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Novel By: 1234catslane

An interesting fantasy, involving a small dragon and a wizard and two mountian lions. Now how could these three creatures be involved with each other? Read to find out.

My book is mostly for young adults, because there is some blood and death involved. But what is a good book without? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 10, 2012    Reads: 18    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

(Sadly, I do not have the first two chapters to this book because they were on my other computer, and i lost all the files on it. There is no way i can retrieve them. But, some good news is that I write a new chapter every friday, so please expect for more each friday)

What was missed in the first two chapters were: A young pink dragon named Felisha, whom has been orphaned by a dying mother and impatient father, looks for food. She finds a young goat, plump. It was in the mountians of course, the dry rocky-like moutians. She went to get the goat, but instead butted heads with a mountian lion cub. Evenually the moutian lion got the goat, and injured Felisha. This cub's name is Darzeena. Her father supports her hunting and killing, buther mother is too gentle. So, when Darzeena comes home and asked her father to help her kill Felisha to complete her hunt, her mother interveens. and Felisha is saved. Not only that, but she is being welcomed as part of the family, even though the father dosent like the idea.

(i am very sorry for any mis-spellings, but i am only 14 years old, and i type a lot. actually, as i am posting this first chapter, I am 2 hours past bedtime for school, and i get sloppy when im tired.)

Chapter 3:

Felisha was gently laid down in the cave, as the mother whom saved her life offered her a large piece of meat, but she refused. ''Why won't you eat? you don't have to worry about being hurt, you're part of the family now, no matter how much Darzeena hates it.'' she smiled, curling around Felisha. The mother nudged the food back to Felisha, but she refused agian. The mother smiled and nussled Felisha, ''Eat'' she nudged it closer to her, and this time Felisha took a bite. After that first bite, she dug into it, and she finished it all, she was offered more, but, she didnt want it, she was full enough. After her meal, Felisha felt comfortable enough to fall asleep under the mother mountian lion. Later Felisha was waken by her, ''Wake up, little one, we must leave'' she said, a slight sense of anger in her voice. Felsiha got up, still confused, and looked at her face better, she was crying. The mother caught Felisha's gaze for a moment, then nudged her to move, ''move along, we are going somewhere else, we are finding a new home.'' she said hurriedly. Felisha started to walk, and found the other two wild cats walking out of the large cave, they were headed east, the direction of the sun, which was just rising. Felisha quickly followed the other's with the mother behind her, protectively following so close she could feel her breath on her back. Felisha still didnt know what was going on, she just followed, and hoped she would find out later.

She looked to her left and saw a group of odd looking creatures, standing up-right on their back legs, and they didnt have any fur or scales. She thought how funny they looked, but, they held weapons. Hunters, she knew they were hunters, probally looking to kill the mountian lions, thats why they were leaving, she thought.

She ran faster, now knowing why they were leaving. As she ran, she tripped on a small rock and was quickly grabbed by the other adult, the father. But he didnt care to save her from the hunters, rather then carry her away. he threw her by the hunters, as a distraction while the family left. The mother lion stopped and was going to go after Felisha, but the male stopped her, and drug her away. Within minutes they were gone, and Felisha was left with the humans. One hunter picked her up by her back-legs and held her up-side-down. The other one stopped him from killing her, ''Stop! This here is a dragon, we could get good money for this, but it must be alive. Put it in a cage'' he told them, and they did as they were told. Felisha wasnt fighting them, and let herself be put into a large cage. She also guessed the one who saved her was the boss, as he gave commands, and they followed.

The cage was taken and put into a truck, and the humans went inside the truck while Felisha's cage was put in the back of it. She had good ears, but she couldnt make out what they were saying except for that she was being sold to a magician..odd thing to sell to one..a dragon, she thought.


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