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.The Fifth Level.

Novel By: Aleauea

All they have is one chance. But there is fourteen of them. That seems hardley fair, doesn't it?
It seems even more unfair when your Sasha (Sash) Redbrook, the 15 yearold who is desperatly trying to save her sister. She promises that she'll help her live until the end. Then the unmentionable happens. Something that she was trying to avoide the whole time. She falls in love.
But, as I said before, there is only one chance.
And she's the one who's been left to decide there fate. It's the hardest thing she's ever had to do. But it only gets harder, espcially when her new boyfriend becomes so insistent on saving her too.

*People say that this is like the Hunger Games, I don't really think so, though.* View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 - Catching My Breath
I sat on an old wooden chair, looking into a mirror as I made the last few important adjustments to my hair. My ice blue eyes seemed to dance like diamonds as the light from my bedroom window flooded in and reflected off my mirror. Once I was satisfied, I stood up, picking my old black and grey jacket off the floor near my wrought iron bed and putting it on.
I walked down the dreary hallway, past a few more bedrooms and into the living area. I stumbled over a small pink butterfly handbag as I turned towards the kitchen. Tia's, I thought. Tia was my 9 year old, fairy and butterfly obsessed little sister. She had a thick head of blond hair and the brightest blue eyes. Sometimes, I envied her freedom and temper. Mine tended to get out of control. It must be a special bonus you get when you turn 15, not.
My mother was nowhere to be seen when I finally made it into the kitchen, so I opened the cupboard above the stove and took out a mega-sized box of Cornflakes. I stood up on my toes, reaching into the back to find a bowl, only to come up with one of Tia's little pink fairy bowls. Oh well, I thought. Better than nothing I guess.
I tipped the box into the bowl and was rewarded with a miniature landslide of corny goodness. I then put the box back, and opened up a draw filled to the top with cutlery. I picked out a pink fairy spoon to match my pink fairy bowl, chuckling softly to myself as I shovelled my breakfast down my throat as quick as humanly possible.
Suddenly, the alarm I had set on my phone went off and my mother opened the front door and made her way to the bench.
"Morning," she sighed.
"Morning," I chirped back happily.
My mother held up a bag of shopping and I stared at her. Shopping? I thought. Really? At 7 in the morning.
"I've got pancake mix," my mother explained.
"Pancake mix?" I asked.
"Tia was pestering me about it last night." She replied.
Of course, I thought. Tia, the perfect child who has you wrapped around her little finger. But, I couldn't stay mad at her of all people, Tia was sweet and kind, as well as being so perfect. I could always forgive her for being Tia.
"Well," I finally said. "I'm going to be late for school if I don't hurry up."
"Oh, sorry sweetheart. I forgot you like to walk a little bit earlier so you can meet up with your friends." She said.
"Yeah, so see you." I replied in a dreary tone.
My best friends, Lora and Sydney, where waiting for me at the gate. I quickly waved my hand too them before I pushed my way through a crowd of dust bins that smelt faintly of last week's science experiment. Yuck, squid. I held my nose to prevent smelling any more of the squids disgusting smell.
"Hey!" yelled Lora. "Don't forget Murphy's in there!"
"Ha ha," I replied, "Very funny, Lora."
That's what Lora named our squid, Murphy. The reason for calling the squid Murphy? Well, as Lora had explained, it's classified information. I wanted to call it Squidward, but of course that wasn't going to happen.
"Lighten up a little, Sash." Sydney chuckled. "Has Tia been giving you grief again?"
"Yep," I replied.
"What did she do this time?" Lora questioned.
"Well, she was pestering my mum last night about pancake mix. So, my mum went and bought a huge thing of it at 7 am this morning!"
"Spoiled, much," Sydney huffed.
"Agreed," Lora replied. Then we all burst out laughing.
Suddenly, the bell rang and the three of us pushed open the doors, and some of us, for the last time.
"Now, I hope you all did your homework," spat Miss Park. She was my blond-hair, short tempered cat hating music teacher. I quickly took my music sheet out of my blue file and handed it up my row. In front of me sat Lora, and in front of her sat goody-two-shoes Sydney, who happily handed the three papers to her, smiling. I think Miss Park is the only teacher who doesn't like Sydney. Sydney was trying to get on the good side and is still trying too.
"Now, I hope you all did your homework," mimicked one of my class members, Erin Larse. Everybody cracked up laughing, probably because she was so spot-on that it was like they were related in some way. Weird.
The girls ahead of me were gossiping as per usual, and the only boy in music had his ear phones in and was listening to his IPod. Nothing out of the ordinary despite the tense atmosphere around us. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong.
I could feel it. Today is the day.
"Lora," I whispered. Lora immediately turned around.
"I know, Sash," she replied. "It's coming today."
Sydney, who had obviously over heard us with her "fox-like ears" as Lora called them, turned around too, nodding.
"And it's your turn Lora," she said grimly. Then she turned and looked at me. For some reason, Sydney could always tell whose turn it was going to be. "But not yours Sash."
I breathed a sigh of relief for myself. Lora had known that she was going this year, Sydney had told her ages ago, so she was prepared for it. I, on the other hand, not so much.
Sydney was looking at the board the next time she spoke, obviously to Lora and I. "Love will come to those who seek it least." Then added. "It's coming."
Why did Sydney have to talk like that? Good question. Sure she can do things that aren't normal, but seriously? Why does she feel the need to talk like everything is a prophecy? And, "Love will come to those who seek it least?" how can you find it if you're not looking for it or trying to avoid it completely? Sydney never makes any real sense.
"Would ya like ta share what yar talkin' bout wid de class, ladies?" Asked Miss Park. No wonder why she was still a 'Miss', her English was awful. Sydney stood up and clicked her fingers for silence.
"It's coming," she announced calmly. Then, she added "Love will come to those who seek it least. That is all." Then she sat down again, and besides the occasional whisper of "Freak" or "Weirdo" the room was completely silent.
"It's cumin'?" Gasped Miss Park. "Cum on class I gotta tell Principle Laure dat its cumin' so he can let ya all outta school ta get ready for it."
"Is it going to be bad this year, Sydney?" I asked.
"Yep, they're going to take four more than usual this year, Sash."
"Why would they do that?"
"Cause there's not four levels this time, Sash, there's five."
Lora lifted her head and turned to look at Sydney. "Five?" She spat. "It there too many Powerful's this year of something?"
"Something like that, I'm afraid."
Then, my friends and I were completely silent.


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