I can really tell after a year is that nature is always beautiful, no mater what season; it always seems so true to itself." Leaya explains. Chad grabs Leaya's hands. "Leaya are you serious? How could you just lose your memory?" She shakes her head "I do not know, I have never asked anyone about it. I don't believe that anyone else would know how it happened either." Chad glances down then suddenly feeling a pain in is stomach.
"Ha, feeling sympathy for that girl? You're so pathetic" Draconis says laughing. Chad grips his head. "Just shut up and leave us alone"
leaya stares worriedly at chad. "Chad are you ok; What's wrong?"
Draconis laughs "Ha no, now it is time for me to have a little fun. I've been quite bored trapped in this weak body of yours and I just found the perfect little toy to play with." Chad falls to the ground. "Shut up, leave her alone."
Tears begin to fall from Leaya's eyes as chad begins to shake. "Chad what is going on? Are you alright; please speak to me."
He stops shaking and suddenly changes before Leaya's eyes; echoing in her ears is a laughter not Chad's, but a deeper, more sinister laughter. Slowly chad's body begins to rise but in the place of Chad is a seemingly different man. The man in front of Leaya is much taller, his hair darker, and eyes blood red; he continues to laugh. Leaya shakes, "who- who are you? You are not chad." He laughs louder "you're very perceptive girl, I am not chad, I am the true owner of this body, for it's original owner is nothing but a week fool." Leaya stares at him, still continuing to shake. "You did not answer me…who are you?" He smirks "I girl, am Draconis, demon of sin and corruption." She looks down at her feet "why are you here? What happened to chad, why are you in his body." Raising his head he smile. "Your creator imprisoned my soul into this pathetic boy's body." His laugh becomes deeper "Ha! So how does it feel girl, to know someone you trusted lied to you. Keeping such a dark secret must send your blood in a boil." Leaya shakes her head. "No I would never think such a thing about Chad." He frowns and then slowly walks towards her. "Do you not fear me?" She stares at him "what reason do I have to fear you? You have done no wrong to me." He glares at her with his glowing blood like eyes. "I've become bored of you, you may have that pathetic boy back" he closes his eye and changes back to the way chad normally looks. Chad opens his eyes, panting. "Oh my god. Leaya are you alright? Did he hurt you?" Leaya shakes her head "no he did not touch me." Chad grabs her shoulders "are you sure?! Leaya I'm so, so sorry" She hugs him "Chad I am fine he did not harm me" she looks down "I do not feel he had any desire to do so." Chad shakes his head. "I know you mean well Leaya but he cannot be trusted. Draconis has made my life hell ever since I was born; I felt no reason to live until now" she looks away. "I apologize Chad but I can not believe that he will hurt me" He frowns "I wish you were right Leaya"
They continue their walk through the park until it is time for them to part ways. Chad glances at Leaya nervously. "Leaya?" he asks "yes?" she replies smiling. He looks away. "The winter festival is tonight; I was wondering if you would like to join me there?" She smiles brightly "I'd be happy to go with you to the winter festival." Chad smiles "that's great, I'll see you later then." Chad and Leaya say their goodbyes and head their separate ways.
Later that day at the winter festival chad and Leaya are browsing the festival market, laughing, talking and smiling away. "This is so very fun chad, I have no memory of myself having this much fun" says Leaya. Chad laughs "well I'm glad your having fun Leaya." later they walk out to the boardwalk of the town and watch the winter festival fireworks. "Huh? What is that?" Leaya asks pointing out into the distance. Chad looks over to where she is pointing; out across the lake in the air, there, floats 3 strange creatures; these creatures were inhumanly horrific. Darkened burnt like skin with horns and other such appendages growing out of their bodies. Soon the terrible disfigured creatures reach the boardwalk. One creature points to Leaya, "purity we were sent her to end your life for you bring great anger to our master." Slowly an orb of dark horrific light emerges from the creature's mouth, it being aimed directly at Leaya. Reaching the creatures level of capacity he fires the beam. Leaya stares at it, unable to move, almost as if she is frozen. Chad had already begun to run but then looking back, he sees that Leaya hasn't moved. "Leaya!" Chad screams. Immediately, before the beam hit the boardwalk Draconis had taken over Chad's body and grabbed Leaya dragging her out of the way. Angrily, he glares up at the creatures. "Be gone you pathetic excuses for lower life demons, maggots!" Draconis's glare went right through them almost like an invisible bolt of lightning but slightly different causing the creatures to combust in the air turning them to ashes. Leaya begins to move in his arms; opening her eyes she sees who has saved her. "Draconis?" she looks around and tries to stand. "Owe" her ankle snaps underneath her causing her to fall to the ground. Draconis frowns "you stupid girl, why would you freeze up in a situation like that, as well as getting yourself injured. I've never seen a greater sign of weakness. " Leaya looks down at her hands "I'm very sorry" He glares at her. "Apologies are empty and meaningless" she looks away from him. "I am though, I am truly sorry for being such a nuisance." Deeply growling he picks Leaya up off the ground and puts her over his back. "I will take you back to chad's house and fix your ankle there." Leaya look down at the back of his head with a confused look on her face. "Thank you" she says quietly. He scowls making his way to the house that chad has made his home.
