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The Small Space

Novel By: angelgirl

Katrina lost her parents in a tragic accident, one she didn't even really learn about. After that she was shipped off to her aunt in sunny southern California. Now enrolled in a small private school, her aunt told her that it was small to make closer bonds and better for mental healing, that isn't quite normal. Soon enough she realizes that the school and it's students aren't just fortunate to be there, but that they're special. In a bad way. View table of contents...


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Staring out the window, on the way to school. A new school, Aunt Judith said it would be good for me, a smaller community to develop closer bonds, one on one teaching and something about mental healing.

The sun was bright outside; a few clouds were spread across the sky. I sat up and turned away from the window as Aunt Judith pulled into a small parking lot. A rather small building was all that was there.
"Where is it?" I asked, turning to her.
"What do you mean Kat? It's right here!"
"This thing? How many students are there?"
"Sixty, including you. Fifteen students in each grade." She was looking at me now; I turned back to the building and stared in awe. Sixty students total! That's less than what I had in my entire grade at my old school.
"Alright, you ready sweetie?" She opened her door and started stepping out. "Are you coming?"
I didn't answer, instead I just stepped out of the car backpack in hand. The first few moments when Aunt Judith was there were the worst. Knowing that my Aunt who's only fifteen years older than me had to walk me into school.
"Hello, I'm Judith Harlan, here to check in my niece Katrina Underwood." Aunt Judith smiled at me.
"Yes, I'm Aemilia, the receptionist here. I'm here every morning from eight o'clock to four." She smiled a large smile. "I'll be right back, let me go get Nadia, she's our director here and she'll be the one to show you to your classroom. You can sit down on the couch while I get her."
Once Aemilia was safely down the hall Aunt Judith turned to me. "So what do you think so far?"
It took a minute for me to decide what to say. "People are very happy… nice but really happy." Aunt Judith opened her mouth to reply but never got the chance because Aemilia was back, along with another woman.
She was tall, very beautiful with olive skin, dark hair and brilliant green eyes. She gave me a nice smile, not one that made me feel over powered, just a nice one.
"Good morning!" Aunt Judith and I stood up to shake her hand. "I'm Nadia, the director here, and I'm the one who runs the school." She turned to Aunt Judith, "I think we have it from here, I'll escort Katrina here to her classroom and tell her a little bit more about our school."
"Alright then! I'll see you tonight Kat, you know the way home right? Call me if you need to!" With that Aunt Judith was out the door, walking off to her car probably off to a yoga class or something along those lines.
"So Katrina, Kat? Do you prefer one?" I shook my head. "Alright then, I'll take you to your class room, obviously you've missed some school due to the move and everything, but you'll be all caught up by the end of the year!" We walked for a little bit and then came onto a large open room with some tables and floor space. "This is the cafeteria, you can get breakfast and lunch here. This is generally where you eat lunch." I nodded. Some more walking, there were some rooms that looked more like offices for teachers. "Okay, so I leave you here," we had stopped in front of room 9 "This will be your home room, your teacher will introduce him self and explain some stuff to you!" I nodded yet again.
Nadia opened the door and let me in. "George, this is Katrina Underwood, your new student, I'm putting you in charge of finding a way to explain everything to her!"
"Alright then, thank you Nadia, I can take it from here." She nodded and closed the door behind her. I looked around; people were sitting on the ground in a circle staring at me. I turned red and looked at the teacher.
"Hey Katrina, I'm George, please just call me George, and I'll be your homeroom teacher. Find a place in the circle and we will go around with names."


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