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Meet the Characters

Miscellaneous By: omgitskandice

Here you can see my characters for Search for Myself and learn about their background.

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Author's Note: None of these pictures belong to me. I did not steal them, I either found them on photobucket or google. If anyonefinds it necessaryto take legal action, please contact me first and would gladly take them down)

My Character Sketches.

I thought it would be boring just to tell their backgrounds and list their qualities, so instead I did like a dating service thing and also just explained how I came up with them. If that doesn't interest you, just check out the eye-candy


Calleigh (pron: Cal-Ee)

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Likes: food that clogs your arteries, black sun dresses, flipping people off
Occupation: Consultant
What she does for fun:bartends

Okay, so I guess I'm supposed to write about me. You know, this feels like a dating site or something. Well, anyways, you know me, I'm Calleigh. I work for Aéden, we have a very complex relationship-slash-friendship thingie going on and he's always starting trouble for me to clean up. Some people have called me "funny" but I don't know where the hell they get that from. Eden Marie likes to call me stupid, but I call her "bitch"so it's all good. Oh, by the way, if she's all "not American" and stuff then why is she named "Eden Marie"? Is there even a more American name than that? All I'm saying is that, I think her parents were seriously confused. Sooo, yeah, that's about it. Oh yeah, and apparently, according to Eden Marie, I wear too much black. Which I soo don't agree with. I may have style issues, but you can never go wrong with black.

I don't have to talk about my past do I? Becuase I really don't want to. So... I think I'm going to leave now.

About the Character

Calleigh started out as an off-shoot from Jordan in "Changes in the Night" when I had a scene playing over and over in my head that wasn't usable for Jordan's character. I didn't like her at first because I usually like smart, respectable and badass characters, but as I continued to write her and develop her, I realized that I lovedCalleigh and a part of me was ingrained in her. I also love the fact that she is a fangbanger and has a dark past. And as I went, I added cute little perks like dressing all in black and piercings, and flipping people off. Now, she's one of my favorite characters.


Aodh Aeden Kier Coneely (pron: Aodh= Ay from "hay", Aeden= Ay-den, Kier= Keer, Con-ee-lee)

Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Education: various
Occupation: multiple
Likes:fetish clubs, getting into trouble, fighting with Calleigh, do anything with Calleigh

… My name is Aodh, I am a vampire. I control the territory called Santa Barbara. That is all.

About the Character

Well, you couldn't really expect more from him, could you? He really doesn't like to talk unless he's alone with Calleigh. So, how did Aeden come about? Well, I've always loved vampires, ever since I was a little girl, and I especially loved the arrogant, slightly asshole-ish ones from the old days. But when I wrote them, they always turned out to be one-dimensional, one trick, assholes. And when I started writing this story, he just seemed so perfect for it and for Calleigh. And though I'm constantly worried that he has just turned out to be boring and plain, people occasionally tell me that he and Calleigh have great chemistry together. Hopefully, this will stay true.


(Author's note: This guy has reeeeeallly good abs *drool*)

Baird (pron: BARD)

Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Education: unknown
Occupation: bodyguard
What he does for fun: that's a good question

I think Calleigh should work at Farrah's and she should be able to use a gun… sorry Aéden.

I have known Aéden for as long as I have been dead. And hopefully, I was be able to know Calleigh for the rest of her natural life.

About the character

Baird was supposed to be "The Friend". He was supposed to be the one she could come to for advice and support. But somehow, it didn't turn out that way. He just kind of… flopped. He was a nice guy, but other than that, his personality really didn't develop. Calleigh spent so much facetime with Aéden that I really didn't get a chance to show off Baird's wit and tenderness. He's so bland, in fact, that I really have no more to say about him.


Eden Marie (pron: Ee-den, Mah-ree)

Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Education: extensive
Occupation: a "Fixer"
What she does for fun: babysit Calleigh, taste fine wines, other "elegant stuff"

This is a waste of time; I am not doing this. Oh, andCalleigh, I do not appreciate your rant. "Eden Marie" is my Americanized name, you could not pronounce my real one if you tried for your life. My parents were not confused, perhaps you are.

About the Character

Eden Marie is the character I usually write: quiet, deadly, and bitchy. Unfortunately, when she's the main character, she turns into a Mary Sue like my poor Jordan, so I've kept her as a bit player where her personality can develop but she doesn't seem like perfection embodied. Why do I even have her here in the first place? Well, for some reason, I can't imagine a story without a bitchy character, it's likea strawberry-banana smoothie without the banana- there's just something missing.I think they just add a little spice into the characters. She has a dark past too, and didn't exactly choose her career like Calleigh thinks. I can't reveal too much about Eden Marie, but know that she'll play big parts in the future. Just for clarification, she is Indian, not Middle Eastern and also speaks Hindi in addition to the other languages she boaststo Aeden.


Hadsley (pron: Hadz-lee)

Gender: Male

Education: unknown

Occupation: ???

What he does for fun: also babysit Calleigh, be secretive, tell Calleigh things Aeden doesn't want her to know

Write about myself? What am I to write then? To tell you my history would take days. I could tell you my history with Aéden, Baird, and Calleigh. That is not as interesting, though.

I moved to this town a hundred years ago when Aéden already had control. I settled down, found a lover, and passed my existence quietly, occassionally lending my services to watch over Calleigh, whom Aeden would have killed by now with his actions had I not done so. Calleigh, well, Calleigh is something interesting. It is amazing how one Bloodletter, who have be found in large quantities since before mydeath has grasped my attention so. I know she will do great things, and must maintain myself as an ally. If only I could imagive what will come to be. Baird is a good man, whom I have heard of only from his conquers as a human. I feel he has lost some of his personality and greatness when he died. And, at last, Eden Marie. I do not know her except for her relation to Quid Moran. Apparently, I've grasped her attentions as Calleigh has grasped mine.

About the Character

Hadsley was just supposed to be a minor character, popping up for one chapter, but I liked him so much that I decided to bring him back. But something wierd happened when I did. He began to show what was almost an obsession with Calleigh. I don't even know why! It was never intended. Another thing I never intended was the he had overtook Baird's place as Calleigh's most dependable friend. He is actually one of the most complex and mysterious characters of the cast, and the more I try to expand on him, the more secrets that appear.


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