Draconis reaches Chad's newly acquired home with Leaya clinging to his back. Entering the house he lays her on Chad's bed then looking down at her ankle he frowns. "How could you have managed to harm yourself without even moving." Leaya looks down. "I do not know" he bends down besides the bed glaring up at her. Gently he moves his fingers across her ankle searching for where it is sore; He sighs standing up. "Seems other than being a demon treat you must be quite lucky; your ankle is not broken." He heads for the door. "I will be back in a moment I must find something to wrap it with" He opens the door and walks out "thank you very much for helping me" thanked Leaya. He glances at her and leaves without replying. Outside of the door Draconis stands against a wall thinking to himself. 'Why would such puppets be after her?' Soon He returns to the room with bandages and other medical supplies needed to wrap her ankle. After wrapping up her ankle he stands up and looks down at her. "You will be able to walk on it by tomorrow, however you must remain here for the night. I do not wish to carry you to wherever it is you live in this dull town" Leaya looks down at her ankle, "I understand, thank you again for helping me." He glares at her; "I would not be obligated to assist you if you knew how to run… Why were those demons after you to begin with?" she looks up at him tilting her head a bit in confusion. "Those creatures where demons? I do not know why they were after me; I have never been in a situation such as that before. Well at least as far as I can remember." He glances at her and heads out the door. "You should rest" Draconis closes the door behind him not giving her a chance to reply. Staring at the door she lies down on the bed and slowly closes her eyes thinking to herself. 'If he is a demon of sin and corruption then why did he save me?' Standing outside of the door Draconis glares at the ground angrily. "Why did you save her Draconis?" Chad asks. Draconis growls. "Because you were too week and incompetent, boy..." "That is not very good reasoning coming from you. Leaya is only human; you've watched many humans die and even murdered them. So why save her?" replied Chad. Draconis growls deeper "those lower than dirt, sorry excuses for demons were after her, demons witch unless sent on a quest should never leave Hell. I saved her because I am curious to see the reason why they would be hunting her." "Oh." Replied Chad still not completely convinced.
As Leaya slept she heard a strange voice in her head, a male voice very calming and relaxed in nature but with a hint of worry, "you mustn't trust him Leaya. Draconis will only cause you pain…" the voice said. She thought it must be a dream but then she felt confused for she has never had a dream before and has no knowledge of what should happen in a dream. However, she shrugs it off and continues to sleep peacefully and dreamless.
Night passed and a new day began; soon not far after sunrise Leaya awoke. Looking around the room she noticed that she was alone, then looking at the door she wondered where Draconis had gone. Slowly she moves herself to the side of the bed staring at her ankle she carefully moves off the bed onto the floor. To her surprise her ankle did not hurt, as long it was wrapped the way it was she could walk perfectly fine perhaps even run; She smiles. The door behind her opens and Draconis enters the room staring at her. He smirks. "I am truly surprised to see a human awake so early on its own." He says. Leaya stares at him for the way Draconis dresses very different than chad. Chad's clothing was always mildly conservative and nice always wearing a collared shirt and his hair nicely combed, however Draconis's choice in clothing is much different. His hair slicked back on one side and pulled straight down on the other side covering half of his right eye; His shirt was dark and transparent and on his chest Leaya could see what appears to be a tattoo of the kanji symbol for devil. She looks up at his face "good morning" she smiles. He frowns and looks away from her. "We need to find the reason why those demons were hunting you. To do such I will have to bring you with me to the demon city of Oblivia." "Oh, how far away is it?" she asks. "It will take us over a day to get there but we have no other choice" he heads out the door. "Come with me" she looks at him with confusion in her eyes but follows him out.
Soon they reach the outer most fence of the town; Leaya walks close to Draconis as they leave. "I've never been outside of this town before" she says. He laughs, "With a town such as this I am not surprised."
