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The Nightwood Saga: Fangs

Novel By: aishaelizabeth

“Excuse me, while I fall apart. Don't flatter yourself, SWEETHEART.”

15 year old Savanah Marxx has issues. Her parents murdered and her older brother kidnapped all right in front of her eyes, three years ago. Just when things seemed to be getting better she is abducted from her older sister's home by a pureblood vampire. Who also happens to be the obnoxious, mean, son of the devil. Literally...

2546 year old vampire Kale Keiran Gallagher has had his fair share of disappointments in life. After the disappearance of his female girlfriend his eternal life flipped 350 degrees. Kale is NOT the friendly, accepting person as he was five years ago and he is determined to prove it to his father. No one other then Lucifer himself.

Buckle up, because this is gonna be a hell of a ride! View table of contents...


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The stone cold fingers of my best friend pressed againest my cheekbones as my brother took another shot at the boy beside me. The boy snickered at his attempts and kept one hand on mine as we ran away from my brother laughing. Icicles began to drip sending a chilling feeling down my spine, Usually I just stayed inside during weather like this, but my brother had forced me to come out side.

I smiled thoughtfully and glanced at the two wonderful, cocky, rude boys. The boy beside me decided to take another shot, just to prove that he could hit me. I glared at the boy but then smiled. There was no way that I could stay mad at him. I just couldn't.

Looking back on those memories now I wish I could have savored them more. Life takes unexpected turns sometimes and sometimes you don't get a

Second chance.


"Nick!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as my best friend and brother Matthew were being held againest their will. Nicholas wiggled to try to get out of the mans arms, as Matt jammed his elbow into one of the men's cheek bones, which prompted his elbow to break.

He screamed in pain as I rushed to hug him. I cried and softly touched Matt's shaved hair. This was real. And for just one moment, I felt safe. Safer then I had ever been. I begged with all of my heart that this horrific night would be over, and that everything would remain the same.

That's when the man regained conscientiousness and tore Matt away from me. " Savanah, get out of here!" blared Matt as a man tailored in all black walked towards me with a powerful mien. The blood of my mother and father was splattered on the floor beneath me.

I shivered in fear as the man came closer.

Deliberately he kneeled down to my level. Silence took over as Matt and Nick were dragged away from my now grubby living room .

Then the man tentatively put his right hand index finger to his mouth." Shh....... you saw nothing." His eyes almost appeared crimson, in the moonlight that was gleaming through one of the windows.

As my eye sight paned out I barely made out the outline of a baseball bat.

" And that's the last thing I remember. The next thing I knew I was in my own bed with the police scrambling to find Matt and Nick." I rolled my hands softly againest my lap as I said this.

My therapist looked deeply into my eyes, probably trying to figure out why none of my other therapists had been able to cure me of this agonizing pain .

" Well that sounds like quite a dramatizing experience. Savanah, if you don't mind me asking.....".

" Matt and Nick were never found," I had been asked that question so many times that I was beginning to question my story telling skills.

" So now Savanah. How long as it been?" I shrugged thoughtfully.

" Five years ." I continued.

" At the time I was a scared ten year old girl, and Matt and Nick were older then me. Not by much, I mean they were only eleven and twelve. I still felt like they could protect me from those things, but I guess they were the ones who needed protecting. I tend to try to block out erroneous memories."

I could tell my therapist was deep in thought now, analyzing the information I had given her so she could give me the next question she was going to ask me.

" Miss. Marxx, have the illusions pasted?" I rolled my eyes and glanced at my best friend Hailey who sat in the corner, almost unable to control her laughter.

So I smiled and stared directly into my therapist's eyes.

"No, not quite."


A wide grin was spoiled by the mustache Hailey wore; she glared at it.

"Do stop licking your lips that way; some man might get the wrong idea about you, and then where would you be?" I was only half kidding.

"Where I want to be, my sweet innocent best friend." She batted her eyelashes outrageously making me laugh.

"So, your date last night?"

"Oh, it was perfect. A perfect catastrophe," Hailey grinned.

"I told you he went to Dalton, right?" She waited for me to nod, all-the-while choking on her own laughter.

"Well, we finally got around to talking about what he studies." Giggles began to emerge, making her slur her words.

"That Brad-Pitt-in-Thelma-and-Louise I was drooling over is here studying to become a doctor!"

"Oh, no!" I sat back and burst into laughter of my own. "What did you do?"

"Oh, I merely suggested that an in-depth knowledge of temptation and sin might help in his work. I even offered to give him a guided tour."

"You didn't!" It was purely rhetorical; knowing Hailey, I was quite sure she had.

"What did he say?"

"I thought I heard him say something promises and virginity"

If I hadn't already finished my drink, I would have choked...

I stared at Hailey and awe and I begun to smile, yeah that is just what I needed a good old fashioned good time. I glanced at the clock behind me that read ten thirty. It was getting late, and if I wasn't back at the apartment soon my older sister Jennifer would have a cow.

