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Contest Results:)

By: Rhensis

Page 1, The results are here!

Hey all!

So here are the results!

I will get onto the prizes A.S.A.P

I was a little dissapointed by the turnout, but those who did enter deserve the reward for all their hard work. It was hard to judge, trust me!

3rd  Prize:)

Devil Hunter, a poem by Silverings

This is a great poem that really portrays Phillip well. I liked the fact that he wasn't all that popular despite the fact that he was a hero, and it was all in all a great poem that really deserves a place:)

2nd Prize:)

This one was really hard to judge. The remaining contenders for first place made it almost impossible to choose which one won....But it had to be done, and so I have done so!

Mystic Dolphin, with her short story, Rhensis's Character Contest

Wow. Amazing story with a great plot. She chose three of the characters and each one was very important to the story. I think it also opens up possibilities for follow up stories, you might want to keep that in mind Mystic:)
Thanks for the pleasure of reading your story:)

1st Place...........

As I said this was so hard to judge but the winning spot goes to..........

avidxreader44 with his novel, Birth by Sleep

Wow again:) Amazing plot and great characters. I really hope that you do well in your English Assignment, you deserve a great grade for your story:)

Thats it!

Well Done all and Happy Holidays! 

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