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Wild Moon: The Hails Pack

Novel By: Alisindra

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Dorian and his sister Debby created by Artemis Nightshade

Alright, lets make a deal now before you go on. If you are going to read this then leave a comment on each chapter. I would do the same for you, I just added the intro to this chapter, so it's longer then normal. Thank You.

*I am no longer accepting characters*

Kegan groaned at the sound of the alarm going off. A hand slithers from under the warmth of the covers as he reached for the offensive clock on his night stand by the bed. His hand falls short a few times, threatening to send the lamp to the floor. A book sends a dull thud through out the room as it hit the floor. Still not finding it, the covers are pushed off as he raised himself to look for the culprit.

He cuts his golden hazel eye at the bedside, sending the clock a death glare. Then he frowns. He looks around the dimly lit room. His eyes fall on to the boxes. Some opened and empty and some still yet unpacked. He doesn't see the clock on the dresser across from the bed, nor anywhere else in the sparse bedroom.

His frown get more pronounced. He takes a breath and listens closely. Then he mutters a curse as he hears a cry from the room across from his. He stumbled out the bed as he untangle himself quickly from the blankets and sheets.. He hurried to the door and opened it to rush across the hall. He entered the room and cuts on a light.

He looked at the rooms only occupant standing in the crib holding on to the rail. Kegan grins as he walks over "Aww, Kenndi. No need to cry." he stops at the railing looking down with a reassuring smile.

The door creaked as it was pushed a bit wider. He looks over as he lifts the toddler from the crib. A thumb immediately went into her mouth. Kegan looked to the door. Standing there in his pajama pants and rubbing his eyes sleepily, Kalim walked into the room. He stifled a yawn "Morning" he said around his hand.

Kegan smiled as he adjusted the little one in his arms "Morn...." he was distracted by a not so pleasant scent coming from the toddler. He wrinkled his nose a bit. Kalim chuckled at the expression of both Kegan and the bright red headed child, who was smiling around her thumb. He walked forward and took the toddler "I'll change her."

Kegan was more then happy to relinquish Kendra to him. Just then he heard a loud crashing sound across the hall. He frowned as he went to go check it. He walked back to his room and pushed the already half opened door further open. The loud thwacking and crashing sound came from his bed side.

Standing over the clock on the floor, in his boxers, Kain raised his hand once more and sent the hammer down into the clock. It dying wails ceased, plunging the room in silence once again. Kegan watched with wide eyes.

Kain smirked as he stood up straight. His green and gold eyes looked up at Kegan in the door way. He pointed the hammer at the now smashed clock, it entrails scattered on the floor. "It needed to die." he growled.

Kegan frowns at him "You could have just hit the snooze button!" he snaps.

Kain raised a shoulder and let it drop. He began to say something further, just as he heard loud pounding of feet on the wooden floor in the hall. Kegan takes a small step back looking to his right. He watched as Kyler and Kaden raced for the opened hall bath room door. They shoved and slapped at each other as they both tried to be the first to get inside. Kyler gets to the door first only to have Kaden wrap a arm around his waist and pull him back. Kyler twisted in his arms and used the heel of his hand to push Kaden by the cheek, trying to get him to let go. Kaden holds on with a growl.

Another shape darts by them from the nursey and into the bathroom, the door slams shut. The boys stop in mid struggle, Kyler still being held by Kaden around the waist, his hand still in Kaden' face. They both look at the closed door in surprise. Then they both fly at the door and began to pound on it. Kyler voice drowns out Kaden'.

Kegan sighs as he walks towards them. He takes them both by the back of the neck and pulled them from the door. "Kaden use the bath room in your room." he shoves him lightly to get him going. Kaden stumbles a bit before he gains his balance and glares back at Kegan. "Kadence is in there!" he huffs, his hazel gray eyes narrowing a bit.

Kegan sighs inside "Then go use mines." he told him. Kaden grumbles, but he marches towards Kegan's room. Kegan look at Kyler "There's a another bathroom between your and Kain's room. Use that." he tells him as he let him go. Kyler began shaking his head "Kain locked the doors." he tells him.

