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NIght Of Fireflies (Book 2 Darcillia Rays Triology)

Novel By: Allylove123

Darcy is back! Her sister has betrayed her, Her other sister is dead and she still has to decide whether staying in Dream isles or going back to earth is a good idea. But what happens when things get a little more complicated then they need to be.... View table of contents...


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Part 2: Fireflies filled with lies

Where dreams and nightmares collide…. Two kingdoms lay side by side. One of all dreams bright and true, one of nightmares more frightening then you. Turn the pages if you dare. And fall to the curse of nightmare lair. Or be true to yourself and keep to the task. The castle of dreams awaits you at last.

The Final choice is to be made, the truth will be told, the beauty will fade, and the warmth to be regained. The tables will be turned the end will change the faith will bloom and love will be lost. A new character comes in to play with swift and delay to burn the hurt and pain away to deal swiftly with the light of darkness to bring back the light of day.

As a new hero emerges, read on my friends read on for the nightmares have just begun.

Chapter 1: If I die

Then they all gasped as four words appeared on the wall-"DARCILLIA RAYS WILL DIE"- Darcy ran out of the room so fast that no one actually saw her leave. From a far off place stood Delrina shaking her head, "it's done young one… your fate is sealed," "what do you mean her fate is sealed Delrina?" Jeff asked coming out of the trees with a look on his face that could kill anything. "Foolish boy you have done enough already" Delrina said with cruelty dripping from her voice.

She pushed him away and jumped of the balcony spreading her wings. "What are you doing?" Jeff screamed after her. "I'm sorry I can't be with you anymore!" she yelled back. Then she was gone. "I thought you chose me?" Jeff asked wounded. Darcy heard this even the she was in the middle of a transportation portal a single tear slipped from her eye as she walked towards her destination. "I'm sorry" she whispered.

So she did love me he thought as this flashback was shown to him by Delrina. He ran off to find Darcy. Darcy stood in the middle of a pond on the outskirts of the castle. The waterfall was in front of her and she stepped through it immersing herself into the water. Jeff followed unaware of the person following him. Darcy turned towards him and stared. It was like she didn't see he was standing right in front of her.

She beckoned him towards her and he walked forward as he did he heard a beautifully sad song. It was being sung by an amazing voice. He saw Darcy's face change to that of the girl he had danced with at the ball. She was singing for him to come to her. So he did and as he did he felt himself sink into the water until he was drowning. The girl dived into the water and swam towards him, she continued to sing and he heard her name, Angelina. She was a siren she said and she would eat him.

Jeff realized his mistake and tried to swim back up to the surface but he couldn't she had sung him to his death. Her legs turned into a beautiful tail, he was still captivated by her beauty but at the same time knew he had to escape. She grabbed on to him and then pulled him down further beneath the water. Jeff was now scared.

Darcy sat at the surface watching this, shaking her head. She wouldn't waste her time he was going to kill her anyway. If he died she wouldn't. Never mind that he thought she loved him and she did. Never mind that her heart was begging her to jump into the water and save him. Never mind that all that would amount from this was heart break. She jumped in ignoring her head and following her heart.

Darcy grabbed him and pulled. The siren let go winking at her and Darcy knew something bad was going to happen. She felt something pulling her back and gasped as she let go of Jeff who swam up immediately. Darcy couldn't believe this she was sinking and drowning, she was going to die. They'd eventually find her at the bottom of the lake and bury her next to her beloved sister. At this a tear fell from her eyes and she began to except her fate. She felt arms around her soon but instead of pulling her down they moved her upwards. She had swallowed so much water already and her body felt so cold and limp that she thought to herself even if she did make it up she'd die instantly.

"Darcy, it's going to be alright just stay with me please" she realized she had reached the surface and there was someone talking to her but all she could hear was "Darcy, going alright just with please" was it Jeff or someone else saying this. Her eyelids closed and she felt herself being lifted up and moved.

Then she lost all consciousness all feeling in her body. Everything was lost to her at this point. All points in her were gone. If she could think she would have been thinking "am I dying?" of course if she could think shed realize she wasn't dead and that would be the end of that.

She came too several hours later nurses where hobbling around her busy and ready. Moving at speeds unknown to humans it was a wonder she could see them at all but she did. She could tell they were in frenzy, and even though weirder things had happened to her she stared in awe as the moved gracefully around her.

Beautiful and graceful and so unlike herself that tears formed in her simple pink sapphire eyes. "The princess is awake!" was the cry of one of the maids, and just like that they all froze. "Princess, the beautiful princess Darcillia Tarnillia Rays is awake" they purred to her. She stared at all of them and rubbed her head. The queen her mother walked in at this moment.

"Oh Darcy, your awake how wonderful!" her mother said rushing to her daughters side.

