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A guitar at the bottom of someone’s shoe, a girl standing in front of a microphone, looking down at her the guitar at her foot, but all the other band member are gone, their instruments lay there, but she is all alone.

Girl: “How could I let this happen…?”
(author's note: this is an outline to a manga book i am going to make, please read and tell me your thoughts :D)

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A guitar at the bottom of someone's shoe, a girl standing in front of a microphone, looking down at her the guitar at her foot, but all the other band member are gone, their instruments lay there, but she is all alone.

Girl: "How could I let this happen…?"

Years ago

The girl walks out of the door to her home and closing it, the girl stops and looks straight

Girl: "let's see what she's up too this year! J "

It is the end of her year in middles school. On her last day of school she visited a high school graduation instead…

The girl runs, she reaches a High School that had a huge sign out in front

Famous band playing all day and night for free!! Thank you, the family of Vanel

The girl enters the school seeing many people from numerous schools. There were people in different school uniforms.

Girl: {It seems some people from other schools skipped their graduation party to just see this band.}

There's People screaming and running always mentioning a similar name over and over (the so called pretty boy of the famous band.) some people even wore fan shirts over their school uniforms. As she enters the school the music gets louder and louder.

The halls are empty, as if she was hallucinating. She follows the music to the a hallway, at the end of the hallway a double door, she runs to it, behind the door a huge crowd of people appear out of nowhere screaming their heads off, lights flashing all over the place, music bursting as loud as ever. It was as if that room was sound proof or as others would say she is having an illusion.

She took a look at the Band, the band members seem to only be freshmen, she looks for her friend.

Girl: "oh, where could she be?"

She looks around hoping to see her friend on another stage as if, queen of the school, but she wasn't there, nowhere to be found

Girl: {it's shouldn't be this hard to just find her? I mean she is the hostess}

She pushes through the crowd to reach the band's stage, hoping that her friend would be up there, doing some kind of act, but once she reached the stage, she took a good look at the stage, only to see a bunch of boy playing their music, the music was far too loud for her, so she wanted to leave the school

Girl: "I have no interest in music what so ever, enjoy your party"

She turned around to leave the school, but she wanted to take one good look at the band, so she could gossip about them with her friend, about how much she hated them.

Girl: {the base is ok, just like an ordinary base, the drummer really need some help, I'm guessing he's a beginner, lead guitar is great, I'm guessing he's the one holding them up, electric piano, hmm….im not so sure, I can hear it, but it's ok…now the singer…his voice is great, but his style seems….a little permanent…frozen… ( - _ - ) wait a minute I just notice something…he's staring right at me, how long has he been like that?!?! (//O_____O//)[Blushing], maybe I should just leave…yeah just turn around…wait, he's moving…his umm…style changed, what is he doing?}

He then points at her; she is standing there in shock…

Girl: {why is he point at me? what the, my body it's burning!} "What's happening to me? Somebody help me!"

[Lightning struck her, people ran screaming! A sudden wind storm came]

Girl: {Lightening? D-Did I just get hit with lightening, No, lightening is coming out of me}

"Someone help me, ah"

[She falls onto the ground]

{It's seems every struck of lightening is killing me….am I going to die?}

Her vision fails the last thing she saw was the lead singer holding her

Girl: "it's you…why you"

Boy: "shhhh….."

She wakes up in her bedroom, looks at time

Girl: {it seems that it is morning, did I fall asleep….}

She comes downstairs in her pajamas. There are five dishes and cups on the Table, the sandwiches she made for the week was all eaten up. There was a five-hundred dollar on by the mug that said "god loves all of us" and under the dollar a note:

"Meet you at summer school"


Girl: "what a mess, who trespassed my home? And how did they know I failed Biology? I mean I never told (girl) anything about summer school…maybe I have a recent stalker"


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