They continue to walk throughout the day, Leaya following the path Draconis set, until it becomes late and difficult to see. Draconis stops at a small tree clearing. "We will stop here for the night" he sits down by a tree leaning his back against it. Leaya kneels down beside him. "Are you tired?" she asks. He glares at her "I am a great and powerful demon. I do not become tired, you are the one walking slower by the hour" She looks down "I'm sorry, I didn't realize, you just look exhausted" He looks away from her angrily. "This body is week, and I could use a drink." "Oh… okay…" she looks away. "There is a stream on the other side of those trees over there" he points to the way Leaya is facing. "Remove your bandages and wash you ankle in the stream; I will re-wrap it when you are finished." She nods standing up and making her way past the clearing, but then she stops and turns around facing Draconis. "Thank you" she says. Facing the forest again she makes her way to the stream. Sitting by the stream she takes off her shoes and socks and unwraps the bandages around her ankle. She stands up slowly and walks into the water; she smiles. 'This is nice.' Leaya thinks to herself and she smiles bigger. Soon though Leaya starts hearing a voice from inside the back of her head, it seems as if it is the same voice that spoke to her back when she was at Chad's house. "Leaya you cannot trust Draconis he will harm you" the voice said. Leaya shakes her head "no I cannot believe that, Draconis has been very kind to me, I cannot believe he would harm me."
"Leaya you must trust me, Draconis, even in a human body, is still very powerful and dangerous." The voice replied. "No, he would not hurt me I know he will not, even if he is a demon, I can not believe that he would cause me any harm." Leaya stares down at the water. "Who are you?"
"My name is Ragan you do not remember me but I only wish to protect you." Suddenly Draconis appears from the forest. "As I thought; an angel taking refuge in a human's body. Ha, no wonder the girl has missing memories." He laughs. Leaya stares at Draconis with a confused look on her face. "Wha- what do you mean. Angel? Draconis you can hear that voice too?" he laughs louder and the voice sighs. "Leaya you have no memory of this, but you allowed me to use your body to heal, you knew that your memories would be erased and accepted that" The voice said "but why did you need me to heal? If you are an angel what could have harmed you?" Leaya asks frantically. Draconis slowly walks towards her still laughing. "Well tell her Reagan, tell her how a beautiful angel such as yourself almost fell to my wicked hands" Leaya's eyes widen and her knees shook. "What do you mean?" She asks. Smirking Draconis continues to walk towards her "This does explain her memory loss but I would doubt lord Satin would be after such a fallen angel, however Reagan perhaps you know the reason they pursue her?" Leaya's body begins to shake as she stares at the ground. "Leaya..." Sighs Reagan. Slowly she stops shaking and she stands still staring at the ground. "Reagan, I apologize for whatever harm Draconis may have caused you." Draconis stops and frowns. "How dare you apologize for me, girl!" He says glaring at her. Leaya looks up at him and smiles "well if you are a demon of sin then it must be against you to apologize or feel remorse for your actions, so I thought I could do so for you." She replies smiling brighter. He stares at her with glowing eyes "how foolish" he sighs then turns around. "Pick up your shoes and follow me back to the clearing. I need to re-wrap your ankle before it swells again" he makes his way back to the clearing. When Draconis is out of sight she picks up her shoes and socks and heads back to the forest. She pauses "Reagan, thank you for attempting to protect me but I trust Draconis I truly do. And I am very sorry for what he has done to you" Reagan sighs, "Leaya be safe. I may be an angel but I am unable to protect you… However, I will be within you if I am needed" Leaya smiles walking back into the forest "thank you very much Reagan"
Back in the clearing Draconis finishes re-wrapping Leaya's ankle in fresh bandages and they sit and rest in silence. Leaya looks over to Draconis who is leaning against a tree. "uhm" Leaya begins. He glances over at her "what?!" he replies. She looks down at he hands "what did you do to harm Reagan" She asks quietly. Draconis smirks and begins to laugh "Really? Do you even understand the question you are asking me girl?" Leaya glances at him. "I think so" she replies. He continues laughing. "If you truly wish to know then I shall tell you. Reagan is not a very strong willed angel; it was so very easy to tempt him and cause him to fall. Most angels take at least a little effort, even for a demon such as myself but Reagan melted so easily, he was one of the better angels that I have taken though" He laughs. Leaya stares at Draconis with wide eyes. "You mean you…uhm…what!?" She stares at him with a very confused and embarrassed look on her face. "Did I scare you little girl? I have caused many creatures to sin even such holy beings as angels. In my opinion angels are far more lusting than humans." He laughs louder with glowing red eyes. Leaya turns away from him covering her ears. "I do not need to hear such things," she says with a shaky voice. He glances over at her, pleased with her reaction. "You are a human as well: weather you like it or not your whole being is made up