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Kira's Pack Hierarchy

By: Meggie1495

Page 1, this is for my new story after mated forever, they are connected, you will see the people from the books before in the halfling\'s fate and mated forever. Just thought this would help people understand the wolf pack more thanks...

                          Pack Hierarchy                                                                 Key
                                                                                                              ----------     Mates
                                                                                                                   [           Childen

                                                                                                                   *        Sibilings                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                    What ever is underline bold and italiczed is what group the wolfs are in

                Kira -------- Jason

     Allen------ Emma          Helen---Kevin                
                 [                                   [                             
     Belle   *    Gwen

West * Mark             Quine                                 Marla


          [                          [                                      [                      
Victoria-----Adrien     Martha-----Ukine            Rena-----Eddie

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