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Pyx Academy: Favorite Character Vote!

Miscellaneous By: MidnightQueen12

Ok, so I was bord, and I had a fun thought: let's have a character vote to see who is the most favored and least favored in my story, and who is in-between! XDDD

Submitted:Dec 30, 2009    Reads: 123    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   

MDQ12: Hello, fans of Pyx Academy! I know I've been keeping you all waiting with the sequel---

Eita: *smacks MidnightQueen12 over the head* She's too lazy, folks.

Yuu: Hey, she's been busy!

Eriko: Yeah, Eita! MidnightQueen12 has been working hard to edit the first novel! It's not her fault, She wants it to be ready IF she is going to try and get it published.

Mika: MidnightQueen is very dedicated.

Hanako: If she was 'dedicated,' then the sequel would be written already.

MDQ12: I--am just--a person! XP

Eriko: Anyway, what were you saying, MidnightQueen?

MDQ12: Oh yeah! *clears throat* I know I've been keeping you all waiting for the sequel . . . *winces, thinking Eita will hit her, but nothing happens, so she continues* . . . so I've decided to have a little Pyx Academy fun. Let's have a vote for the readers favorite character!

Eita: WHY?

MDQ12: I thought it'd be fun.

Izo: But we all know Kam's gonna lose.

Kam: Hey!

Jun: He has a point.

Mika: Maybe not. Normally, people love the bad guy.

Kam: *grinning*

Makoto: I'll bet I'M the fans' fav.

Yuki: Yeah right!

Etsuko: *bats eyelashes* You're MY favorite, Makoto-kun.

Yuki and Mika: *starts making gagging noises*

Etsuko: *glares*

Eriko: Ok, since we've come to a deadlock, how about we have the voting anyway, guys? -^-^-

Eita: Whatever, Miss Perky.

Hanako: Sure, what the hell?

Eriko: -_-" Great enthusiasm, guys.

MDQ12: *rolls eyes* Ok. Here are the contestants---

ERIKO KUROKAWA - the main character and shining heroine of our story, Eriko has the power of fire and is gifted with the Dragon, one of the legendary spirits in the prophecy. Like Kam, she is one of the leaders of the war. Eriko is innocent and kind, but has a flaring temper, and is also tolerant and sweet.

KAM SHIKI - the main villian of the story, but it is not revealed until the end. Kam's power is electricity and he holds the Snake, the other legendary spirit in the prophecy. Kam, at first, is carefree, goofy, and tough; he keeps the tough trait by the end, but he also cruel and cocky.

MIKA SATOYA - Eriko's roommate, and has two powers: control of the moon and other things in space, and has a direct connection to the Stars. Mika is stern and quiet, having a tough side, but also a soft side. As Eriko's roommate, she is Eriko's best friend and believes in Eriko's triumph. It's revealed that Mika has a special liking to Kam, and was heartbroken when she found out he was the enemy.

IZO YOSHIOKA - a boy with the power over ice, Izo is kind and charming, immediately catching Eriko's heart at first meeting. Izo has a fighting side, but is mostly a nice and soft guy, caring for people's feelings. Not a lot is known about Izo, but Eriko gets the feeling that Izo has had a past relationship that ended in tragety.

EITA MIZOMAKI - Eita is the first member of the Snake's side Eriko meets (not including Kam cause it wasn't known he was the Snake yet). She is a tough, mean, and sneering bully, with the power to move objects with her mind. It's revealed that Eita's past life is shrouded in tragety: she killed her sister with her power accidentally and ran away from home, meeting Kam along the way and falling in love with him.

ANJU OTOMO - Eriko's best to ex-best right back to normal friend. Anju was Eriko's best friend before she found out of her power. She ran away and found Eita, who brought her to Pyx. Anju did not trust Kam when he claimed Eriko was the enemy, but when he was right about Eriko having a power and coming to Pyx, Anju gave up on Eriko and immediately denounced her and Eriko's friendship. Even when her brother, Sanjihiro, arrived, she was not fazed. They make up at the end, when Anju saw that Eriko still believed her a friend, and Anju managed to convince the followers of Kam to stay for the year until Kam was found. Anju has the power over plants.

KIYOMI SATOYA - Mika's younger (by about eleven months XD) sister. Kiyomi has the power over darkness. Eriko first sees her during lunch; Kiyomi is sitting alone and drawing. Eriko approaches her and befriends her, making Kiyomi on her side. Kiyomi purposely alienates herself from the others because she is afraid of hurting someone, especially her sister, Mika. But Eriko insists that Kiyomi is okay, which helps Kiyomi's self-esteem. Kiyomi is an amazing artist, something that really inpresses others.

SANJIHIRO OTOMO - Anju's fraternal twin brother. He has the power to become invisible. Sanjihiro comes to Pyx after Anju, but takes Eriko's side on things, saying Anju is "on the wrong side." He acts as an older brother to Eriko, and Eriko feels the same way for she is an only child. (Sanji-kun, as Eriko calls him. XD) He's very patient and strong.

HANAKO NAKAHIRA - Hanako is Eita's best friend, with the power over earth. She's a lot like Eita: cold, mean, bully-like, but Hanako has leadership qualities and is smart and level-headed.

YUKI ENOKI - Eriko's second roommate, with the power to make clones of herself. Yuki is free-spirited, fun, and naturally happy, and also a jokester. Yuki is one of Eriko's best friends and believes in her entirely.

YUU FUKAZAWA - a shy girl with the power to make force fields and shields. Yuu is very timid, quiet, and sensative, but has a mean streak when pushed. Yuu becomes a main ally in the war for the Dragon's side, being the only one with real defensive powers.

JUN TAKANO - Jun has the power of wind. He's very smart and observant, being the "brains" of Eriko's group. He can remain calm in situations and has very good fighting strategies.


NOTE: Makoto, Etsuko, Ryuzo, and Keiji will not be in the contest because not enough is known of them to qualify for "favorite character."

Just leave a comment saying who your favorite character is and polls will be tallied and revealed on Saturday, January 2nd. (If there is not enough data collected, I'll postpone the date.)

Thanks for reading! And happy voting! :)


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