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Character Photos: Unleashed

By: papermask

Page 1, Ella Bisset is a sixteen year old weaver-in-training. She is extremely focused on her studies, as she must be if she ever wants to make a living. The harsh kingdom that she lives in offers no help for beggars. However, among the wooden looms and layers of fabric, Ella has a secret. Her seemingly empty diary is more than it seems. For it holds not only her writings, but a mysterious boy who is trapped within its pages by a powerful curse. But there is more to be found in this boy\'s past, and the closer he and Ella get to uncovering it, the more they endanger everything and everyone they know and love.

I only have two photos so far, but I hope you still like them! Let me know if you're interested in being updated once I start this story! :D

Ella Bisset

Zachary Parks

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