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Eris is a Soul breaker and because of what she is she has had to endure much heartbreak. She has trained herself to be kill and have no regrets but what happens when she meets a man she can’t bring herself to kill? View table of contents...


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Why couldn't I have been normal? I have to be the one that is alone. My mother is dead and my father never hung around long enough to know that I even exist. It's all so strange how one night was the difference between me being who I am and being someone else entirely and in many ways I would have preferred it. At least I would have been human.

Human a concept so farfetched and impossible for me that I might as well give up trying to be normal, to be human. It's something I'm continuously trying to achieve but it's an unreachable goal for what I am.

I don't even get to be what the myths say I don't get to be a werewolf, vampire or even a witch. No I have to be the monster beyond the myths and legends, the thing that not only destroys life but break their very souls before I do.

I am cursed to kill all that I care for. I am worse than the monsters in books and movies. I was born this way. I've come to hate my father the man that helped create me. He is the same as me. We are the same and we are Soul breakers.

We are the all the worst of the myths and legends rolled into one. I have the strength and speed that tops even that of a vampire. I can manipulate emotions to suit my dark needs and of course the last piece of my twisted puzzle, forever without a soul.

I feed off human souls but you can only feed from those you care about or you cannot suck their souls into you. When a human soul dies it naturally goes to the closest person around that they cared about and can stay with them for anything between a couple of minutes to several days depending on how ready they were to die. I don't have a choice. Feed or die and if I don't feed I lose control and fall in love with the nearest guy. I have no choice but to get them to fall in love with me as I can't get anyone but the guy I have fallen in love with to fall in love with me. Don't ask me how it works because I have absolutely no idea. Then to top it all off I have to get them to fall for me in the regular way as the emotion manipulation does not work when I lose control as it requires a certain amount of will which I no longer possess if I get to that point. When they do fall for me I break them and feed off them. It hurts too much to name them all. It took me several years to realise it was easier to kill and feed regularly so there is no hurt to myself.

I never stay in one place for long, the trail of death can never come back to me. It's easier for me to create a string of one night stands, which aren't really one night stands. All I do is lure them into a back room or alley. Then I manipulate their emotions so they care about me and kill them with enough evidence to make it look like a drug deal gone wrong or something to that effect.

Tonight is no different as I push my way through gyrating masses of people doing what apparently passes for dancing. The music blared out a deep rhythmic beat that ignites peoples' primal instincts as they pressed themselves into their partners harder. The flashing lights in the dark room made everything seem surreal and disjointed as no one was in the same place as when they were last caught in the coloured lighting.

"Hey there pretty lady," the bartender grins as he pours a shot for the man next to me while I sat on a barstool.

"Shot of Vodka and have a second one ready." I snap, tonight I am not in the mood to be doing this but I can feel it, the hunger creeping up on me. Well I guess that's what you get when you haven't fed in two weeks. Maybe the vampire stories were right about the hunger and to a certain extent the feeding thing but not what we feed on but it's kind of negligible since a huge number of humans don't believe in the existence of a soul.

"Rough night?" he questions further.

"You could say that," letting a small chuckle fall from my lips before flinging my head back enjoying the burning taste of alcohol on my tongue.

On closer examination he seemed about my age, or more accurately the age I look which is 21, as this is a club somewhere in the middle of Chicago. I have long since given up trying to work out where I am just which city and how long ago I was there. Blonde hair, blue eyes, six pack giving me your standard hot guy. He looked like the type to have been a jock in high school, popular and dated the head cheerleader. Doesn't break the rules but still knows how to have fun. You know that kind of guy and chances are I'm right. He's probably working here for some extra pocket money while he's going to university.

"You going in uni?" he asks while setting my second shot in front of me.

"No starting in the fall, I took a couple years out to see the world. What about you?" the lie falls easy from my lips.

"I go to uni here in Chicago and I'm working here for the extra money." predictable these pretty boys are all the same no exceptions, "so where've you been?"

"Where haven't I been, you name it I've probably been there." I joke, "I take it you have a girlfriend," I follow it up with a smile bordering on flirtatious, knowing that if I am too flirty and he has a girlfriend he'll think I'm a slut but if I don't flirt he'll think I'm just being curious and not really interested and only saying it to make conversation so I keep on the very fine line of flirty so he thinks I'm interested but won't touch him if he's taken. I also only go for hot guys. I may as well enoy some eye candy before I kill them.

"No but I don't think you boyfriend will be very happy to find out you're on your own in a place like this." time to turn on the charm. I never feed off taken men as they are more likely to be in love and even I am not so heartless as to deprive their girlfriends or wives of their presence.I let my borderline flirty smile turn into a seductive one.

"Well he probably would be if I had one," I counter smoothly, "when do you get off, maybe we can grab a drink?"

He glances at the glowing hands of his watch in the gloom," As it so happens I get off now, let's go" he cheerfully announces as he grabs his jacket from beneath the bar.

He takes my hand and pulls me through a door behind the bar into a brightly lit corridor. He squints a little at the sudden brightness and I pretend to. After a couple of seconds he pulls me through a second door into the cool Chicago night.

(A/N: Please comment from the latest chapter if you want to be updated because I am lazy and cannot be bothered to go through all the previous chapters to update people. Thank you!)


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