Hailey seemed to notice my distress and sighed.

" How have things been?"

I looked up surprised. I should have known that she had figured me out. I mean we had been best friends for years.

After my parents died that night I had moved from foster home to foster home. I had hated it.

All of the moving had made life extremely difficult. I was never in one place long enough to make any friends, well except for Hailey that is.

Over the years I had lived in many different states, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Florida and for the last several years California.

But things were still hard at home with Jennifer my twenty three year old sister. Still my life wasn't normal. I mean I wouldn't say that it was a bad thing but sometimes I did feel lonely.

Jenna and her roommate Alicia made things better but not perfect and with Jenna and Alicia working the horrible hours that they did at the nightclub, I hardly ever got to see them.

Finally I came back to reality as the door bell rang, getting my attention. A man stood in the doorway.

His mysterious honey eyes traveled to mine and I quickly glanced away. The man muttered a quick laugh and preceded to walk to the counter.

After several minutes of staring at the menu looking for a item with lots of caffeine I rose.

This man was incredibly strange. His clothes included a white button up shirt and denim pants.

In his hand he held a black jacket that looked at least three years old.

"Try the Mocha, double shot. It will keep you awake for days."

The man glanced in my direction and nodded agreeing to my answer. I stepped forward and studied the man's face, he looked strangely familiar but most likely it was just me.

He quickly glanced in my direction and caught me peeking. He laughed.

Well I am sure glad, SOMEONE found in amusing!

My cheeks flared into a intense pink color and I looked away unable to make eye contract with this stranger.

"Thank you for the advice..." He walked away and headed towards the door.


I flashed around as quickly as possible only to find that there was no one in sight. I moaned and raced out the door anxiously looking for the man. How did he know my name?

"Savanah, are you alright? You seem a little.... out of it."

I nodded. I knew I wasn't thinking straight. I felt somewhere in between being dizzy and puking and I knew for certain that was not a good sign.

I sighed. It was late anyways, I was probably over exhausted. I needed to take it easy for a while.

"Hale, Can you give me a ride home?"

Hailey smiled and grabbed my hand before pulling me out the door and into her 1988 Red Honda Prelude.

All I needed was a good night sleep and I would feel so much better,

I just knew it.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at my apartment complex. I stared up at the window to see that their were no lights on. I groaned and climbed out of the car.

Great this was going to be a wonderful night.


I painfully made my way up to the third floor and dropped my school bag to the floor with a crash as I took out my keys to open the door.

The door swung open and I stuck my head in turning on the lights and checking for burglars. It actually was quite common to get robbed in Los Angeles, much to my displeasure.

As soon as I had entered and made sure that no one was stalking me I made my way to the apartment turning on lights as I went.

"Jenna, I'm home!" I screamed as I flopped my bag in the living room. No answer.

Slowly I made my way into the bathroom to observe the crazy mess that I called my hair. It was curly alright, every single piece of it. I glanced at my eyes and shuttered as a chilled breeze entered the room.

I set down the mirror in my hand to place my hand on the paint covered mirror that was hanging above the sink.

"Jenna, why don't you just take the mirror down, instead of painting over it?" Jenna shook her head frustrated as she swallowed the four ibuprofen she had in her hand to relieve her ever growing headache. " Savanah, it is not as simple as that." she said as she poured the remainder of her orange juice down the sink. " Why not? What is so bad about mirrors anyways?" Jenna's face hardened and she almost looked pained for a second.

"I am afraid of Bloody Mary, Savanah." she said this sarcasticly but I could see the fear in her mature eyes. She was truly scared of a freaking mirror. I hung my head in defeat as she smiled thinly and pulled me into a hug. " Your gonna like it here, don't worry. Everything is going to be fine. Just wait and see. Before you know it you will have tons of friends and I will have to drag you home like in the old days."

I smiled at the memory of my first night here. She had tried to make me feel warm and welcome even though she was deeply depressed about the loss of our parents.

I placed the hand held mirror back in the drawer and made my way to the coach to watch some television.

I ran through the channels carefully trying not to miss anything that I might find interesting.

My eyes widened in excitement as I saw the name of my favorite movie on the menu.

I quickly changed the channel interested in seeing what part of the movie it was at.

It was Lost Boys, one of my all time classic movie favorites and happily was at one of my favorite scenes. I quickly glanced at the door as the nob turned. I was frightened, mostly because I had just seen a vampire jump out on the screen at me.

I glanced uneasily at the door when Alicia barged her way in with three bags of groceries in her hands. I smiled and quickly raced over to help her bring in the remainder of the bags.

" Oh my lord. Thank you Savanah. If it wasn't for you I don't think that I would be standing right now." I grinned and glanced at the clock which read eleven fifteen.

Alicia leaned over the back of the couch and cheered as the main vampire David, was stabbed through the chest.

