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Discovering Freedom

Novel By: Addictedtobooks

12 year Tamarack has conquered and ruled the country with an iron fist. For 12 years Kyra has hidden. Now she's had enough of his terrible reign. She leaves the stone hallways within the mountains and embarks on her fight for freedom for her country but she finds another kind of freedom in the process. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 28, 2010    Reads: 405    Comments: 50    Likes: 11   

(A/N: hi feel free to tell me what you think even if its to tell me its rubbish so I know whether to continue or not. If you have any helpful tips I'd appreciate it as I'm a beginner at this kind of thing. Please comment I'd really appreciate it anyway I'll let you read enjoy!!)

(A/N: Okay I've gone back and checked my tenses hopefully its all in the present tense now)

Chapter 1

I choose my favourite weapon, twin swords. Their hilts felt solid beneath my grip as I started my warm up exercises, their movements are so familiar, I do not think, I just move. I make long fluid motions as if the swords are extensions of my arms while losing myself in the steps. Concentration fixed onto my features. This is what I love, it is like I am in my own world where it is just me and the weapons beneath my grip.

Dripping with sweat I turn as a tall dark haired boy pads grinning into the practice room. I glare at him annoyed he broke my concentration, but still feel the corners of my mouth slowly form a smile.

"Hey sis, you working on any new moves?" he asks.

"Kayleb, I was warming up before you came in, and it's not any of your business whether I am working on a new move." I answer trying to be haughty but failing miserably.

"Anyway Dagon wants us in the herb room for lessons" Kayleb says still grinning at me.

"Give me ten minutes so I can shower and get changed" I answer while casually returning the swords to the rack.

I jog to my room, looking forward to the feel of hot water washing away all the sweat and grime that had gathered. Several minutes later I am staring into the mirror. A girl with black hair pulled back into a ponytail with eyes so dark they looked black gazes back. I look down and follow the white scar that trails across the back of my hand and wraps itself along my right arm. Almost like instinct my left hand reaches to my right shoulder to feel the letter carved there.Flashes of memory pass through my mind.

Screams filled the air and the sound of fighting resonated through the night.I fell out of bed and stumbled out of the room, only getting to the doorway in time to see my father slaughtered. Smoke swirled around and flames lit the night turning the sky blood red.Silhouetted against it was a giant of a man standing over my father's body.

My eyes were drawn to where my mother was. She lay there, unmoving. Confused I turned back to the big man. He pulled his sword from the body and stepped forward. I could see his leering face oozing hate. I stood transfixed with terror as I began to understand what had happened. I heard weeping and more sensed than saw my mother fling herself onto my father's body. I cried out. Her face was streaked with blood as tears ran in rivulets down her face.

"Stop!" she yelled with determination, "You have taken my husband from this earth you will not take my daughter's. You will fight me, Tamarack."

"Then so be it." Tamarack replied calmly as he lifted his sword.

My mother took up my father's sword, from his now lifeless grip and charged.

The fight was short and bloody. Tamarack now loomed over my mother now lying on the ground. Her life blood slowly spilling out soaking into the soil.

"I thought it would never have had to come to this, or at least I hoped. I never wanted to hurt you Jaya but you forced me to. You ripped out my heart when you turned away from me and now I will rip out yours. " He said sorrowfully.

He turned from her to me and grabbed by my arm and cut, cold metal sliced and pain seared through me. I turned to stare into my mother's eyes, I saw apology and helpless anger and love for me. I could hear more screaming and realized it was me. I stopped and could see red painted my arm. Tamarack then turned me and ripped the cloth that covered my shoulder and started to carve the letter 'T'. More pain, black fringed my sight. I collapsed as he dropped me.

"I see your pain now you will feel no more" he cried angrily as he drove his sword into my mother.

All I could feel was pain becoming more and more intense. Then darkness.

I blink, tears pricking my eyes. I turn and walk quickly to the herb room knowing that Dagan would be wondering where I am.Kayleb and Dagon were both deep in conversation as I enter.

As Dagon's head moves my way as he says "Ah here's my other favourite pupil,"

"You mean your only other pupil" I counter, attempting to sound cheerful.

Dagon smiles and starts to show us how to make a poultice for treating festering wounds. Kaleb takes one glance at me and could tell I was not alright.Reaching under the table, he squeezes my hand whilst giving me a reassuring smile. It always annoys me that he knows me so well but then again he is my twin so it can only be expected, although it is at times like now that I am really glad he does. Feeling a bit better I start to concentrate on what Dagon is saying.

Sleeping is like a nightmare for me. Every time I close my eyes I repeatedly see my parent's deaths. I have not slept through the night since they died, I was six. Tonight is no different, I wake up breathing heavily and anger surging through my being. I swing my legs out of bed and pad into to the corridor. I feel calmer with cool solid stone beneath my feet, I walk aimlessly until ending up where I always do, the practice room. I start kicking, punching and moving in an angry erratic dance, losing myself in the motion and physical exhaustion that comes with it. Finally I stop, panting and sweating, I fall to my knees and close my eyes, tears trickle down my face.

After several minutes a woman with dark red hair enters the room, her face set hard but softens as she sees me crying on the floor. She sweeps over and sits next to me. The first I am aware of her is when she gathers me into a tight hug and begins to rock me.

"Shhh, Kyra, I have you. "She whispers soothingly.

"Suri, I feel so useless, I couldn't help them, I couldn't help..." I sob.

Suri's found me like this several times before and so said nothing and held me until I cried myself out.Gently helping me to my feet she steers me to my room. I do not cry every night but I do wake from my recurring nightmares every night, cold and empty. Anger and despair my only companions at night.I catch a glimpse of my eyes, they are like the abyss, dead and hopeless.

The dark claims me.


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