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I call all heaven in it's power

Novel By: afatrat

This is what happens when mortals fall in love and siblings get ticked off. Krieg=war lucille=a seraph Naofa=leader Gale =wind Falmea=flame Naga=water Ziemi=earth Ande=spirit Lynn=storm Mizani=balance View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 19, 2011    Reads: 70    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   


The beings sat in a circle, whispering urgently. At last, their leader stepped forward. "I name this council meeting begun. Falmea, you may begin." "I belive that my question is the same as what everyone else is thinking. The Sparks are disappearing. The Fey are almost extinct, and Eris is rising. What should we do?" she said. Another replied,"It's those filthy mortals!" he spat,"They'd all marry Eris if they could! I say we blast them!" "Ugh, um, sorry to disappoint you Krieg, but you just can't go around blasting billions of people off the face of the planet." said a third. "Why not? Because it's rude?" Krieg sneered, "Lucille, you always were such a goody-two-shoes. Give it up already." "You need to give up on being a big ol' meaner." "Oh yeah? Well-" "SILENCE!!! Will you never stop?! The fate of the worlds hangs in the balance, and yet even your lives aren't as important as your petty squabbles! You should be ashamed of yourselves! We are Guardians Elemental, not mortals! Jeesh!" Their leader was furious. "No need to get all huffy..." "Sorry Naofa..." "Now that we're all focused, I'd like to know which Sparks are missing. All? Or just a couple? Gale, you start first." "Mine's good." "Falmea? What about yours?" "Gone, almost. I'm fighting as best I can." "I'll send you more help. Naga?" "Drifting." "Very funny. Ziemi?" "Still there." "Ande?" "Losing it." Krieg and Naga laughed. "Yes, yes, hilarious.Lynn?" She raised her hand."Here!" Naofa sighed. "I mean your Spark." "Yeah, I know. I'm not stupid." "Alright, then. Mizani?" "I have a Spark?" Everyone gaped at her. "What? Harmony isn't really an element. It's simply either there, or not. Why would something so uninteresting have a Spark?" "Lucille? Help me out here." Lucille took a deep breath. "Okay. First of all, harmony, a.k.a. balance, is the most powerful weapon you could have. Imagine what would happen if an army lost the ability to walk. If someone's thoughts became more balanced and sharp, or became a meaningless wreck? If the balance of nature itself crumbled? Battles can be prevented, heros can be created, massacres achieved, the next Ice Age could be caused, or you can even make a person simply forget something with harmony and balance at your command. Only the Counsuler herself, Naofa, could stop you, but only by calling on Judgement to set the balance right. Your power is what binds the Sparks together. Your Spark must not vanish. Do you understand me? Your Spark must not vanish." "Um, okay. So, where is it again?" Naofa sighed and put her head in her hand. "Your Spark is your soul-essence, your aura, your mind, if you will. You can conjure it into physical being, but only your Deity can tell you how." "How do I ask, then? Just say,'Judgement, can I talk to you'?"

Mizani's POV

"You called, child?" "M'Lady Judgement!" I gasped, kneeling like everyone else. She chuckled softly. "Oh my. Looks like someone's feeling a little doubtful about their power. Stand up, daughter. You now kneel to no one." "I-I, um, uh...thanks?" "You have a question." "Yep. Oops! I mean, yes ma'am." "Don't worry so much. I'm Justice, not Thanatos. Well?" I gulped. "I, uh, I need to find my Spark. Can you help me?" "Finally! A Keeper who's brave enough to ask! You see, there is a Spark for Balance, but my children haven't had it for centuries, simply because they're all too scared or insecure. You have some of the power, but not your full potential. If you want it back, the only way is through sacrifice." "Anything!" "If you wish to truly commit yourself to me and my way, then you must permanently blind yourself. Do that, and the Spark of Harmony is yours." I stared at Justice for a long time, and she gave me a slow smile, as if to say See, this is why the Spark is mine. As they say, Justice is blind. So it makes sense that her Keepers of Power would be blind. She has a scale for weighing the truth and lies and sins in one hand, and a sword in the other to deliver punishment to the guilty. But her most prominent feature is the cloth around her eyes. Anyway, blinding myself is only fair, right? The task was given to me by Justice herself! "How?" She smiled wider. "Simply close your eyes and tell the truth" whispered in my mind. I was petrified with fear, but reminded myself that Justice, out of all beings, was fair, so this had to be fair. I closed my eyes.


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