Kegan looks over his shoulder at Kain as he walked out of his room, hammer in hand. He sees the 'What The Fuck' look on Kegan' face and stops in his tracks. His eyes widen a bit "What?" he asked quickly.

Kegan narrowed his eyes at him "Why would you lock the bathroom doors?"

Kain gave him "I'm innocent' look.

Kegan wasn't buying it. He simply pointed towards his bed room door. Kain' shoulders slumped a bit and he walked away to go unlock the doors. Kegan shook his head a bit as he watched him trudge away. Kyler right behind him.

Kalim walked out of the bathroom and returned back to Kendra's room.. Kegan gave them both a smile when he returned with her in his arms, and then frowned as Kalim looked at him with a slow smile.

Kegan raised a brow at him "What?" he asked him.

Kalim looked up at him, his hazel eyes looking him in the eyes intently "Didn't you forget something this morning Kegan?"

Kegan frowns a bit in concentration. He didn't believe he had forgotten anything. He gave it a good long thought before he looked back at Kalim. "I don't believe I did." he tells him.

Kalim was about open his mouth to tell him. Just at that moment he heard from behind him. "Where the hell are your clothing?!" the voice asked in surprise.

Kegan turned his head and looked to his left at the landing of the stairs. Keithen was standing there, dressed in his jeans, looking at Kegan as if he had lost his mind. Kegan looked down at himself. He closes his eyes at what he sees and groaned.

Kalim turned his head, trying to hide his face, which had a large smile plastered across it. Keithen bit his lip to keep from laughing.

Kegan glare at them both, pointing a finger between the both of them "Not a sound out of either of you" he stormed into his room after that. As soon as he was behind closed doors, Keithen and Kalim began to laugh.

Kegan threw on a pair of sweat pants and then head out of his room to the hall. Loud music pumped from the room on the other side of the stairs. Kalim and Keithen were no longer in the hall. Sighing, Kegan went to the pulsing bedroom door and turned the knob and opened the door. He looked into the room to see Kadence tying his shoe. He whispered his brothers name. Kadence' head snapped up and looked at him, his black hair falling in his blue-green and gold eyes.

Kegan looked at the stereo and then back at him. Kadence gave him a small nod and used his remote to turn the music down some. Kegan didn't say anything else. He gave him a nod and left the room.

He headed down to the kitchen, walking thru the large box crowded foyer. At least the furniture was in place, he thought to himself. Large living room to the right of the stairs, across the large foyer. Dinning room to the left, directly across from the living room. The large double doors to the front of the house several feet away directly ahead of the stairs. He turned and went to the back of the house. and turned right from the open archway of the toy covered family room. Kalim was already there feeding Kendra.

The bright headed toddler chatted in between bite of her oatmeal. Slapping her hands on the tray of the high chair. Keithen had already started on the eggs. A case of a dozen already empty on the large island as he worked on the second one. Food went quickly in a household this size. Kegan walked to the fridge and opened it. He grabbed two packs of breakfast sausages and a full gallon of juice and milk. He turned to began helping with breakfast.

He looked at the time on the small screen on the microwave. Six thirty. They would have just enough time to eat before the others would need to be in school.

Between Keithen and he they had the food done and one the table before the others rushed downstairs at the smell of food. Kalim ate while feeding Kendra , so he was now upstairs getting ready.

The table was in chaos. Kyler and Kaden were arguing loudly, again. Keithen and Kane were shoveling food in their mouths like it was going to slip away, but with a family like theirs, it happened. Look away from your plate long enough and things vanished.

Kadence was quiet, which had became a habit this last year, pushing his eggs around on his plate. The sausages were gone, but he had yet to eat the rest of his food. Keithen had made them just the way he liked. Kyler was steadily slapping Kane's hands away every time he reached for his food, while he was distracted with fighting with Kaden. Kendra was in her high chair still, singing happily to herself while drinking her juice from her sippy cup.

Kegan looked at them all and sighed to himself. 'How did mom and dad deal with this?' he thought to himself, careful for them not to hear him. He say back in his chair just as Kalim came into the kitchen dressed for his first day in his new school.

He had his bag over his shoulder and looked at the others holding a set of keys in his hand. "Hey!! Its time to get going, or we will be late. Keithen you have to drop me off first"

Keithen shoved one last bite into his mouth and got up from the table. He took the keys to the van from Kalim. "Lets go guys. I have to be to my collage before noon."

