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Night of Nightmares

Novel By: Allylove123

Darcy isn't normal. As a matter of fact she isn't even from our world. But since the sixth grade she's been here. She's made friends and lived a practically normal life. But thats all about to change. Because Darcy can't escape her fate and whats more She can't escape them. Who is "them" well read to find out the awnser might shock you. *authour's note* please comment View table of contents...


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Where dreams and nightmares collide…. Two kingdoms lay side by side. One of all dreams bright and true, one of nightmares more frightening then you. Turn the pages if you dare. And fall to the curse of nightmare lair. Or be true to yourself and keep to the task. The castle of dreams awaits you at last. Beware! Beware, the prince of nightmare lair. For he is one sight you cannot bear. The princess of dreams is beautiful and true find her or he'll find you…..

In the land of regular life not far from ours she has escaped his nasty claws. Or has she? For she has fallen for the prince in the real world too….. Read on my friends read on. The nightmares have only just begun.

Chapter 1: Please don't make me

"You cannot escape destiny young one it will find you and it will find her" said the kingdoms only seer Delrina. "I have to try I can't let her stay here" said Queen Tarnillia. "I will send you through the portal to earth but once your there you must find the two boys who will save her life" replied Delrina. "I will" said Tarnillia "Darcy must promise too" said Delrina. "I promise" said a young Darcy. "Her name is Darcillia" said Queen Tarnillia "when she steps through that portal that will no longer be her name" said Delrina.

Darcy simpleton was scared. She felt his breath on her neck. She smelt mint. Her face in the mirror was almost unrecognizable. She was so pretty she thought but it wasn't her. At least that's what she kept telling herself. She wasn't the pretty girl who was Jordan's girlfriend the one in the mirror she saw.

He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her back. It was a harsh pull and she stumbled as she fell backward. "Shhh, don't say anything" He said sweetly. She felt her tears burn her face. "Awe Baby, don't cry" He said then slapped her across her face.

The pain was searing and she pulled away. He was to fast he grabbed her by the arm pulling back hard. She fell onto the floor her eyes blurring with tears. He dragged her up and she fell into the wall. 'Your pathetic I could kill you" he said his had coming to her throat pushing it. The pressure was robbing her of air.

"Stop please stop I-I-I d-d-didn't do anything" she barely managed. He released and she collapsed the ground "Baby I'm sorry" he said kneeling next to her. "I didn't mean to" he said the force he had used suggested otherwise. She knew better than to say this though. He wrapped his arms around her and she relaxed. He wasn't angry anymore and was holding her like she could break any second.

She let out a soft sigh and said "it's okay Jordan". She smiled sadly, no matter how much he hit her, he did love her. This made her scared. She closed her eyes as he stroked her hair carefully. "I love you Darcy" he said quietly. She couldn't say it back though no matter how much she might have wanted to. Darcy realized, as she drifted off to sleep that the pain was barely noticeable. It was becoming dull like her heart. But that didn't make a difference.

6:00pm Wednesday

"Darcy, wake up" said Jordan carefully tracing her scars. He couldn't believe he had inflected them. He was so sorry about it. He looked at her angelic face. There was a slight redness on her cheek from where he slapped her.

He grabbed an ice pack rubbing it against her cheek. Her eyes flew open. She started to open her mouth then shut it looking frightened. This made him cringe. He didn't want her to be scared of him. He loved her.

He remembered what he had said to her -"your pathetic, I could kill you"- he hadn't meant it she…..Darcy was his life. Close to the only thing that mattered to him. The only reason he had hit her was because of that stupid guy. She was his and she needed to remember. At the same time hurting her was terrible how could he do that to her.

Darcy was an unusual girl purple hair brown highlights. Her purple eyes made her noticeable, to any boy that just looked at her for a second. Her smile brought it all together it could warm the coldest room or person. Her family wasn't in the least normal but that- though frightening- had only made her more intriguing. Jordan was never discouraged to go after her never.

"I can't tell you how sorry I am" he said. She stared at him blankly. "You hit me and threw me into the wall" she said quietly "And you're sorry?" She sat up grabbed her stuff and headed towards the door. "Darcy wait" Jordan said "no I'm done waiting for you to get it I'm not her…. I'm not" and with that she ran out the door not looking back one second. The pain in his head was dull at first but came rushing. He dropped to his knees Darcy had just walked out on him. The difference this time was that she wasn't coming back.

