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Black Contract

Novel By: Alisindra

Devon finds himself in a dark alley and being held at gun point. He knows that the man holding the gun has no intentions on letting him live through the night. Suddenly he was saved by another man, who ripped the gun-men' throat out and drank his blood. The killer then walks away, leaving the body and Devon standing in horror when a voice sounded in his head "You owe me your life now. You belong to me"
(warning: there will be man x man scenes. Don't like don't read) View table of contents...


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Devon hit the end button on his cell phone as he walked out of the packed coffee shop. He slipped his phone back into the pocket of his dark blue wool jacket and sipped from the large paper cup in his right hand. His red and gold hair whipped around his face as the colder air of the city pushed down the street. The streets were busy that evening as crowds quickly walked up and down the wet side pavements. The rain had let up and now the air was cold from its recent shower. The loud sounds of the Friday night traffic hymned along the sounds of people talking on their phones, or with friends.

Stopping at the street corner awaiting in a crowd of loud people dressed for a night out and a few that appeared to be just getting off work. Devon stood among them all taking another sip from his cup watching the traffic indicator on the corner to tell them all when it was safe to walk across, he suddenly felt a small shiver run down his back.

The hairs on his neck stood up on end, alerting him that something had changed around him. Looking away from the traffic sign, he looked around himself carefully, lowering his cup from his mouth. Standing on his right was the same group of people dressed as if they were going to a party, perhaps a bar.

Two guys and three girls, all laughing together. A man on his left was speaking on his cell phone right at his shoulder in a tan colored coat. His once neat hair now ruffled by the insistent wind. A woman stood behind the man with short blond hair and a black coat and slacks. Her face was pinched as if she was bothered by the young man on her left with large headphones on, his head nodding to his music.

Behind him another woman stood texting on her phone along side a man who watched his surroundings impatiently. Just over his shoulder was a man looking right in his direction. His face was covered with a days worth of growth. His hair was stringy and looked as if he hadn't bathed in days. In fact the woman behind Devon kept scrunching up her nose and looking over her shoulder at the man every time she looked up from her cell phone.

His dark eyes just glared at her each time she looked at him. She turned back quickly and shifted to her right, away from him. The man seemed to look right at Devon before he turned back around. He felt like someone was staring holes in the back of his head. He paid it no mind, just thinking he was being a bit paranoid.

Finally the light turned and the signal was given for them to cross.

Walking across the street, his eyes on the other side, his eyes fell on a rather tall man with long dark hair, dressed in dark jeans and a black leather jacket. He was broad and moved with a grace Devon had never seen before, his long legs carrying him closer his way. Dark shades rested over his eyes, which Devon found odd since it was already dark out. The only reason he noticed him was his height, well above anyone around them, his movements and his long hair that fell past his shoulders.

He didn't think anyone kept their hair that long any more.

As they passed each other, the man looked down at him just as their shoulders slightly brushed. Devon looked up just as he looked down. Devon sent him a ghost of a smile in a way of excusing himself for almost touching him and then turned his eyes forward once again.

Once on the other side he looked over his shoulder to see the tall man on the other side of the street looking in his direction. Devon turned back around and kept walking, making his way home.

After a few blocks, and several turns, he got that same feeling once again. The hairs on his neck stood on end sending a small shiver down his back.

Feeling a bit uneasy, he looked back. The street he was on was two blocks away from his apartment. It was a small side street with not too many lights. It was a short cut to his place and he had walked it numerous times without any problems before. But now, he felt as if someone was following him.

Looking back now he noticed someone walking the same route a few paces back. It was definitely a man from the body shape. Taller then Devon and much larger in build. Just as he passed under the light of a street lamp, Devon noticed it was the unkempt man from the street corner. He had followed him, and now they were on a small street away from any crowds and busy traffic.

Those thoughts put Devon on edge.

He turned and quickened his pace, only to hear the man behind him do the same.

That was enough of a message to Devon that he was indeed being followed.

He slipped his hand into his pocket and grabbed his cell phone, taking it out he looked down quickly to unlock the screen, as soon as it cleared a hand grabbed his right arm and yanked him almost off his feet.

Devon tightened his hold on the phone as he began to struggle, dropping his now warm coffee. He opened his mouth to yell for help as he was being dragged into an alley, but the man twisted in his direction and pointed a gun at his chest.

Devon froze only to be yanked further into the alley.

Keeping his eyes on the weapon he didn't put up much of a fight. They turned to the right coming to an dead end. Seeing this Devon began to struggle again. The man almost lost his grip but managed to slam him into a wall stunning him for a moment and then shoved him up against the bricks of the wet wall. The only light was further down the alley, the spot they stood was cast with shadows, but enough light that they could see one another.

