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Bride of the Water God

By: Aislinnia

Chapter 1, When Merlin\'s impoverished, desperate village decides to sacrifice him to the Water God Arthur to end a long drought, they believe that drowning one beautiful boy will save their entire community and bring much-needed rain. Only, Merlin is surprised when he\'s to be rescued by the Water God instead.


Bride of the Water God

Merlin/BOTWG crossover




“I'm sorry honey, I'm so sorry.” That was the sad sound of Hunith Emrys' voice. That day, which was just as gloomy as a funeral, was Merlin's wedding day.




“Hey kid, the matchmaker gave you two red strings, which means you'll love two people in the future.” Suddenly Merlin's mother abruptly grabbed her child's hand and brought him back to their home. “Merlin! Come here! How many times have I told you not to wander off alone? You could have been taken!” And all the while the little boy just looked at her, eyes blank and wondered Who said that?




He sat on a wooden plank and that was being carried by several of the strongest villagers. Sad music played as he was carried through town. The plank wasn't comfortable but his delicate robes cushioned his behind. Villagers came out of their homes to bow in honor at Merlin's presence and Merlin immediately felt depressed. “So, he's the bride of the Water God?” Merlin stiffened visibly at the people's gossip.


“That's the child who received the divine revelation.”


“Poor thing, he's so young.”


The voice became louder and louder as Merlin leaned to the side a bit.


“There's nothing we can do. It's been dry for years now. The well has been dry for a while too.” Besides the farming problems there's only a little bit of water left for us to drink.”


“Someone needs to be sacrificed on our behalf.”


Merlin wanted to yell and scream and shout and tell them all they were wrong. That they shouldn't speak behind his back, that they should be thankful he was about to die for them. But instead he continued to look forward, to look elegant, to look regal and heavenly, to look...






The waters were calm, the sunlight glistened on the surface. Off in the distance small islands could be seen. Birds flew over and chirped in an enthusiastic manor whilst dragon flies hoovered over the vast ocean waters taunting the fish beneath them.


Over all it seemed like a good day to die.


The villagers followed Merlin to the shoreline as they said their goodbyes and expressed their sympathy to him. “Please don't hate us. We didn't want this to happen either...” An old woman carry cloths said.

“But Merlin – I'm glad you're going”


A couple of people nodded their heads. “We're very thankful to you. We can now all live because of you.” Merlin only shut his eyes tight and breathed in a steady pattern. It's a lie...


They all really wanted him gone, he knew it. He was useless and a waste to the village, many of the village kids had told him he was no good and shouldn't be there. Mother's didn't let their children play with him, no one liked Merlin and although each and everyday his mother would comfort him in bed and tell him the he is worth something and that one day he'd change a good kind of sense.


But he didn't want to go. No, he wanted to stay with his mother and his younger sister Freya. He wanted to sneak out at dawn and put his feet in the shallow murky streams that passed through the land.

He didn't want to die, not yet, and it wasn't till his mother squeezed him in a giant bear hug that he realized he was crying.


He clung onto her battered clothes sweaty, sad, and desperate before a couple of people separated them and sent Merlin away in the boat as quickly as possible.




The boat slowly drifted onwards into the great waters for several hours. Raising his head towards the sun Merlin took in a deep breath of air. He was still crying but only from the amount of wind stinging his eyes. I don't care what happens to my village...He thought, But -


Suddenly the calm waters shook furiously dumping Merlin into the depths of the ocean. Waves the size of mountains clashed with Merlin and he was carried father away from the boat and any land. He struggled to stay above the surface kicking furiously with fear, it wasn't until the next wave hit him that Merlin was finally pushed under. He felt his lungs fill with the salty liquid and slowly his mind turned blank. But not before thinking, Please Water God...Please!


And he blacked out.



The sound of familiar gulls echoed through Merlin's mind and he woke up with a jolt. Amazingly he was fine, although a bit of water came up. He sat up and checked his surroundings. “...sand?” It was indeed sand beneath him and it was really hot! Merlin winced at the unsuspected heat, so yea...he was on a beach then, and he was alive.


I'm alive...


Merlin grinned so wide his face looked pained.


He stood abruptly and shuddered at the cold air that hit his body full blast. Then Merlin looked down to only find that all of his robes except one we all gone. Merlin felt his cheeks heat at the sudden realization although no one was watching.




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