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These are the main characters in my "Love Eclipse" Novel.

Submitted:Sep 15, 2008    Reads: 657    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   


Name: Serenity Tsukiakari - meaning moonlight or moonbeam
Age: 16
Species: Human
Looks: Blonde hair to her ankles she never cuts it, gold-yellow eyes (although they change alot with strong emotions ex. grey-depressed sad etc. ill explain each meaning later) very petite and fragile with a few perfect curves in just the right places, and large breasts that aren't ridiculously huge but that can promote envy
Personality: innocent explains your entire being, you've been home - schooled or been in private school all your life so you dont know much about the outside world your dads very protective, your very sweet but incredibly timid (dont get mad! im in a very mellow mood and it really attributes to the story) so your shy and you dont have any friends your age because of the whole being cooped up all your life thing, you love animals and your completely oblivous about dating,boys,flirting etc. so all in all your an innocent angel with no social skills in the least (hopefully that will change though)
Hobbies: reading, playing with your pets, managing your deceased mother's garden, singing when absolutely NO ONE is around, playing instruments and learning to play new instruments (you really love music), painting, and lastly taking care of your father and helping him with work
Dislikes: thunder/lightning storms, waking up early, annoying/nosy people,showing to much skin, bugs,preps, and boys who try to flirt or force you into dates or such
Fears: lots of these- bugs, flirty boys, high school (in general), silence in the dark, preppy girls, meeting new or strange people, scary movies, sharks, and most importantly your terrified of gangs because your mother was raped and killed by a gang leader who was jealous of your father and wanted your mother for himself (more detail in the story its important)

Name: Kane Garou'Katsugan - meaning a hungry wolfs piercing eye i think i dont know for sure
Age:17 nearly 18 in a few months
Species:werewolf (artic wolf)

Looks: medium brown hair braided to his waist with a few spikey bangs that fall over his eyes, saphire blue eyes with the pupils narrowed sort of like a cat's, and he always seems to be wearing a smirk, about 6'1, he's not overly muscular but he does have a good build, he has fangs that he can retract and his nails are overly sharp (wonder why) he usually wears sunglasses to cover his eyes.
Personality: Cocky, arrogant, and loves a good laugh no matter what it takes, he's a badass and doesn't take crap from anyone, he can be very charming but only to suck up to a teacher or something, he has tons of friends and of course he has quite a fan club, he hates not getting things that he wants and he loves the thrill of the chase when he sees a girl he likes, he's the leader of his pack albeit a young leader, he is however very loyal to his friends and pack, he's a real lady's man and isn't used to having a girl say no to him (so of course your going to be a bit of a wake up call), even though he is a flirt he does know how to take care of his girl and treats them like a princess (another reason why he's so popular with the lady's), Kane also has a multiple personality disorder meaning he has more then one person sharing his body, there's kane the original of the body then theres Zesiro, and lastly there is Zevi
Hobbies:listening to music, playing guitar, hanging with his guy friends, driving his motorcycle, leading his pack on hunts, and his new and favorite hobby is stalking you and trying to win you over!
Dislikes: not getting what he wants after a long time, clingy girls, vampires, rival wolf packs, and Zevi (lol he doesnt like himself)
Fears: not being able to lead properly, when Zesiro or Zevi take over his body and almost permenantly take over, you discovering his secret (aww aint that sweet)

Name: Zesiro Garou'Katsugan-zesiro is African for 'first born of twins' (he was the first of Kane's multiple personalities to form)
Age: his personality was not formed until Kane was 11 meaning he is only 6 years old but with a teenager's maturity and personality
Species:werewolf of course (but when he takes over Kane's body he's a grey wolf)