9:00pm Wednesday

"Help me out Please" Mary simpleton shouted at Jason. Jason laughed and pulled her out of the pool into his arm. "Marybeth calm down" he said to her softly. She relaxed in his arms. Mary loved Jason a whole lot and was glad to be in his arms. Jason on the other hand hated getting wet and put her into the chair beside them.

"Mary you really don't have to shout like that" he said thoughtfully. It was true she didn't have to but she liked it. As Jason handed her the towel on the table she kissed him. He kissed her back. She pulled away took the towel from him and ran to change.

9:30pm Wednesday

Darcy walked into the pool house to find Jason on the deck alone checking his messages. "Jason" she called. "Oh Darcy, you scared me, what's up?" he replied. "Nothing, you?" she said looking at her hands. "Nothing, just waiting for Mary" he said studying her.

"Hey what happened to your check" he said getting up to get a better look. He leaned over touching it slightly. She flinched away "he hit me again today" she said. "Jordan hit you?" Jason said almost shocked. "Darcy!" Mary called smiling until she got closer and saw her face.

"Oh Darcy what happened" she cried dropping to her knees in front of her sister. "He hit you again" she asked madly. Darcy nodded and started to cry "I told you to leave him the first time didn't I" Mary cried. "He's done this before?" asked Jason even though he already knew the answer. "Yes your idiot brother has done this before" Darcy said snapping. "I know that" said Jason softly. Mary hugged her sister as she cried more and more. Then examined her bruises some black some blue. Like her bruises and her tears Jason had Jordan's name written all over him. That was the most painful of all.

"Jordan has done this more than once or twice its time he paid for it" said Mary angrily "calls the police now!" she said to Jason. "No!" screamed Darcy. Jason was already on the phone though and Jordan was about to go to jail.

10:00pm Wednesday

Jordan sat at his desk looking at pictures of Darcy he'd taken. He was mad and-just a while ago- had punched a hole in the wall. He was about to go to bed when the doorbell rang. He answered and found two police men at his door. "What can I do for you officers" he asked.

"Jordan march?" they asked kindly. "That would be me" he replied. "You are under the arrest for the assault of Darcy simpleton". "You have the right to remain silent anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law" the officer said as he put the cuffs on him. "You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you".

I'm sorry Darcy, Jordan thought. I shouldn't have hurt you but I did. I'm so, so sorry. I can't take back what I did. I deserve this and for you, Darcy, I'll go quietly he resolved.

4:00am Thursday

Darcy lay in her bed staring at the ceiling. Closing her eyes and remembering it all. "I love you" she had said back to him when he had picked her. He leaned in to kiss her when John wolf passed by. He saw her and had called over. She had looked up and said hi and John had walked away. Jordan- who had sat back up in his car- started it and watched John as he walked away.

"Wow" was all he said as they drove off. She knew she should have ignored john and accepted Jordan's kiss. Maybe it would have made a difference. He had driven her to his house and drove into the garage. He had gotten out of the car opened her door and pulled her out. Then he had almost dragged her into the house.

"How do you know him?" he had asked. "Are you cheating on me?" he had angrily" At this point his grip had gotten tighter and she had yelped. He had turned her around to face the mirror and said "Shhh, don't say anything".

A knock came on her bedroom door pulling Darcy back into the real world. It was her sister checking on her. "Are you okay Darcy" she heard Mary say. "Yes, I'm fine" she replied. Truth was she was scared. She was scared of him and had always done what he'd asked her to. "Go to sleep Darcy" and finally she did. Even though, she was still scared. Even though, she still heard his word in her head. "Your pathetic I could kill you".

6:00am Thursday

Darcy was on her way to class the first bell had just rung. Miranda Clue came up to her blocking her way. "I heard about what happened" she said first sounding apologetic then "your such a liar I bet you just wanted attention, we all know he was going to dump you anyway". "You're so pathetic" Miranda said walking away. Darcy's eyes clouded with tears as she walked to her class. This was why she hadn't wanted to call the police in the first place that and the fact she was scared of Jordan. But she wouldn't let what Miranda said get in her way and she walked to first period encouraged.

Miranda had a crush on Jordan since they were in 6th grade and she hated the fact of how Darcy had walked in and quote "stole my boyfriend". Of course after 8th grade Darcy just became another one of the girls who fell for Jordan's charm.

She wasn't going to deal with Miranda or any of the other girls and that was that. She had been one of those naïve girls who wanted Jordan and didn't care what the cost was. She had fallen for him or the seemingly perfect guy on the surface that he let everyone see. When he had asked her out in 9th grade she had said yes without hesitation.

