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Music Is My Muse Challenge

Miscellaneous By: Susan Vallante

*Closed* How does music inspire you?

Submitted:Mar 11, 2010    Reads: 190    Comments: 52    Likes: 7   

As writers we all get our inspiration from different places, and though a good chunk of my work gets it's seeds from dreams of mine, music is easily my second greatest muse. I'm about to embark on a series of novels with that theme (not necessarily the same story line but of the same inspiration, music) and as I'm betting it's an inspiration for some of you as well I thought I'd kick off my series with a contest and see how music inspires you.

So that is what this challenge is about, taking the music that inspires you and translating it to a story, hence the title Music Is My Muse (thanks again to enduringthedarkness for letting me steal that)

Sounds easy right? Well, we'll just see…

It can be any song you choose. This isn't about what I choose but how well you translate the song to story. I'm not asking you to transcribe the music video to words, and I hope you do better than taking the entire song verbatim but the story needs to have its essence based in the song. (literal translations won't be frowned upon but you know what I mean right?)

Sounds like any other music challenge on here right, well, there's one difference. I'm not the one judging this, at least, not by myself.

See that's the thing about entering some contests, you could write a damn good story but if it's not the host's thing then there's the chance it might not get its due. So to avoid that I'm doing this with a panel of judges, together we'll discuss and vote on a winner.

So meet you're judges (in no particular order):

Katherine Coitier- mainly fantasy romance, some poetry here and there but mostly stories

MiMa- The Poem Queen (you want to challenge that one, well, that'll have to wait for another contest)

Enduringthedarkness15- our resident feel-good inspirational story writer (hers will give you the warm and fuzzies)

Kilo- writes fantasy but will read just about anything (see paragraph four of the rules for what is in the will not read column)

Susan Vallante (Me) - urban fantasy is my bag and nothing shorter than a novella written here

The rules:

There's no definitive word limit but the story must be no longer than ten Booksie chapters (So whatever you can cram in there without it cutting you off is fine) I'll take short stories, novellas, or novels. No poetry this time around, sorry.

There must be a noticeable beginning middle and end, no cliffhanger endings here.

It has to be a new piece of work as in not previously published to Booksie. There's a reason for this. I want everyone starting on a level playing field. And if you have an already completed work then it's a matter of tweaking, not creating and then that gives you the advantage.

It can be any genre, not just fantasy. I know that's what this is listed under but that's just because it's what I write. You are free to take your story wherever you want except to rape. No rape, no forced sex and no abuse scenes (I'm not saying there can't be some great kick-ass fight scene but no sadistic beatings). You can't give me any reason to make it okay for your story. You don't like it then don't enter. This is a big deal to me. Rape is not something that should be used for entertainment. If you think I'm wrong then go volunteer down at your local woman's shelter for a couple of weeks and ask them how they feel about it.

*getting off my soapbox and getting back to the rules now*

All writing must be submitted no later than April 11th. If you don't think you'll make the deadline just let me know and we'll open your spot up to someone else. Once that date comes we as a panel will decide when the winners will be announced by how much reading we still have left to do (no more than two weeks hopefully)

When entering the contest you must post a link to your song of choice (and music video if applicable so we can make sure your story isn't a carbon copy) and tell us which format you're choosing (short story, novella or novel)

When posting your entry please put MIMM Challenge in your title and MIMM_Challenge in your tags (to make it easier for us to find) and make sure to let all the judges know your entry is ready to read.

You must check yes in the box allowing a PDF version of your story to be created. I know we're all worried about people stealing our shit but if you want me to read it, it must be done. I do the majority of my reading when I'm at work which (believe it or not) doesn't have a net connection so I need to be able to download the entries to my laptop so I can read them there. Otherwise I'll be scrambling to read stuff while I'm at home which isn't going to do you any favors because home (unlike work) is not a peaceful place and your story will not have my complete attention.

There are only ten spots for this challenge because of the amount of potential reading that us judges will be faced with (If everyone writes ten chapter novels then that's one-hundred chapters we'll be responsible for reading)and it's on a first come first serve basis, including song choice. But if someone drops out for any reason then I'll open it back up again, but if there's eleven people who want in on day one then that eleventh person will get first dibs on the vacant spot.

*Update* The number of entries has been extended to fifteen, but hurry, they're filling up quickly!

What do you get out of it? Well…

First Place gets the entire panel as fans and we will each comment on five pieces of your choice (i.e. chapters, short stories, poems etc) and each judge will post on their page the winning title and author's name as an endorsement.

Second Place entire panel becomes fans and one piece of work of your choice commented on.

Third Place one of us will become a fan and will comment on a piece of your choice.

But there's one more thing before you go. Remember back there ^ at the top where I mentioned this is the kick off for a series of novels for me? Well, I've already got a few plotlines going so to make sure no one thinks there's any plagiarisms I'll be claiming the following songs now…

Breaking Benjamin- Dance with the Devil

30 Seconds to Mars- Was it a Dream

Skillet- Hero

Hollywood Undead- Young

And since I encouraged the judges to do the same MiMa will be claiming…

A Fine Frenzy- Blow Away

Big Pun- Toe to Toe

ludovico Einaudi- Fly

The Fray- Together

But that's only eight songs out of the millions out there, still plenty to choose from…

If there's any questions (I know, I know, after all that how can there possibly be any questions right?) feel free to ask.

You got it? Good. Then let the writing begin…

1) forbidden- Three Days Grace- Animal I Have Become

2) mommy3- Mark Schultz- He's My Son

3) omgitskandice- Three Days Grace- Pain

4) forged4fire- The Used- The Bird and the Worm

5) Mistress of Word Play-Jackson Browne- In the Shape of My Heart

6) taylornicole- All Time Low- Lullabies

7) Jharra Logan- Taylor Swift- Today was a Fairytale

8) LoveMeNow- Taylor Swift- Tied Together with a Smile

9) Isabeau- A Fine Frenzy- Elements

10) Deathb4Sunrise- Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester- Good Girls Go Bad

11) xxNOxNAMExNINJAxx- 30 Seconds to Mars- Search and Destroy

12) KyrieWasHere- Paramore- When it Rains

13) CMPlovely- Rihanna- Hard




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