The man looked down at Devon with cold dark eyes. "Give me your money" he breathed out, pushing the gun into Devon's chest.

Devon's palms began to sweat, his breathing hitched, and his heart skipped as he felt the pressure of the cold barrel against his ribs. He didn't look away from the mans face as he reached slowly with his left hand into his pocket for his wallet. The folded leather was fat with cash since it had been his pay day and he had chased his checks. He handed it to the man without protest.

Snatching it from his hand the man took a step back, his unshaven face cold and devoid of any emotions. He met Devon's frightened gaze with a flat look.

Their eyes locked with each other in silence.

Devon's could see it in his eyes. He just knew. This man wasn't going to let him walk away.

His heart began to slam in his chest as if it was trying to break free. His breathing picked up as his pulse raced through him. His mouth went dry as the man began to raise the gun and leveled it at his head. He couldn't move, his whole body stiffened in fear and began to shake.

He couldn't feel anything, not the cold around him, nor the wetness of the brick wall behind him seeping into the wool of his coat. His mind went blank as he watched the man pull back the hammer back of the hand gun, the clicking sound echoing through his ears along with the pounding of his heat and rushing blood through his veins.

He couldn't look away as the mans finger began to tighten around the trigger. He couldn't even look away no matter how much he wanted to.

Suddenly something moved past his vision just as the sound of the gun going off sounded through the silent air.

Devon eyes closed at that instant, he flinched violently, smacking into the wall behind him. He was sure he heard the gun go off, but he didn't feel anything. He lifted a shaking hand to his forehead and touched it with trembling fingers. He didn't feel anything, no hole, nor blood. He pulled his hand down and looked to find it unstained.

Not understanding what had happened he looked up once again towards the man that had stood before him. His eyes widened in shock, his mouth fell opened at the site before him.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

His heart picked up again as he tried to make sense of what was happening. His whole body trembled as the scene played out before him. His mind once again went blank, his tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth, he couldn't even make the tiniest of sound. His lungs worked over time to in drag air as sounds of the man screams sounded past the loud pulse of his racing heart.

Then he locked gazes with a pair of orbs that looked as if they had lost all color.

His breathing almost stopped then and there as his mind began to process again only to ask one question.

What the hell was going on?


Devon sat up in his bed, waking in a cold sweat from his nightmare.

He quickly looked around his room that was dimly lit by the street lamps outside through partially opened curtains.

He was home. He was safe.

He kept repeating to himself, trying to calm down. It didn't help his shaking, nor the nightmares.

The same dream again. It was always the same dream.

He been having it ever since the robbery two weeks ago.

He sighed.

He doubted that he would be getting any more sleep tonight. He closed his eyes and instantly the image of the two men came. One being held and being .feed upon by the other behind him.

Devon had stood rooted to the spot as icy green eyes met his.

"You belong to me now"

He had heard that voice as sure as he was sitting on his ruffled bed drenched in sweat. The others lips were around the mans throat, and yet he still spoke to him. He had told this story to the cops when he shook himself enough out of his shock to call them.

Of course they had thought that he was delusional. He had just witnessed a very gruesome murder after all.

He groaned and dropped his head to his knees and wrapped his arms around his legs. He knew what he saw. But no one really believed him.

He sighed again.

He could hardly blame them. If someone else had told him the same story he was sure he wouldn't have believed them either. Throwing the covers off himself he swung his legs over the side of his queen bed and got to his feet. He went to the attached bath and switched on the lights.

He flinched at the brightness as his eyes adjusted. He looked at himself in the mirror above his white, black and gray marble vanity. What he saw saddened him even more. His red and gold hair was messed from his tossing and turning in his bed. His blue green eyes were smudged with black circles from lack of sleep.

His almost heart shaped face was too thin now. High cheek bones and his eyes with long and curling lashes were too large for his now thinned out face. His once rosy colored lips were now pale and cracked. His friends called him cupid because of his pretty face, and people tended to stare at him when they first met him. Now they would be staring for a different reason. His slim body, with its slim muscles looked as if he had lost a lot of weight. It was five pounds at the most, but standing at five foot nine and his slender build made it seem like much more. No wonder his friends were worried about him.

No wonder they looked at him with such concern. He ate very little since that night. Food held no appeal to him. He only ate enough to keep from dying. He looked around his bathroom with it white subway tiles that ran up the walls almost head level and the white plaster walls.

He went to the tub and shower combination and turned on the water for a shower. He stripped off his pants and got in under the water. He closed his eyes and that face appeared once again. Those icy green eyes locking him into watching as he drained that man of all his life blood. He shivered under the warm water. He opened his eyes and grabbed his soap and began to scrub the sweat from his body.

