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The Grey Boy

Novel By: Aleisha Cree

Twins moving into a new house to discover that it was haunted by a benevolent and manevolent ghosts. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 29, 2012    Reads: 55    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   


I hovered soundlessly at the foot of her bed; her name is Reck Buttersoft, the twin of Tech Buttersoft. They were both my age and the excitement of a new playmate warmed my heart.

She breathed softly as she dreamed comfortably. I would protect her from my sister Rem if it was the last thing I did. It won't be, I'm already dead.

I took an unnecessary breath then turned to disappear and reappear in the next room of Lie Buttersoft.

Her room was lighted with purple and black bulbs from the lamps, the walls we painted light pink and she was sitting on her bed that stood near the balcony. She was older, probably around 15 or 16 I think. I could see her light skin prickle with goose bumps as I hovered behind her to see what she was reading.

Witches and vampires? Ha! There are no vampires in the real world, the people are so starved of excitement and a social life that they need an imaginary life to live in. They're lives are so worthless that they need a high from a fictional book, another life to wish for and dream about.

The people are bored, so bored they need the reassurance of fake happiness. That is exactly what Lie is doing, smiling and crying and living the life of the character in the book. Bleh!

"Worthless" I muttered. She shivered but kept on reading as I disappeared into the next room of her little brother Tech Buttersoft. He had a little style at least; his room was blue with posters on the wall of famous women and men.

I usually had fun watching him play basketball in the driveway, his love of sports showed in his room and in his appearance. He also did his chores and work without complain which was rare in a child; he slept in his bed peacefully, his short black hair looking messy around his boyish face.

This boy at least had a purpose in his pointless life. He was aiming for becoming an icewolves hockey player. I think he should just be a basketball player instead, it would be better for him because it's the sport he's best at.

I left him and materialized in front of the parents. Sye and Elizabeth Buttersoft were speaking to each other in soft hushed tones on the living room couch. I watched them laugh and smile at each other. They spoke of the places they wanted to go for tomorrow, it was their anniversary after all.


It sickens me to even think of something so superficial. Love doesn't exist, it's just pretend, these 35 year old adults are just pretending. I'd bet they'd pretend until the rest of their short pointless lives.

Oh but what would I know about love right? I've only been twelve for fifty six years.

I poofed back into Recks room and sat on the chair by her desk. Her room was plain and homey. Beige, grey, brown, and yellow covered almost everything; I loved her sense of style the best. I don't know why I like it better, I never liked it before.

I quickly decided not to dwell on the matter, I tried to look around myself, but my gaze only went to Recks light blonde hair. She got the hair of her father while Tech got the hair of his mother.

They looked identical enough, besides the hair. If you put hats on them and dressed them in the same clothes you wouldn't be able to tell them apart, I've seen it for myself yesterday.

If only I could still sleep, it would get rid of the boring time I spend alone at night. Not that I spend my time with anyone in the day either.

I got up from the seat and hovered above Reck like the little ghost I was, my cold breath washed over her pale angel like features and she shivered briefly before smiling and turning in her sleep.

She always smiles, never have I seen her without a smile on her face, is it fake or is she genuinely happy all the time? She puzzles me, how can she be so happy when nothing good ever comes to her anyway. She's clumsy and foolish most of the time, but no one gets mad at her because she always smiles.

She should quit hogging up all the happiness and share some with me! I sighed with helplessness, no one can hear me, no one can help me, and I'm stuck here forever.

I silently sat at the foot of her bed and watched her sleep for the rest of the night.


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