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After taking a horrifying injury during battle the protagonist Grimm unleashes his true form and takes the battle into an unexpected turn( this is only an excerpt depending on how this is liked I will upload more)

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Grimm, unable to move saw the large orb of dark energy heading towards him but dew to the imeanse pressure of the gravity change he could not gather enough strength to deflect the orb. Grimm, felt the orb hit his chest he, was sent 60 feet into the air. In an attepmt to stop it from causing any serious damage to his body he forced his hands up and in front of him and drew the energy into his body. Grimm, unable to refocus it he felt the simultaneous breaking sound of all of his bones he yelled out in pain and free fell gaining speed from the imeanse pressure of the gravitational change that dante, had caused. Grimm hit the ground and bounced his body lay motionless on the ground laying on his stomach he gathered what little strenght he had left and turn his neck to look at legionous hearing the crack of his neck he whinced in pain still able to feel something he began pulling him self towards the pillars that stand in front of legionous, so he could draw power from them and begin the regeneration process but he fell short only inches as he had expent the only energy he had left. His body laying on the ground motionless he transfered what was left of his spirit into his mind having it run through his mind until it came across a pitch black chest and opened it, A seal came into sight on grimm's, back that was know as the twelve point pentagram seal as it came into full view it began to crack and a purpelish black liquid poured from it covering his entire body only moments after the liquid had covered his body grimm's, form had begun to change growing in size and in length the cracking and resetting of his bone sounded like gun shots going off in the dry cracked desert that he once called his forge echoling for what seemed to be miles and miles. Once his bones had finished mending and reseting the first thing was to change was his skin going from pitch black to a flaming red color soon after large black horns sprouted from his head head after all was done the multi color liquid slid from his body and his entire body began to drip a thick black liquid that when in touched the ground it seemed to burn through it after a while black marking could be seen being etched into his body it was and old lost language that was no longer know to this world know as blood latin. the fgure stood up from the floor and looked out to his opponent disintrested in who he was or why he was here all he knew was that it had to die looking closer the being had a secondary seal that was on his stomach know as the souless deity seal he looked around at where he stood and shook his head in agreeance he then looked over at the the two crystal pillars lifted his leg up and forced it to the ground watching the two crystal pillars fall to rubble.the being spoke in a demonic voice "i am paimon lord of the 200 hundred legions and i am your opponent" he took five steps forward looking at the being befor him and studied him up and down taking to account his storng and weak points and the power that eminated off of the being all togather paimon, then stepped back took his stance and began to concentrate the newly recognized demonic energy flowing through his form with every passing second he felt more evil pass through him as he took over more and more of the one known as grimm's, light. Paimon having gathered up natural dark energy felt all of his abilities rush back into him all at once he then let out a demonic roar drew his hands back calculating that he was about 22 feet away from legionous he created a large ball of demonic energy he then thrusted his arms forward releasing the orb with blinding speed paimon then flash-stepped behind the orb as it was only two feet away he put his hand to the orb and shoved it into his chest hoping to knock him to the ground paimon then grabbed his wrist and planted his foot to legions neck and pressed firmly making sure that he could go now where as he pulled on his arm trying to pull it from the socket. paymon continued to look at the being with no remorse only the solid urge to kill him his ideals and everything he stood for the marking on his body began to glow but he payed no attention and continued to pull as hard as he could wanting to destroy the one known as legionous.


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