The others followed. Kadence was the first out the door with a small wave to Kegan as he walked them to the door to see them off. He leaned against the door frame as he watched them pile into the van together. He chuckled when they drove away.

He turned back to the house and closed the door behind him. He looked around the new house. It was large. The five bed room and five and half bath home was suddenly too quiet. Well now eight since he had a wall built in the bonus room above the garage to make certain Kyler and Kain had their own space. And one large bedroom in the massive basement with its own bath where Keithen sleeps made eight.

It was worth it. He couldn't imagine what it would be like if any of them had to share a bedroom. A shiver ran down his back at the thought. He walked back to the kitchen and took Kendra from her seat and made his way to the family room with her.

He took a seat on the large couch and settled her on the floor to play. He turned on the TV above the fire place. He knew there were boxes to unpack. But he just wasn't in the mood. He'd get to it later. For now he wanted the peace.


Dorian pulled into the parking space between two cars. He smiled to him self just a bit. He knew who those cars belonged to. The one on his right, the red two door belonged to Brenden. The one to his left. The same model and year but deep purple belonged to Brenden's twin Brionna. He cut off the engine to his new car, and smiled a bit more when the twins looked his way. He got out and made sure to lock the doors before joining them at the low wall that stood before the white school building.. They have always met at the same place every year, every day. Before school and after.

Brenden smiled at him as he approached, his pale blue eyes lighting up when he realized it was Dorian. Brionna looked up for a moment, her blue eyes a match for her brothers, gave him a small smile then went back to texting on her phone. Her long black hair falling over her shoulder.. She and Dorian had dated for a few weeks the year before. Things didn't exactly work out. He would never again date a friends sibling. The break up hadn't been pretty. But Brendon forgiven him. They had been best friends since grade school after all.

Dorian paid her very little attention as he walked over to stand by his best friend. Brenden looked over at the dark green car and then back at Dorian as he leaned against the wall next to him. "A new year and a new car?" he smiled a bit more at him "What happened to the last one?"

Dorian gave a small shrug "Wanted something better." he answered.

He looked out at the campus as it filled up with students. Some new some old. most he knew, but had changed over the summer. Of course he knew almost everyone, except the freshmen arriving that year. Everyone knew him or of him at least. Like the group of girls that walked by smiling and waving at him. He gave them a smile in return. He remembered only one of their names, and he wasn't all that sure if it was correct. Lisa... Liz... he was sure it was one of those. He had been with all of them at one point.

Brenden watched as the girls walked on, giggling among themselves. He shook his head and looked back at Dorian "Seriously? You dumped all of them and they still smile at you?"

Dorian shrugged a bit "I guess they are still hopeful" he answered.

Brenden opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off when he was tackled to the grass. His tall and athletic build being thrown backwards. Dorian chuckled as he watched his friend trying to get up and away from the small blond on top of him. She had his hands pinned down and sat astride him. Her golden curls falling around her face.

"Eww... get off... . Debby.... Dorian... get your sister!" he pleaded as Debby began leaving pecks all over his face.

Debby stopped and looked down at him with a smile "You know you like it"

Brenden looked at her frowning. "Yeah, like I like a rash to my..."

Dorian stepped in at that time and dragged his sister off of him. He lifted her small frame by the waist with one arm. "Alright. that's enough. No need to bring up that sorry excuse of a subject." he said as he swung her to her feet.

Debby and Brionna laughed. Just as Sara,Debby's best friend and ride to school, walked up stand beside Debby. Sara was a cute girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. Small and rod thin, she and Debby were the same size, except Debby had more of a female body..

Brenden glared up at his friend. "Sorry excuse.... How would you even know ?!" he demanded

Dorian smiled at him "Locker room....." he said, then looked away with a grin "Alisa Hicks..." he trailed off.

Debby Sara and Brionna were now in full fits of laughter.

Brenden looked at him with wide eyes. "Wha... wha... What..." he stuttered

Dorian looked at him and smiled again "So its true??'