"Mommy, what happened to me?" Darcy asked shaking her head.

"You almost drowned, but such a funny thing someone saved you," Her mother replied.

"Who saved me?" Darcy asked her curiosity now peeked. "Well it seems that you will have to wait for the answer as we are expecting them to arrive any moment now, we must get you dressed come on dear" Her mother said ushering her daughter out of bed.

Twenty minutes later Darcy was standing in the middle of a dressing room wearing a floor length strapless dress. It was pink which made the color of her eyes sparkle out, with a puffy flowing skirt and some detailed design to beautiful to describe. Her hair was a sparkly shimmery cascade down her back. "Mother I look ridiculous, are these saviors really all that important?" Darcy asked sitting down to let the maids put on her shoes.

"Darcy, just hush okay, these men saved your life" Queen Tarnillia replied. "Oh, so they're men then?" Darcy said accusingly. "Look you are to meet them now because they have arrived, and later on there will be a ball and another dress. Do you understand Darcy?" The queen said sternly. "Yes mother" and with that Darcy headed down the stairs to meet her saviors.

The Royal Introductory stood at the throne room door and when the princess sat on her throne next to her mother and father he bellowed "The Seven Knights of Dinero" and in walked seven knights all wore shiny silver armor but all had their helmets on. "Will the gentle sir who saved my daughter please step forward and remove his helmet" King Manvigle said. One knight stepped forward and removed his helmet and Darcy's breathe caught. "Your name gentle sir?" the king said smiling.

"Sir Edmond Beccauop," The knight said his voice strong and true. He stood about 6"3, with dark hair and strange eyes, which beamed a beautiful shade of gray. Darcy's heart jumped another three stars. This knight saved her life, this beautiful man saved her life. "You are very welcome here Sir Beccauop, please allow us to comfort your stay on Dream isles" the queen said getting to her feet.

"Thank you very much Madame and monsieur" The knight said walking into the room. Darcy just stared at Edmond as he walked closer to her chair. "Princess, I am honored to have saved your life" and with that he kissed her hand and bowed before her.

"Thank you Sir Edmond for saving my life, in truth it is I who should bow to you" Darcy said getting out of her seat and curtsying to the knight. "You are quite a beautiful princess Darcillia" Edmond said looking her straight in the eyes. "Thank you…." Darcy whimpered. "Sirs the Maids will show you to your rooms" Queen Tarnillia said politely urging him out of the room.

The knights were ushered out by the maids and Darcy crumpled into a gentle heap. As soon as they were out of earshot Queen Tarnillia spoke "Now you see why I wanted you to meet him, these knights roam the world of dreams the world we only see half of, it's a great experience for you the explorer gem of gray also the knight gem" Darcy looked at her mother like she was crazy. "I should go get ready for the party tonight it's in three hours and I have so much to do, like my hair, my nails, my dress, my facial, my makeup, my shoes, a fan to pick out, and decorations!" Darcy said ruining off to her room.

Once there she collapsed into a terrific mass of pink and black. Her heart was racing and if anything she knew making an impression on Edmond was important. Why was she so interested in him? She had Peter and Jeff and a whole other world, she'd have to go back there soon to finish school. She didn't have time to fall for grey eyes and a smile, but then again…one night couldn't hurt; could it?

So Darcy spent one hour with the servants decorating to ball room, sending out invitations, cooking and preparing the castle grounds for the thousands of party goers. Then she spent thirty minutes in a bubble bath and ten minutes washing her hair. After which she spent another ten minutes having her hair combed out by the fairy of hair and shimmered to perfection. Her makeup was done next and after that she was lead to a dress room to pick out a new dress. That's when she saw it; the perfect dress. It was purple with a silver line down the middle with beautiful silver designs on the bodice. "That one!" she squealed with delight.

The fairy of hair looked at the dress and then at her "this just won't do the dress calls for curls and a crown, come along" the fairy said. Thirty minutes later her hair was a mass of beautiful lose curls. A crown was fitted open her head and the sparkles were added later. Then she was put into her dress. The shoes were her finishing touches and when they were done the fairy and the maids admired their work. "Beautiful" they pronounced. When all this was said and done the princess had a minute left and guest had been arriving for two hours now and they weren't all there yet. Even on short notice creatures from all over Dream Isles and Nightmare Island.

All the booths for the attractions had been set up because they were the first to arrive. The princess left her room and trailed off to talk with the people before the party was in full swing. She wandered around the grounds talking to the people all the while receiving compliments. She ate the little snacks laid out for the guest and the people and then they made their way to the formal hall for their dinner.

The dinner was a simple three course meal that included dessert, and then it was off to the dancing. Darcy danced that night away and around twelve her father stopped the festivities to do his honored speech. "Thank you all for coming" King Manvigle said and the whole room went quite.


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