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A Hunter's Legend

Novel By: ahunterslegend

For centuries the gods governed the mortals, imposing their laws upon mankind and tolerating no culture that opposed their authority. They oversaw all conducts of life; however, eventually many mortals revolted, hoping to overthrow the gods and and construct their own governments. Many civilizations that throughout the centuries accepted the authority of the gods were abandoning them and joining The Resistance. Growing tired of these tedious rebellions and wishing to restore order, Elijah, lord of all gods, created over a dozen vampire hives and, by accommodating the vampires and exploiting their power, wished to destroy all sinful mortals.

When Selene, a vampire hunter and Elijah's daughter, discovers a vampire hive, she immediately starts searching for a way to help the Hunters stop an impending disaster.

In less the one night the Hunters watch as their world falls apart when thousands of vampires attack dozens of cities and villages. In the ruins of what was once a great empire, a young Hunter and her friends fight the vampires and gods. Long ago the vampires waged war on the empire and were defeated. Now, after centuries, they are called back by the gods to destroy all mortals. Seventeen year old Selene and her tiger, Demon, fight to save humanity. It is time for man to be free of the gods. It is time for man to shatter their shackles of slavery and flourish. View table of contents...


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Selene's cloak rustled over the untrimmed grass that, once neglected by man and with nature's assistance, had grown wild, as she approached an oval shaped pool that had been eagerly devoured by the shadows of the night. Selene gazed, gloomy and dead-like, at the glistering water resting comfortably inside the pool, as though expecting a demon to emerge from its depths; however, all but the refreshing breeze that rattled the restless tree leaves was motionless.

Selene, after a somewhat time consuming glare, ran her trembling fingertips down the center of the cold stone buried at the pool's head. Then, in silence, she stared at the name Vole El Zoë written on the tombstone and as though seeing a ghost unexpectedly materialize inside a coffin and approached her, Selene's features turned cold. Her eyes uncontrollably darted to the corpse floating at the bottom of the pool and watched it drift from side to side with an undisturbed calmness. Selene felt something mesmerizing in the way in which the body moved and sinking to her knees, her eyes still fixed on the soulless man, Selene bent forward and placed her palms on the long grass.

Like crystal, the pool of water shown in the dim moonlight that, surprisingly, had the strength to pierce through the clouds that covered the heavens with haze. A storm was approaching; Selene sensed it in the air. Then, the silver beams of moonlight vanished behind the accumulating mist and a shadow enveloped Selene acquainting her with darkness. The gloom comforted Selene; it hid her from the world and had, throughout her young life, protected her in countless battles. Her clothes melded with the devouring black of the night. She liked being concealed. She was safe in the dusk.

Hovering over the pool, still looking at the silent corpse it slowly consumed, Selene obeyed her instincts, and, ignoring the frustrating humming noise in her mind, lowered her hands into the ice water and picked up the body with trembling fingers. All was quiet but the miserable sound of her thumping heart pounding in her eardrums and the hum in her skull. All was dark but the spark in Selene's eyes. The world around the young woman seemed dead as she let the corpse rest on the icy grass.

A thick silence surrounded her as she gazed at her mentor's old face, tears now rolling down Selene's cheeks, and pressed her palm, still dripping with water, over Vole El Zoë's naked chest. The icy flesh, strained from life, burnt her skin.

Selene kept kneeling, unable to move, and ignored the freezing water dripping down her arms and the stinging wind, hissing like a whip, which lashed out and viciously burnt her face. For years, they battled the vampires together, Vole El Zoë and her. He was the closest thing she had to a father; he trained her after she escaped from the city of gods.

Concentrating, Selene awakened the final impression and memories imprinted by Vole's soul upon his body. She wanted to visit his last recollections before he died and was using magic to achieve her desire.

A sudden flash of lightning filled the sky, illuminating the dark clouds with stunning bright blue, followed by shattering thunder. Selene glanced up at the black sky, and before she could flinch, the world around her vanished and she found herself in a dark cave with massive walls and a high, unseen ceiling. If not for the darkness, Selene would have sworn she was positioned besides two cliffs. Lightning continued to crackle from above overpowering the shadows with quick bursts, and the humming in her mind engulfed her thoughts. Figures, she sensed, ran around her in circles, but as she turned her head to look, they would vanish.

The ceiling above her exploded with beams of bright-red light, and she saw them, in the bursts, thousands of vampires, bigger and faster than any vampire she had ever encountered, leaping forward from the walls and small caves. Their naked, pale skin glittered in the dazzling blasts of blinding light, and their thick muscles tightened as they glided through space. Selene wanted to scream, but her throat was so dry and the humming in her mind was overwhelming; she could not make a sound.

The wave of slimy vampires crashed into Selene's body, throwing her off her feet and sending her flying. Every bone within her shattered, and she smashed into the ground and lay still. Not slowing, the monsters soon surrounded her broken frame and started tearing her flesh. The pain burnt her nerves but still she could not scream.


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