Brenden jumped to his feet "No! How would she know anyway! I wouldn't touch her with... " he cut off as Alisa walked up with her arm around one of their friends Justin's arm. Followed by David and his girlfriend of two years Hanna.

Justin was tall, standing at six foot three, his mass consisting of pure muscles, with black hair ,dark eyes and smooth brown skin.. Alisa was short and curvy, hardly reaching her newest boyfriends chest. Her brown hair falling to her shoulders. David was tall as well, with blond hair and blue eyes. He wasn't as large as Justin, but he was smaller by much. Hanna was tall and slim girl with wide blue eyes and dark blond hair. She was no near as curvy as Alisa, but she didn't have to be. She was a beautiful as a model.

Brenden sat back down after a muttered hello to the new comers. Dorian smiled at Jacob. If only he known that they had just been talking about Alisa...

Debby Sara and Brionna were speaking to Alisa and Hanna, like they hadn't seen each other in weeks, though it had been just that weekend since they last spoke. Dorian trialed off from speaking to David and Jacob when he noticed the girls all stopped talking. He noticed that their attention was focused in the same direction, so he looked as well. At first all he saw was some of the students standing around near the front stairs to the school a few feet away. Nothing spectral about that.

There stood the football team with their Barbie look a like girlfriends, near the railing of the stairs. the nerds near by, the so called normals, and ...

Just as then he saw what the girls must have been looking at. It must have been, because it seemed like almost everyone was looking at them. A lot of conversations died, especially among the girls.

There were four of them. Three tall and lean muscled boys with reddish hair and one smaller one, shorter and slightly more slender then the rest, with black hair. They walked together towards the front doors of the school. The smallest one in their center. The larger ones made eye contact with almost everyone as they passed. Making certain to get a least one good look.

Dorian could here nervous giggles from the girls and chatter, even some nervous shifting from some of the guys. He wasn't sure why until the smallest one looked right at him. Dorian blinked. It was only for the smallest moment, but he could have sworn that the new kid had seen everything about him in that one glance. He felt his whole body shiver a bit. Ok, now he understood. That was weird. It had only been a glance, but he felt like he had been sized up and poked through. He watched as they disappeared through the front doors.

"What the hell was that?" Justin asked quietly. He sounded a bit shaken too. Well, Dorian thought, at least he wasn't the only one.

He looked at his large friend and shook his head a bit. "I have no clue" he said after clearing his throat a bit . He wasn't sure he wanted to find out either.


Dorian walked the halls towards the main office. He had been called from first period, not that he didn't mind. He hated math first thing in the morning. But he wondered why he was called at all. He entered the office and walked over to his right, up to the large desk of Ms. Kelly. Her graying hair pulled to the back of her head in a bun. She typed away on the computer before she locked up. Seeing him she gave a small smile and pointed just behind him.

Dorian turned. Sitting across from him were the four guys from earlier, waiting for something. He quickly looked back at Ms. Kelly with a lifted brow.

She smiled at him a bit more "The principal wants you to show them around the school. Since its only first day, you won't be missing out on anything much."

This was true. But why him....

He only nods and turns to the others. He walked over to them and smiled just a bit "Hi, my name is Dorian." he didn't offer a hand out to shake. These guys still gave him a odd feeling.

One of the taller ones stood and gave him a small nod as the other three stood up behind him "My name is Kyler. This is my Twin brother Kain." he indicated the one next to him. They were both the same height and build. Kyler's eyes were a dark green, his auburn hair falling just past his ears. Kain's dark green eyes had gold to them and his hair was darker and a but shorter then his twin. Then Kyler pointed to his left at the other tall one with the shade of auburn and the same length as Kain's. His eyes had more grey in them, but could still be considered hazel. "This is Kaden." then he pointed to the smallest one. "And his twin Kadence" Blue green eyes with gold flecks looked up at him. His black hair was just short of his collar and even though he was smaller then his brothers, he wasn't really toned as well.

Dorian gave another smile "First I'll show you to your lockers" he took their schudles and looked at them. Kyler and Kain were on the top floor with him while Kadence and Kaden were the floor below. He nods and turned to go. They followed him quietly..