of sin. Deep down inside that's all you want is the thrill of doing wrong." Leaya shakes her head. "I am not like that; I could never be like that. I do not sin not because it is wrong, but because it is against me." Leaya replies staring down at her hands. Draconis frowns "girl, sin comes to every creature no matter how pure they may seem; why do you feel you should prolong the illusion of being pure?" Leaya looks back at him. "I do not prolong anything, I am not flawless, though I do good deeds I know deep inside I only do if for myself; I do not feel that, but it must be true. However, I cannot do deeds that may harm others, I feel that if I were to do something so very wrong my being as a whole would shatter and I would no longer be the same person." Draconis looks away from her. " You are foolish. Who would care if you changed? Chad has been in that over protected town long enough for me too see how you are treated. You are envied and hated by women and lusted over by men, and you are all alone. Though I do not know what your life is like at home, I do know you wait until it is late at night to return. Why stay pure and stay the same if you are only hated for it?" he asks. Leaya shakes her head. "I cannot believe that. Like I cannot believe you will cause me harm I cannot believe they hate me." She looks down. "Even if they did…I do not want to change. I am happy with who I am, and I am very afraid of changing." Draconis sighs and closes his eyes. "I have never met a human who I could not persuade out of their own values. However you are the first human who makes me fear that if I did I would break you." "What do you mean?" she asks curiously. He sighs again. "Truthfully girl, I do not know" after that the two face different ways and silence returns to the clearing for the rest of the night.
Night passes and in the morning Leaya awakes and continues her journey with Draconis. For hours they walk in silence until they reach a large structured gate entrance. However from where they stood there seemed to be nothing beyond it; there was also no fence or wall just an entrance way. Draconis looks at Leaya, "while in here you must remain close to me" she nods and they enter the gate. When entering the forest changed and soon appeared a city marketplace filled with strange creatures. As Leaya and Draconis make their way through the market one of the strange creatures approaches them. His odd beady eyes stare at Leaya as drool falls from his mouth. "Well hello sir" says the creature to Draconis. "I don't suppose the young human girl is for sell, is she? I'd pay a hefty price for this scrumptious beauty." Leaya backs up grabbing Draconis's arm. He glares at the demon. "The girl is not for sell; now, be gone pest" the creature grabs Leaya by her skirt and starts to tug on it. "Oh come now I'm a very rich merchant I can pay you ten times the average human girl profit. I'll also throw in my whole human harem" copious amounts of drool oozed from the creature's mouth as he stares at her. "I must have this one!" the creature tugs harder at Leaya. She grasps Draconis's arm tighter. "Draconis!" she cries. Quickly he grabs the creature by the throat thrusting him up against a nearby wall. The creature cries. "Sir would you really murder your own kind over a stupid human girl?" Draconis growls. "Maggot how dare you compare yourself to me. A low level creature such as you could never be considered a great demon such as I. And even if you were a ranked demon such as myself I still would have no problem killing you." He grasps the small creatures throat tighter. "Draconis do not kill him." Leaya yells, hugging onto his arm. He glances down at her watching her cry. "Please do not kill this creature for my sake." She says softly. He glares down at the creature slowly letting go. "If you ever lay a hand on her, I will give you a fate worse than death" he says as his eyes glow red with anger. The creature runs back to his shop crying. Draconis turns around red eyes beaming down into Leaya's. "Girl! If you ever stop me from doing as I please again, you will also be meeting the same fate as that pathetic creature." He continues to walk in the direction that they were earlier before being interrupted and with a small smile Leaya follows him.
Later in the day, near sunset, Leaya waits outside of a small tavern that Draconis had entered; she refused to follow him in such a place and decided to wait outside on a bench. The wind blew and it was mildly cold; to Leaya it felt like a different cold than winter usually feels but she doesn't mind it. Although Leaya loves the flowers in the spring and summer she loves winter more. She watches as creatures enter and leave the tavern and as they pass by on the street. 'Would a normal human be afraid of these strange beings?' she asks herself. Then she sighs, 'Am I not just a normal human? Am I so different that I feel more at peace here then I do in my own town?' she asks again. 'Why would Satin want me? What have I done? Did I even do anything?' as she asks these things Draconis emerges from the bar. Leaya stands to her feet. "Did you find anything out?" she asks. He holds is head in his hand and stares down at her. "Yes I have." She blinks at him with curious eyes. "Is it bad?" he sighs, "That greatly depends on how you look at it." He pauses then heads for the street. "Let us get a room, what I am about to say should not be heard by low level creatures. I do not think I wish to know anymore."
