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Music and Magic Challenge - The Results

Miscellaneous By: UnderxYourxSpell

And the winners are...

Submitted:Jul 8, 2012    Reads: 71    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

Music and Magic Challenge - The Results

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who joined my challenge, in particular those who managed to post an entry before the deadline. The quality and originality of the pieces submitted has been incredible. Truly, I've enjoyed reading each and every one of your stories, which made choosing the winners very hard. It's taken me three days to decide, but I've finally settled on the winners of first place, second place and third place. But that isn't all. Because of the nature of the challenge - interpreting and expressing music through writing - I've decided to introduce an extra award: Most Fitting Story. This will go to the entrant who wrote a story that fits their music to a T.

So, without further ado, here are the results:

First Place

Prize: If I'm not already, I'll become your fan and read three pieces of your work in addition to your entry. Your winning entry will be advertised on my profile.

And the winner is:

wildspiritontheloose_with_Diabolic Clockwork

Music: Diabolic Clockwork by Two Steps From Hell

"Time continues on no matter what happens. It is alright to feel a little emotion, but too much might make you want to stop the passing of time altogether, and that is something that must never come to pass."

Brynnia Ceas's life is ruled by clocks. Her Great Line, the Ceas Line, is expected to be exactly like the enchanted clocks that never stop ticking - moving forward at all times, obedient and emotionless. Yet Bryn is unsatisfied with these rules and traditions and seeks something more from life - freedom, choice and the feeling of being alive. On the day of her coming of age, the princess learns of a plot against her Line that puts her whole family in danger. Surrounded by people she does not know if she can trust, she can only rely on two very different entities - her commoner friend, Gale, and the clock she keeps with her at all times, Elian. Time is running out and the race against the clocks to save everything she has ever known might bring Bryn to a truth she may not want to realize: that she is indeed a clock, even after everything she has done to fight against it.

Spirit's innovative interpretation of the music, her engrossing plot, fascinating characters and elegant writing style have all earned her first place. A truly magnificent read! Go take a peek at one of the most original stories I've come across in recent years - you won't be disappointed!

Second Place

Prize: If I'm not already, I'll become your fan and read two pieces of your work in addition to your entry. Your entry will be advertised on my profile.

And the winner is:

Silver Storm_with_The Gathering Storm

Music: The Messenger by Audiomachine

It is just the beginning...

As she attends a whirl of glittering balls, Imperial Princess Zian Silverheart tries to hide a dark secret: she can shapeshift into a wolf. No one but a select few knows, and the secret must be kept at all costs. Zian considers her talent a gift, but not all see it that way. When a mysterious rumor begins to circulate in the King's social circle, she finds herself caught up in the web of intrigue.

An ancient race is growing on the waves of the Imperial Sea- and those aligned with the Shifters are beginning to rise again. Suddenly Zian's secret as a shape-changer attracts the attention from unwelcome sources... including two young men - Luca Opalace, a stranger who arrived to court with his family, and who seems to hate her from the very start, and the dashing Prince Daemon, heir to the throne of Natoria, to whom Zian is inexplicably drawn.

The time has come for Zian to embrace her power, but which side will she choose - and to whom will she give her heart?

The Gathering Storm boasts beautiful narrative and a stunning degree of originality, with Silver's protagonist possessing an ability that captured my attention from its first mention. What is that ability? Submerse yourself in Zian's world to find out!

Third Place

Prize: If not already, I'll become your fan and read one piece of your work in addition to your entry. Your entry will be mentioned on my profile.

And the winner is:

Lady Wolf_with_Blood Song

Music: Madokara Mieru by Corner Stone Cues

General Shayana Makea is a legend. Not only has she brought more victories than any other soldier in Xhia history, she is also the youngest general ever to lead the Xhian army. At age twenty five, she stands before another glorious victory over the barbaric Thurucalns, only to learn of a secret weapon hidden away in the Fepican Forest; a place of unspeakable danger. With or without the permission of her queen, Shayana sets off to retrieve the lethal weapon with a few of her most trusted companions. When she unexpectedly runs into the Thurucaln prince, who is on the same mission as she, a dangerous chase ensues to reach the legendary weapon first. But when this weapon proves to be much more lethal than either of them imagined, will they bring victory to their lands or burn in the hellish flames of the past?

Originality is a central theme among the winners so far, and Lady Wolf's Blood Song is no exception. The world she sets her story in is filled with imaginative life and suits the music perfectly. The plot is gripping, relentless in pace, and is accompanied by a cast of strong characters, most notably General Makea herself. A most thrilling read!

Most Fitting Story Award

Prize: If not already, I'll become your fan and read one short story in addition to your entry. Your entry will be mentioned on my profile.

And the winner is:

LupusAmator_with_Skull And Crossbones

Music: Skull and Crossbones by Immediate Music

A war is raging in Pelesivia, and it is up to a mere dwarf to save the day.

I have one piece of advice: play Skull and Crossbones while reading this story. You'll see every move, every blow, every detail in time with the music. The story is as explosive as the piece that inspired it, and for that reason, Lupus has won the Most Fitting Story award. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all the entrants! Even if you didn't place, you did an amazing job with your entry. Once again, thank you so much for entering my challenge!



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