For the next hour he showed them around the school campus. Kyler and Kaden were the only two that spoke to him. Kain only spoke when he was asked a question. Kadence didn't say a word. Kaden seemed to be very attentive to his twin, every time Dorian tried to pull him into a conversation with a question, Kaden would answer for him after a moment. He thought it was odd. In fact he found them all odd. They acted normal, to a point. But there were times he could have sworn he saw them sniffing the air sometimes.

Kaden would touch the walls once they appeared some place they hadn't been before. He noticed Kyler do the same as well. And when he had shown them to their lockers, Kyler had distracted him, but he could have sworn he saw Kaden and Kadence lick the tip of their fingers and then run them across their locker doors. Then Kaden had distracted him and the other two had done the same.

He pretended not to have noticed. But Dorian was burning up with curiosity. What was with these guys.

Dorian finally left Kaden and Kadence in their second period class. Both boys were fourteen and in their second year. They should have been in their freshmen year. And Kain and Kyler were juniors at the age of sixteen, so they shared the same floor as the seniors... along with him.

They also had a number of his classes.

So now he had classes with the new odd students. They didn't look like the odd types. They just had this weird aura. And he wasn't the only one that noticed either. Others in their classes were aware of it too. The twins, that didn't really look like twins, they had the same bones, the same height, the shade of hair, except Kains was a bit darker. Kain's eyes were slanted a bit at the ends. His jaw line just a bit softer then his brothers. He was a bit more prettier then his brother.

The girls couldn't stop staring at them. But they didn't seem to notice.

When lunch came around. They both met up with the other two twins. Dorian stopped in his tracks when he saw his sister and her friends sitting with Kaden and Kadence before their brothers joined them. He saw the look on his sisters face when they joined them. Dorian sighed a bit.

Just great. His sister was crushing on the new weird kids.



My werewolves are not the run of the mill type of werewolves.

They prefer to be called Lykaios, which in Greek means wolfish, wolf like ,of wolf.

Most Lykaios are born this way. There for, they are raised with, most times, two Lykaios parents. There are some that have been turned, but it requires more then just a bit or scratch to do so. Most that are turned are willing, some may be forced, depends on the circumstances. Turned Lykaios have more difficulty controlling their wolf side then a natural. Sometimes the heightened senses are too much, or the change is too difficult for them, causing them to lash out. And the full moon for these ones can be the cause even more trouble.

Lykaios are aware of themselves in their transformed state. They may change at any time or place. They have two shapes. Hybrid or full wolf. The full moon does effect them. They do not change to their hybrid form on full moons, they change into their full wolf state, this is the only time their wolf half has full control. They do hunt and run in packs. There are rouges, they tend to stay away from packs, most times they are not welcomed. Humans are not their usual choice of food, though some are known to hunt and kill humans. All depends on the Lykaios


Lykaios mate for life like their full cousins in the wild. When a Lykaios meets his or her other half, they know instantly. The other person can be anyone. Human or other wise. Male or female. It doesn't matter. They will not necessarily turn their mate if they are human, it all depends on said human. Even if the human mate is not turned, they get a bonus of slow aging. They will age once every fifteen years. They will remain healthy for those years, but they can still get terminal sicknesses, such as cancer. Unlike their Lykaios mate they are not immune to these things.

Half breeds. Depending on the type of half breed depends on the characteristics. The Lykaios gene is carried through the female. So if a male Lykaios mate is human, then the child will be human as well. They will have better senses then most humans, immunity to some viruses, better agility, hand and eye coronation, strength, (not too strong) and stamina.

Full bloods. Turn when they reach the age of thirteen. It is not uncommon for the first change to be delayed. Or even skip a full blood, leaving them completely human in a family of Lykaios'. Though this is very rare.

Weaknesses. Silver. It does nothing to them. Wolfs bane will make them stay way, the smell of it. If ingested they can get sick and or die since it acts as a poison. A Lykaios can regrow limbs that have been taken off, except the head. Nor can the head be replaced and they regenerate. Organs will heal quickly, and if removed and they live will grow back, except the heart. Titanium is the only metal that can kill a Lykaios, like in the original legends, (vampires are the ones allergic to silver) Any amount of the metal in their blood stream is deadly. If the metal is removed quickly and purged, then the Lykaios might live.

So there it is. A way to better understand the Lykaios I am creating.


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