I giggled and glanced at just-got-home Jenna who also now had her attention on the television set.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked in disgust at the screen.

" What Jen, don't like vampires?" She tensed and smiled weakly.

" Their just parasites." Her eyes remained narrowed as Alicia cleared her throat.

" Come on Jenna, It is just a movie after all."

Jennifer rolled her eyes and took her long brunette hair down from her ponytail. Alicia smiled and ran her fingers through her own blonde and black hair.

They glanced at the clock again and I sighed.

" Go ahead. I know that you guys wanna go out. It's alright to leave me here. I am a big girl, I can take care of myself you know." Jenna smiled and walked over to hug me. I loved my older sister.

" Alright Savanah. Call us if you need anything alright?"

I nodded as they grabbed their purses and walked out the door. I was alone again, but it really didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.

Swiftly I turned off the television and made my way towards the bathroom where I stripped off all of my clothes and took a nice long relaxing shower.

An hour later I emerged feeling refreshed and dressed in new clothes. I quickly made my way towards the kitchen to grab a swig of the orange juice in the refrigerator and I froze.

There was a silhouette of a boy in the living room.

I couldn't breathe...no that was a lie.

I could breathe, I just wasn't breathing. I have no idea why, and it probably wasn't a healthy choice to forget how to do it.

In fact, it was probably making me even stupider because of the lack of oxygen reaching my brain.

However, no matter how many times I reminded myself of the necessity of breathing, my body didn't respond.

This boy put a new definition to the phrase "taking my breath away".

My mouth dropped open--without my permission by the way--and immediately demanded a reaction from the young man in front of me.

He moved so fast that I didn't even realize he had covered my mouth and pushed me against the wall.

Apparently it had seemed like I was going to scream when my mouth fell open...good, at least he didn't assume I was gawking at him...even though I was.

My face turned another shade of red as I contemplated how close his body was to mine.

His very hot body at that. Quickly I shut my eyes and ran thoughts through my head, distracting me from the situation.

Blushing, caused by the act of blood rushing to one's face...

My train of thought was cut off as the boy in front of me spoke.

And this boy's voice was godly, not to mention attractive, angelic, dreamy, hot and any other word that would be used to describe someone's voice or appearance.

Coincidentally, this group of words applies to both for him.

"Can't have you screaming for your sister just yet." His other hand was against the wall beside my head, bringing his face very close to mine.

His hand was freezing, but at the degree my face was burning he might have to jolt backwards to avoid having a permanent scorch mark on his hand.

However, he didn't move, which made me fidget uncomfortably.

This incredibly attractive boy, was staring directly into my eyes with his beautiful black ones...Wait a minute...they were blue a minute ago, weren't they?

I could've sworn on it. Oh well, I'm imagining things again. Good for me.

I was too stunned by his voice to respond, and even if I could respond my voice probably would have cracked, damn my awkwardness.

Okay, you know how the majority of teenagers are awkward when it comes to talking to the opposite sex, right?

Well I have it ten times worse than any other girl out there. And that's even with the ugly guys that I have no interest in. So imagine me talking to this definition of hotness.

Yeah, I'm laughing too, pretty sad really

However, before I could actually muster up a response, the boy in front of me pulled his hand back, obviously content in noticing I wasn't going to scream.

"Savanah Marxx, daughter of Joni and Trevor Marxx. Right?" he had put it in the form of a question, and yet it sounded more like he was stating a fact...which he was.

But how did he know that?

Finally, and I mean finally my body decided to react to something I told it to do.

I rolled along the wall until I was away from the young man, or at least so that I was at a comfortable distance. Hmm, however, he didn't seem mad.

Actually, he was smiling, well I suppose it was more so, smirking, a dazzling smirk at that. And yet it was haughty and made me want to smack him.

"How do you know my family?" I asked warily, now feeling as though I was dealing with a stalker. The boy continued to smile,

"Well, Savanah, I don't exactly feel obligated to answer that."

I frowned, he didn't feel obligated? What kind of shit was that? He was talking about my family here.

Before I could bring this up, I blinked and the boy was directly in front of me again.

I yelped and hit my head on the wall, dazing myself like an idiot.

The boy wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me against him, causing me to cringe. He was so far in my bubble, it might as well have popped.

Now I screamed, yeah, it wasn't a quiet scream either.

Nope, I didn't go on my little cussing sch peal like when I was usually scared. I was quite out of character,

I screamed loud and with my eyes shut, not facing the boy's probably angry face.

I heard him swear in front of me and felt the cold of his body move away from me...It worked?

Damn, maybe I should scream more often.

I heard a chuckle, which made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

"Savanah, Savanah, Savanah . There's no need to fret, I'm not worried about you hurting me."

The young man with black hair and blue eyes stepped forward into the moonlight.

There was no reason in asking,

"How'd you get in here?" Since the window was wide open.

I stole a side glance at the door and noticed that it was closed.



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