Once he was done and dry he went back to his room and putting on a pair of clean pants he went to his door to go to the kitchen. When he opened his door a loud feminine squeal followed by laughter came from the bedroom across the hall. Devon shrugged and went towards the kitchen.

Josh had company.

Nothing new.

He walked through the living room with it dark furniture, and as he almost reached the kitchen when, a movement caught his eye from his left side. He froze and turned his head slowly. His breathe caught in his chest , his whole body went numb from shock.

There standing not even five feet away was a tall figure. Icy green eyes met blue green as they looked at each other.

The window behind the stranger was open.

Devon watched in stunned horror as the stranger approached him.

"I have come to collect on your debt."

That voice again, though his lips didn't move.

Devon's heart began to race as he closed the distance between them. He couldn't move, he couldn't utter a sound. The stranger stopped close to him and lifted a hand to touch his jaw. Devon broke out in a cold sweat as nails gently traced his jaw line. He couldn't do anything but look up at this man, he remembered vividly him killing that man, and he thought to himself, he was going to die now.

"No, I will let you live, for now"

Once again his lips did not move. Devon felt a cool hand go around his wrist and then he was being pulled towards the couch. He followed slowly, reluctantly.

The stranger turned to look down at him. His eyes were now so transparent they almost lost all color. Devon tried to take a step back. The stranger tightened his grip around his wrist sending a shot of pain up his arm. Devon went still. This person was strong enough to kill a man twice Devon's size with ease, he could easily break him.

Before he knew it, Devon hit the couch and the stranger was over him,straddling his hips and leaning down over him until their noses touched.

How did that happen?

Devon gripped the black cushion under him as he tried to pull back some. It was of no use. The stranger lowered his head into Devon' neck and took a deep breathe.

Shivers ran up Devon' spine. What was he doing? Then he remembered this mans mouth on the others throat. He went still.

"Relax. I am not going to kill you." that voice said.

The stranger then ran a hand into Devon' hair, running his nails lightly over the scalp. Devon bit his lip. Suddenly the stranger tightened his hold in his hair and roughly pulled Devon' head back.

Devon winced slightly and then he felt the stranger kiss his neck gently. Devon twitched. He had never allowed a man do these things to him before, nor did he have any interest too. But he couldn't help the helpless groan that came from his lips as the stranger licked his neck. He then moved to Devon' ear and licked there as well. Devon' eyes closed and he arched his back some into him. The stranger then brought a hand up and traced his collar bone with his nails lightly. He then lifted his head and kissed Devon.

Devon gasped in surprise and he took that moment to deepen the kiss to taste him fully. Devon' hands came up to the strangers shoulders and tried to push him off. He didn't budge. It was like trying to move stone. The stranger took a hold of one of Devon' wrist and twisted. Pain shot up through Devon' arm and he gasped into the kiss. He dropped his hands from the stranger and took a hold of the cushions once more. Breaking the kiss the stranger lowered his head to Devon' neck again, pulling his head back once more.

Devon twisted his head slightly so he could see what his captor was doing. He suddenly felt something sharp run across his skin. He froze just before he felt two stabs into his neck going straight for the artery.

Crying out he tried to buck him off. The stranger simply ignored him and began to draw from him. The strangers eyes closed and he moaned around his hold.

The taste!

He had never found anyone that tasted like this one. He pulled back, and biting his tongue he healed the wound. With his arms still around Devon he lifted his head up to look down on the young man.

He laid there like a rag doll, his head hung limply and his eyes were almost closed. The stranger felt the boys ribs, and he seemed too fragile. This was the first time he had held him, but he knew that he had been healthier when he saw him last. Locking eyes with Devon he sent a very strong impulse into his head.

"You will take better care of yourself. I will return again, and I want you healthy"

Devon nodded weakly to show he had understood. Then his eyes drifted closed.

The stranger got to his feet with Devon easily in his hold and took him to his room. Having spied on Devon for the last two days, he knew which room was his. He placed the smaller man on the bed and looked down at him. He was actually beautiful. He licked his lips. Devon's taste was still there.

Leaning down he whispered into his ear "My name is Lucien. You belong to me from now on."

Devon's eyes fluttered but he didn't open them. He mumbled Lucien' name.

Lucien smiled some. Using his mind to speak to someone was all well. But ones voice carried a lot more power. He swept some hair out of Devon's face, he turned and left the room. He closed the bedroom door behind himself and left the way he had come. Out the window onto the fire escape, went down the latter to the alley below and out onto the streets. They were quiet this time of the night, hardly anyone was out.

The night was cold in Washington. But Lucien didn't mind. He looked back to the building. At the window that was Devon's and then he turned to continue down the quiet street. With his hands in the pockets of his black jeans he walked down the street whistling.

He would definitely be back.


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