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what happens in my life, stays in my head

By: pixiehun24

Chapter 1, faith, trust, and pixie dust. is that all i need to fly? or do i need to find my own way to break free from my \'perfect\' world? follow my story of a teenage girl as she tries to deal with the everlasting battle between love, friendship, and worst of all family.

Open Your Eyes

Dream. They make us who we are. Without dream we are nothing. I dream all the time. These are my dream, and fantasies. Caution: Do not read this if you have no imagination. Because my imagination tends to follow me wherever I go. Everthing I see turns into something else. Ideas in my head, places that I see, and things i do are all different to me than anyone else. i figure, why should life be lived without enjoyment? What would be the point in that? I am an idividual with my own thoughts. And to make sure that i don't forget them, i'm writing them down. dreams should never be forgotten...


It's summertime. My friend Madaline invites me up to the lake to stay with her grandparents for a few days. I have nothing better to do and she is one of my two best friends, so i go. One of the days i am up there, we decide to go to her aunt Mellisa'a private pier. I jump from the board abouve the water, diving into the 9 foot deep lake.

~I am a mermaid. My soft pale skins glows in the dark abyss. I swim in circles and twirl around as my metallic aqua blue fin propells me in different directions. i search the bottom of the ocean for any possible treasure; anything the pirates may have dropped. A bright orange color catches my eye when the light hits it. What is this? A missle!? I quikly call my comrad down to take a better look. She pulls the strap and lifts the object to the surface.

~A fifty dollar super soakerlay at my feet. That barnicle covered squirt gun was the best thing i had seen in weeks. How much fun would my cousins have with that thing! Then Madaline's seven year old cousin came along.

~ The evil Kevrene., the most fearsome pirate in all the land. Stealing from those who fall for his visious lies. A smile breaks from his lips as his greedy eyes fall on the canon. "i can't wait tocause mayham with this. I will become ruler of the seas with it! Thank you my dear for finding it for me," hecaughed a scratchy laugh at that.

"Finders keepers," I muttered.

"loser weepers," he retorted with a cackle as he grabbed his newfound toy,"I think ill just go and put this away now." He laughed all the way back to his ship.

~Needless to say, I never saw that super soaker again. But the rest of my trip went well. Though if I ever see Madaline's dear little cousin again, well...let's just say it won't be very pleasent for him.


I lay in my bed. Thinking. Just thinking. I think about a boy that i have

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