They rent a room in a small inn on the outskirts of the city. Draconis sits on the bed looking down at his hands; Leaya sits beside him looking up at him. "Draconis?" she begins but he cuts her off. "You were created to be perfect, you cannot sin for mental and physical fear of it causing harm to your being, but you are still human so it is very possible for you to sin. You are not original, there are humans made like you from time to time but they all end up corrupted. You are original in that; they all feel the way you feel when coming face to face with sin. The feeling of being broken, however they all do." She looks up at him with wide eyes. "If that is true then why am I still pure?" he looks away from her. "My guess is that the angel inside of you is the reason for that; he erased your past memories so if you had any past tension or hatred it was all forgotten leaving you as pure as you would be if you were a child" she looks down. "This doesn't seem like it would be a bad thing," he growls softly. "You are being targeted because your existence angers Satin; you truly are a foolish girl. He has the ability to force you to sin, and there is no going back. If he caught you, your whole being would break." She stares back up at him with tears in her eyes. "Draconis I do not want that" he smirks. "Any low life demon attempting to defy my will shall not live to take their next breath" He lays down on the bed his hands behind his head. She glances down at him. "Killing is wrong." She says. "Ha, what are you going to do about it girl?" he replies, "a lot of repenting I suppose" she says smiling. She lies down at the foot of the bed curled up like a cat and closes her eyes. Draconis stares at her as she sleeps and thinks to himself. "This girl… this foolish human girl; how could that dumb child possible stop me from killing that swine creature? How could a mere human make a demon such as myself to allow this?"
Night passes and they wake up and make their way back to Leaya's town. The journey back was quiet and quite uneventful; when they enter the town it is late at night. Draconis sends Leaya home and makes his way back to Chad's house still pondering his thoughts from the previous night.
"You care about Leaya; don't you?" Chad asks Draconis. "What are you going on about pathetic boy?" Draconis snaps. Chad sighs. " I hate you; with every fiber of my being Draconis I hate you. But it is obvious to me you are the only one who could protect her, and maybe she could change you. I'd never thought I would give my body up to you but I have no other choice. You can have my body forever as long as it can serve you and as long as you keep Leaya safe." Draconis smirks emptily "ha. So you finally give up boy." Chad sighs again. "This must be hard for you to feel an emotion a demon such as yourself shouldn't have," "You damn brat how could you possibly know what I am feeling!?" Draconis growls sharply "just let me say good bye to her." chad says softly. Later that night Leaya lies in bed with thoughts filling her mind. Suddenly she receives a text from chads phone. The text reads (Leaya I know how you feel about Draconis and even though I don't trust him I trust you please stay safe… I wish I could have been a better friend and protected you myself…. I'm giving Draconis my body please be safe and thanks for being a wonderful friend…the only friend I've ever had.) After reading the text Leaya lies there shaking with tears falling from her eyes 'Chad…'
The next morning Leaya returns to school, sitting in her desk and ignoring the sounds of whispers around her. Clare and Rene approach her. "Hey, where have you been Leaya?" Clare says leaning on Leaya's desk. "Yeah it's not like you to like skip school" Replies René. Clare glances at her smiling " well Renee that Chad guy wasn't here either." They both laugh, "That's true maybe they were skipping school together." They laugh louder and Leaya turns her head away from them ignoring their banter. She glances at the desk beside her that chad had made his own. The day passes and the school bell rings. Aimlessly, Leaya wonders around the town until late at night. All that was on her mind was Chad and Draconis; she needed to see them. It becomes later and later as she comes across the town bar. She makes her way to walk past it when a strange man reeking of alcohol grabs her by the arm. "Well hello beautiful, you know little girls shouldn't hang around a place like this. They might get hurt." Says the strange man. Leaya tries to pull away from him. "Please let me go." She cries. He wraps his arms around hers pulling at her hard. "Oh come now little girl I can show you a real fun time." She cries louder. " No, please just let me go." The man laughs licking his lips staring lustfully at Leaya. Draconis appears abruptly slamming the man against the wall of the bar. With blazing blood red eyes and without saying a word he thrusts his hand into the man's chest ripping out his heart and crushing it in his hand. Breathing heavily he glares down at Leaya who is siting on the ground shaking and tears falling from her eyes. "Foolish girl, what were you thinking coming to a place like this so late?" He growled; she looks up at him with eyes filled with tears. "Draconis I-" She was cut off and fell into his arms passing out. Draconis held her glaring down at her. "Stupid girl."


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