"You're beautiful" he had said that day. She had smiled and hugged him but he kissed her. She had blushed and had felt like the happiest girl in the world. She had even told him so.

Looking back she wished she knew what she knew now. She wished she hadn't said yes. She wished he hadn't been different. Why couldn't he have been the type of guy to just love her, but not be selfish with her?

"Darcy" she heard a voice say. It was Jason walking up to her. "You forgot your notebook last period" he said. "Oh, thanks" she replied taking the notebook then she walked away.

She wasn't looking and walked into someone. "Oh I'm so sorry" she said dropping her stuff accidently. "Here Darcy let me help you" said a voice she thought she'd never hear again. She looked up and sure enough it was Jeff day, the guy that after 7th grade had moved away. He was Jordan's cousin. She found herself staring into his aqua green eyes. "Let me help you" he said again smiling. "Oh um thanks" she replied shakily as he got down on his knees and helped her pick her stuff up. "Thank you for helping me" she said and then she got up and walked away. "You're welcome" Jeff said called after her.

2:00pm Thursday

"Darcy, are you going to eat?" Mary asked her sister as she walked in. "No I'm not hungry I'm going to sleep" she replied running upstairs to her room. In truth Darcy was wide awake but needed to be alone to think.

She remembered how Jeff had helped her. His eyes Where the most striking when they were in 8th grade. They had only gotten brighter. Then she had walked away from him. She hoped shed see him again. She hadn't been able to think of much else besides him. She sat there thinking about him and finally she fell asleep.

6:30pm Thursday

The doorbell rang. Mary ran to the door and opened it. Outside thedoor was Jeff Day. This made Mary almost scream but she didn't. She knew he'd come back after Jordan was convicted but didn't think too much on it. "Can I help you?" she asked pointedly. "Ah you still don't like me" he replied laughing. "What do you mean of course I like you" Mary said laughing "but seriously what'd you need?" "Here's Darcy's phone I ran into her toady she dropped it" he replied. Then Jeff walked off into the night leaving Mary at the door.

9:30pm Thursday

"I love you Darcy" Jordan said quietly. "Why do you hit me?" She asked terrified. "I love you" he repeated. "Why do you make me cry" she asked. "I love you" he repeated grabbing her arm shaking it. "No" she screamed as he pulled her closer to him picking up a knife- That came from nowhere- and holding it to her arm. "If I die you go with me" he said. He pushed her to the ground.

At this point she was crying. "Baby I love you, your mine" he said kneeling next to her wrapping her in his arms. He took the knife and cut his wrist. "No please don't" she was screaming now. "Stop Please stop" she was now crying and screaming.

"Darcy, Darcy wake up it's just a dream" said Mary shaking her sister awake. "What?" Darcy asked. "It was just a dream sweetie you were screaming" Mary said as she grabbed a tissue wiping her sister's face. "It was Jordan again wasn't it?" Mary asked. Darcy nodded.

"Darcy its over he can't hurt you anymore" Mary said "go back to sleep you have school in the morning, and mom and dad are coming home from their business trip early". Then Mary walked out leaving her sister to remember him. Like the first time he hit her.

"Darcy, hey come hang out with me and John" said Tara. "Okay" Darcy had replied and ran over to her best friends. Tara, john and Darcy sat there and chat about everything from school to books they'd read. Tara had gone to the bathroom by herself and left john and Darcy by themselves.

"Hey do you want to sit with me for lunch later?" said John "Sure" Darcy said smiling. "Darcy what are you doing?" said a voice from behind them. Darcy had turned around and saw Jordan standing there with his brother Jason. "Sitting with my friend" she had replied giggling. "Get lost Loser" Jordan had said to John, and john had left. "That wasn't very nice" she had said. "Come on we need to talk" he had said pulling her off the ground and towards the back of the gym. "Jordan, he's my friend not a" she didn't get to finish because Jordan slapped her. She stumbled backwards. He had pulled her back and she had knocked her head against the wall and blacked out.

She had later woken up in the nurse's office to find him with a knife to his chest. She screamed for him to stop and he had dropped the knife. He had hugged her and promised never to do it again. Even though, she knew he would.

Darcy drifted off to sleep remembering all of it. I can't do this she thought. I'm not strong enough.

*Authours note* hey everyone please coment i'd like some feedback thanks :-)


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