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Charlene Rachelle Donovon was sort of what you would consider an average sixteen year old girl. She had a family...well sort of. She had a father at least. And Char had lots of friends...okay a hand full. But they were the best. And she was perfectly happy with that life until six months before her sevententh birthday her dad decided to ruin it. First he made her move to a new town in the middle of the school year and then he tells her she's gonna be attending a new private school. Thats when things start getting really wierd. Char's begining to see things that aren't there and she could swear on her life that her new nieghbors are loony bin material. But the one real perk about the move is Jasper William Desiderion. But thats not even going right because he's already taken and Char is starting to think that she is the one destined for the loony bin not her neighbors. But Char is about to find out that maybe she has been living a lie her entire life. Things will come too a boil the night of Friday, October 13th, Char's sevententh birthday. Not everybody is going to survive this one... View table of contents...


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"Honey, sit down we've got to talk," sighed my father Jacob Alexander Donovon in his most fed up voice.

What did I do? Was my first thought and I felt myself begin to sweat. I hated it when dad got like this it made me worry a lot. Since he never used that tone of voice when something good was about to happen. My dad looked bad...when I say he looked bad I really mean it. His usaully lively silver eyes were blood shot and haggard. There were dark circles under them that I swear seemed permently etched on to his face. His prematurely white hair was sticking up in fifty different directions and it looked as if he hadn't combed it in days. I had inherited everything almost from my dad. Except for my temperment, personality, skin color, eye color, and hair (sort of). My skin the color of ivory and looked like porcelin. I had eyes the color of amber and gold and my hair was a silvery blond so light that it practically was just silver.

I hated the fact that I had to be the different one I mean I could have inherited dad's eyes then my hair would have looked a bit more normal. But no I had to have my mother's strange eyes. Whom by the way I have never ever met before. Dad told me that she was dead which made me kind of sad because moms were a pretty important thing in a girl's life. I mean who else are you going to go to with questions on boys? Certainly not my father thats for sure. He'd sooner bring out the shot gun then give me dating advice.

"What's a matter, Dad?" I asked in a small voice my heart pounding so hard in my cheste that I swore it was trying to leap out my throat. I stared at my dad trying to qwuell this feeling of impending doom that was slowly creeping up on me. I didn't want to even go there, I thought to myself sternly. You don't know that he will tell you something that bad, I reasoned to myself trying to sound convinced. I failed because deep down I knew that something was about to happen that I was not going to like.

My dad spoke again. "Char I just got transfer to the city of Troy. Its in the state of Pennsylvania. The people down at the office thought that I would be the best person for the job. They practically said take it or your fired when they told me about it. They agreed to pay for the new house and your school tuition. I deciced since they are paying for it why not use it to my advantage. So in addition to your new house you will be attending a very good private school there." Dad said this with a note of that is final in his voice.

"WHAT?!!" I yelled leaping out of the chair that I had been lounging so comfortably in. "I can't believe your doing this to me," I growled at him angrily tears starting to form at the corner of my eyes. "This is so not fair. I HATE YOU," I yelled and with that I stormed angrily to my room. When I reached the door I yanked it open and then slamed it shut. I did the only thing I could do I cried.


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