Looks: the same as Kane's except his eyes are bright emerald green
Personality: a true gentlemen, he's smart and is very arisocratic, he loves deep conversations and is a very clear thinker, he's the most mature of the 3 and also the least prone to flirt with you (only because he's a genltmen and he's also secretly clueless as to how to flirt (hehe), he is the voice of reason for Kane and he dislikes Zevi (although secretly envies him for his ability to flirt with women)
Hobbies: reading, writing, painting, lecturing Kane and Zevi, and secretly learning as much about you as he can
Dislikes: Zevi, seeing Kane or Zevi flirt with you, rivaling packs, (notice he doesn't have a dislike for vampires) pointless conversations, people who make themselves out to be smart but are really stupid (i cant stand that)
Fears: Zevi taking over and making a fool of their body, seeing you hurt, a rivaling pack overcoming their (Kane's, Zevi's and hisown) pack, and that Kane might drive you away (how cute)

Name: Zevi-meaning 'my wolf' in hebrew (same last name as Kane's and Zesiro's)
Age: he was formed when Kane hit puberty at 12 so he's a year younger then Zesiro
Species:werewolf (but when he takes over he is the red wolf)

Looks: same as Kane's but his eyes are dark purple
Personality: a pervert if there ever was one! he's more arrogant then Kane and even less patient, although like Kane he loves the thrill of the chase (especially the one chase for you), he loves a good fight and is always getting Kane into trouble if he ever listens to Zevi, he's been with more girls then Kane but he's never been quite as infatuated with any of them as he is with you, he isn't smart if he doesn't find a topic interesting but if its a topic of interest he's usually very clever and especially sly
Hobbies: listening to music, trying to convince Kane to release him, picking fights, winning fights, and his most favorite hobby - YOU!!!!
Dislikes: Zesiro and his lectures, losing (at anything), when he can't win you over, vampires(immensely), and boring stuff

Name: Hana Hang-meaning bud blossom of the moon (she is Serenity's friend in school)
Species: werewolf(artic wolf)

Looks: she has blonde-white hair (naturally) and light pink eyes (they are narrowed like Kane's) she is petite like Serenity but she she does have a bit of muscle being a werewolf and all
Personality: she is quiet and shy, she tends to keep to herself but she doesnt allow herself or her friends to be picked on, she is part of Kane's pack but she isn't very important so she is looked down upon, she is very talkative when around Serenity because she knows how shy and unused to school life you are so she tries to ease your nerves, she is your support and she sticks up for you when someon tries to trick you, she is very motherly by nature
Hobbies: studying, teaching you all about school life, watching over you, hunting with her pack, taking you shopping/to a movie/to get ice cream etc.(she spends alot of time with you because your her closest friend cuz no one else notices her)
Dislikes: she despises vampires, when people pick on you or her, she secretly dislikes when Kane flirts with you because she knows it makes you uncomfortable and she doesn't want Kane to hurt you and she had a slight crush on Kane but knows she won't ever get his attention but she doesn't really mind that you got his attention instead of her, she doesn't like to fight or use her wolf abilities outside of hunts

Name: Jade Akuji (jade meaning gemstone and Akuji meaning dead and awake)
Age: 19
Species: vampire
he wont be comin into the story until later so ill tell you about him later!

Name: Raunulf (everyone calls him Ranu)-meaning raven wolf, Revelin-meaning pride and rebellion
Age: 18
Species: werewolf(timber wolf)

Looks: he is ripped! he has a six pack and doesn't mind showing it off, he has semi short pitch black hair (hair like a raven's did you catch that) he 6'1, and he's the quarter back for Monte Cristo High
Personality: he's the well known jock type, he's arrogant(but only to Kane), he's a major flirt and he's more popular with the lady's then Kane because of his sport status, he's not very smart but he makes up for it with brawn, Ranu is known for picking fights with Kane and his 'group' of friends
Hobbies: football, flirting, fighting, bullying kids smaller then him (and some that are bigger then him), driving his mustang at break neck speeds
Dislikes: Kane, vampires, people like Kane, when people try to pick on you or make a date with you, when you refuse dates with him, being sent to the principals office, teachers.


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