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Dark Magick Character List

Miscellaneous By: Yasuko

I thought of the people I would want to play the characters in this novel. Here is who I would Cast.

Submitted:Nov 21, 2011    Reads: 1,215    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I am sure there are many people who could play the characters I have created. These are the ones that stood out at me. The people I would cast if it were up to me! These are NOT characters in my book. These are the people I would want to play their roles. These are the people I see. I think of these individuals when I write. Who knows, if someone likes it enough and it becomes a movie maybe these individuals would consider playing the roles. ;P

(Soundtrack list to come: The music I listen to when I write in this novel)

Character: Katherine Tanaka

Half Japanese Half Russian

Father: Masayuki Tanaka

Mother: Unknown

Born: Apsheronsk, Russia

(The sweet and innocent)


Character: Takeshi Takahashi

(Parent's slaughtered, kind of the loaner in the novel

Father: Masayuki Tanaka

Mother: Aiko Takahashi

Born: Osaka, Osaka Japan)



Character: Luca Petrov

(The orphan from Bulgaria who traveled the world

and settled in Japan when he decides to care for Takeshi,

and Katherine after their parents are killed.

Parents: Unknown

Born: Haskovo, Bulgaria)

(White Warlock)


Character: Michael Lenton

(The mysterious man that runs into Katherine a lot, what is he hiding?

Parents: Unknown

Born: North Dakota, USA)



Character: Mitsuko Watanabe

(Takeshi's friend that developes a love interest for him and

has a dark secret of her own.)

Parents: Unknown

Born: Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

(Psychic Vampire)


Character: Natasha Dansworth

(The woman Luca meets that has important information

about what is going to happen if Katherine and Takeshi mate

and who Luca just may fall in love with.)

Mother: Julia Dansworth

Born: London, England

(White Witch)


Character: Masayuki Tanaka

Children: Takeshi Takahashi, Katherine Tanaka

Born: Okinawa, Japan

Occupation: Practitioner of High Magick

(Demonologist, High Priest)


Character: Julia Dansworth

Children: Natasha Dansworth

Born: London, England

Occupation: Herbalist

Witchcraft, White magick

(White Witch, Healer)


Character: Aiko Takahashi

Children: Takeshi Takahashi

Occupation: House Wife

Born: Roppongi, Tokyo



Character: Matryoshka

Children: Katherine Tanaka

Born: Russia

Occupation: Assassin/Hunter (uncertain)


Character: James Lenton

Children: Michael Lenton

Occupation: Banker

High Priest, Goetic/Dark Magick

Born: New York City

(Dark Warlock)



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