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Ahool vs Vampire

Miscellaneous By: Kanzuru

4th in the series.

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Ahool vs Vampire

Area: Rainforest in Java

Two monsters stood in the dark forest floor. One was greyish-black, with a tall head and pointed ears. It was gangly as well, thin arms and legs connected to a tall and also thin body. Its face had yellow eyes and a tall mouth, with its incisors replaced with fangs. The largest fangs were in the center, and they got smaller as you went to either side. It had no other teeth, and its hands had long, thin claws.

The other was bat-like, a furry body with bat wings and short but strong legs. Its tail was rat-like, and its head was basically a bats. It had blood dripping from its face, and its wings were folded. They had three foot long hook-like claws on them, and they were against the ground. It looked at the adversary before it, enraged it had dare trespass in its home. The yellow eyes of the creature squinted, looking at the giant bat before it. Was this a trick? Some insult to its might? This obviously was no vampire, they evolved from this form centuries ago. The vampire roared in anger, as the Ahool hissed in preparation. It raised it arms just in time when the vampire lunged.

It charged forth, hands out in front of it to grab the Ahool. It was met by a slash from the hook-claws, forcing it back. The Ahool advanced, knowing it had the vampire out-matched in weaponry. It spread its wings to frighten the nosferatu, but was met by a savage kick to the gut. It bent forward, then getting kicked in the face. It stumbled back, trying to regain its balance. The vampire then stepped forward, pressing the monster into a tree. The night-stalker lunged, but the Ahool did the same. They collided into one another, the Ahool's superior mass winning out. It grabbed the vampire by the shoulders, spun around, and threw it into a rock nearby. The vampire got up as fast as it could, but when it looked up, the Ahool's face was right there. It bit it in the throat, and spun-threw it again, hitting it into a tree. But when it tried it again, the Ahool ran into an outstretched foot. It fell to the forest floor, instantly being pinned to the ground.

The vampire swiped viciously at the downed Ahool, drawing blood with every strike. It rose its fist to strike harder, but then the Ahool, was finally able to get its arms free, throwing them at the chest of the vampire and stabbing the thing with its claws. it threw the vampire to the ground behind it, and rolled onto its belly. The vampire was already up, and punt-kicked the Ahool in the face, making it rise to its knees. The vampire then punched the bat giant in the face again and again, never relenting or stopping.

After about two minutes of this, the vampire stopped, too tired to go on. It fell to one knee, as the Ahool fell backwards, collapsing from the pain and exhaustion. It moved its jaw around, trying to get feeling back into it. iI spit out blood and teeth, the vampire now on both knees. It was panting heavily; it never met a fight like this. It felt its ribs, they being cracked by the impact with the rock. It got up eventually, and started off. The Ahool lay there, seemingly unable to continue. In reality, it was waiting for the vampire to get far enough away for it to rush it. When the vampire was about fifty feet away, the Ahool jumped to its feet and began to barrel towards the monster. The vampire thought it heard something, and turned around only to be blindsided by the flying form of the Ahool. It fell to the ground, holding its shoulder as it screeched in pain. The Ahool wasn't finished, and did another fly-by. The vampire got up only to be knocked down again, this time getting hit in the face. It lay there dazed, and struggled to get up. The Ahool did it a third time, catching the vampire in the mouth with its feet. The vampire tumbled backwards, eventually rolling onto its feet. It spun round to face the flying Ahool, which was ready to swoop in for another strike. When the flying assailant came again, it ducked, then chased the monster flying by. It jumped onto trees, swinging through them. It kept this up until it was right behind the Ahool, which was planning to leave this area. It sensed something behind it, and looked over its shoulder just in time to turn around. The vampire went right above the Ahool, raising its right hand. The Ahool only had time to screech, as the vampire struck the Ahool in the face with its closed fist, eliciting a spurt of blood to leave the maw of the Ahool.

They both hit the ground, the vampire rolling as it did so. The Ahool simply impacted the ground, unconscious. The vampire was about to finish the Ahool off, until it collapsed in fatigue. It didn't have the energy right now, it couldn't move. It whole body was sore, the cracked ribs now bursting from its body. It lay on its back, as it drifted to unconsciousness itself. It had won, and was content with that. Now the killer was the first one to wake up...


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