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The Forest of Eien

Novel By: 1234catslane

A novel based on an RPG story.

Containing a mixture of comedy, romance, and action with a little bit of sentimental values, this fantasy can capture the attention of any reader. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 12, 2012    Reads: 35    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   


''Somewhere. Somewhere far away;distant. There is a small forest known as Eien's Woods, placed inside an island. This island has no name;it is unimportant. But, what is important is the difficulty of locating this supernatural peice of land. A handful of men have discovered the island, but none of them have returned home. But before we get to the supernatural, let us converse the natural features of Eien's Woods. Trees of north-eastern charactoristics make up the forest. Within the island lives woodland animals such as white tailed bucks and does. Bluebirds sing each morning to the rising run, while the wolves call to the moon each night.Wid mustard seed and dandilions grow wild, their faces smiling upwards in hope of catching a ray of light through the trees. But also inside Eien's Woods lives the Faeries. The magical, mystical, wise creatures that are human-like in structure. They have thin, butterfly wings connected to their back. Their wings were not put there, and they did not grow there. The faeries are all born with such features as the wings and extended ears. These faeries live deep in Eien's Woods, making their homes among the trees. Too many have lost their lives trying to find this land, but all of them believe the prize is worth any fate. If they could just capture a single Faerie and take it back home with them, they would certainly become the most renowned and wealthy human alive. The Faeries know they are perpetually being hunted by humans, and are always prepared. To this day not a single Faerie has been captured, and that is how it will stay. "

That was the story that my greatmother would tell me, every night. I remember how the full length of the story would keep us up until midnight, way after our bedtime when we were little. One big reason why we would request the story each and every night. Her other bedtime stories were short and not as thrilling as the one about the Faeries of Eien's Woods. And now, here I am, twenty-three years of age and I still believe in it. I Sit around a crackling makeshift fire in the middle of nowhere, waiting until morning to have my so-called uncle to get me on a ship. I don't understand why I commemorate that old story, maybe it's because of my greatmother's sudden death three months ago. I guess i just felt empty inside, and all that remained was the huanting words of that story. To find Eien's Woods;that is what i must do now.


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