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Broken Destiny

Novel By: Anaria

Love and hate go often hand in hand. It is perfectly natural to feel both emotions at one time or another. But not at the same time or for the same man. Jessebella Savage is the unfortunate recipiant of that fate. Enter Eric James Mathew the very first time she sees him Bella is both repeled and strangely drawn to him. But will getting closer to him mean forsaking every thing she holds dear including her humanity. Because Eric travels somewhere where being human is more than dangerous. Its damn deadly.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 26, 2008    Reads: 181    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

"No absolutely not," I shouted with anger. I slammed my fist down causing the counter to shake. "I will not be place in that class. You told me that when I transfered here I would get the classes I chose. I don't give a damn what is going on just fix the fucking situation."

"I'm sorry Miss Savage I'll see what I can do about this," the secretary said with a scared look at me. It angered me even more god I hated these kinds of people. I snarled at the woman giving her a full veiw of my teeth.

"I don't care what you do just get me into that class," I snapped and stalked angrily away. I hated moving and this time it was ten times worse. I can't believe I had to move because my ex-boyfriend goddamn tried to kill me and nearly succedded too, I thought with disgust. As if that wasn't bad enough these idiots are screwing every thing up I thought angrily.

I punched the wall angrily trying not too lose my temper again. Last time I had the end result was a lot of broken funiture and several minor wounds to my body. I shook my copper brown curls out of my ponytail letting them fall across my back. I let loose a long sigh and closed my eyes counting to ten. One...Two...Three...Four...Five....I took a deep breath. Thats it calm down.

Screech..........The sound of tires squeeling on the asphalt brought me to my senses just in time to dive away from being hit by an oncoming car. "Fucking Idiot," I yelled as the car screeched to a stop. The driver got out and I saw that it was a young man maybe two to three years older than me so about Nineteen-Twenty years old.

"Watch where the hell you are going, you almost ran me over you dumb ass," I screeched in anger my gray eyes flashing dangerously. I walked right up to him and glared.

"Look I'm sorry I didn't see you," He ground out. He looked just as pissed for some reason. Hell he wasn't the one who just nearly had been run over. That made me angrier. He should be on his knees in front of me for god sakes he barely missed me and only because I dove out of the way.

I put my hands to his chest and shoved him angrily. I put enough force behind my shove to knock him off his feet though I hadn't meant to go that far. He flew into the air and landed on the black top with a thud. Uff...the sound came out of his mouth as he land. "What the hell is a matter with you?" he demanded standing up. He dusted himself off looking pissed. I glared at him still in a foul mood. I wanted to take it out on somebody and he was in the perfect place.

"I almost got ran over. What the fuck do you think is the matter with me?" I asked with heavy sarcasm coating my voice. I stepped closer to him and he backed away looking strangely afraid.

"Stay away from me you freak," He yelled and hoped into his car peeling out of there as if the devil himself was on his tail. I stared after him seething still boiling with anger. Not just from the near accident but from months and months of frustration. God I hated my life at the moment I thought darkly.

I stalked over to my waiting car and put the key in the lock I turned it and it clicked open. I yanked the door open and got in. The interior of the car was stifiling hot and confining. I groaned wanting to be any where and any one else but me and here.

I started the car and hit the gass I needed to clear my head and I knew just the place to do it.


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